Synthesia AI: AI Animation video Generator, Text to video AI, Alternative 2024

Synthesia AI: Meet Synthesia – the top-rated AI video creation platform. Trusted by big names like Accenture, BBC, Google, and Amazon, it’s the go-to choice for thousands of companies.

Synthesia AI

Synthesia AI

With Synthesia, you can create videos in 120 languages, saving up to 80% of your time and budget. It’s the easy and efficient way to make impactful videos for businesses of all kinds.

Synthesia AI

Synthesia is a simple yet powerful AI video creation tool. It lets you make great videos without needing expensive gear or special skills. What makes it cool? It uses AI avatars, which are like synthetic people, to speak the words you give it in a video script.

This means you can create visually appealing videos effortlessly. With Synthesia, making videos becomes easy for everyone, providing a user-friendly way to bring your content to life.

Synthesia AI Features

Synthesia could easily become a staple in your toolkit for video creation enhancements. As a versatile multimodal generative AI system, Synthesia excels across a spectrum of tasks, making it a valuable addition to your creative endeavors. Some standout features include:

Dozens of AI Avatars

Synthesia is your go-to for easy and cool video creation. They’ve got a diverse bunch of 150+ visual AI avatars that add a multicultural touch to your videos.

The best part? They keep adding new avatars every week! Plus, with support for over 120 languages and accents, Synthesia makes it a breeze to create standout videos with your content. It’s all about bringing variety and inclusivity to your creative game.

Templates and Custom Backgrounds

Synthesia makes video creation super easy with lots of templates for different styles. These templates give you a professional starting point, making your content look great without much effort.

Their custom background feature is simple to use but powerful. It lets you add your brand’s colors seamlessly, keeping your videos in line with your brand’s look and feel.

And guess what? Synthesia even lets you turn your PowerPoint files into templates. Each slide becomes a background scene, making it a smooth transition from your regular design setup to the dynamic world of Synthesia. Easy, right.

Media Library and Collaboration

Synthesia simplifies things even more with its cloud media library. It keeps all your go-to images, videos, music, and fonts in one place, making it a snap to find what you need for your videos.

And if you’re working with a team, no worries! Synthesia has your back. It supports multiple users and has easy sharing features. Your entire team can jump into previous videos and collaborate on the latest projects. Making videos is easy and smooth for everyone involved with Synthesia.

Descript Integration

Here’s the scoop: Descript, the go-to for AI audio and video editing, has teamed up with Synthesia to bring you a seamless combo. If you’re a fan of Descript’s “Overdub” feature, which lets you clone your voice, this integration is a game-changer.

This is super useful for folks with a solid brand on platforms like YouTube. Now, you can easily use your cloned voice in Synthesia for your video scripts.

It makes video creation a breeze, saving time and ensuring a consistent voice in all your content. With Descript and Synthesia working together, your creative options just got a whole lot more exciting.

Synthesia’s API

Alright, here’s the lowdown on the Synthesia API – it’s like your behind-the-scenes tech genius making data a seamless part of your video creation game. Imagine setting up a template with dynamic variables that fetch data effortlessly through an API call.

Why does it matter? Well, it lets you whip up super-smooth videos, perfect for personalization or any data-focused video needs.

Sure, it’s a bit techy, but it’s also super interesting, giving you the power to create dynamic, data-driven content that keeps your audience hooked.

How to Create a Video in Synthesia

It’s simple to get started with a new video. After hitting the “New Video” option near the top right, you may choose your beginning point.

You can begin with a blank canvas, AI, importing a PowerPoint, or a template. Starting with a template is likely the quickest way to create a film and is a fantastic place to begin for novice users.

Any template can be used in conjunction with Synthesia’s AI tool to assist in the creation of material for your video. By entering certain information, the site will generate a video script that you can immediately edit.

Synthesia generated six scenes of AI-generated text based on our suggestions above. We can choose our language and voice, as well as annotate our script, to help the AI understand what we have written down.

The script is also fully modifiable, allowing you to completely change anything needs to be said. You can also experiment with different settings. When you’re finished, click “Generate” to produce your finished video.

We have a few alternatives once the rendering is complete. We can post to a platform directly, download the video to our computer, download the transcripts, and perform a variety of other things.

Here’s the quick scoop on Synthesia: it generated a video script for us in a snap. The script was mostly on point but needed a little tweaking. The template feature made creating visuals super easy.

Using the AI voice and avatar? Piece of cake. Although, the avatar didn’t look as natural as we’d hoped. Still, overall, Synthesia was efficient and user-friendly for video creation.

Synthesia Alternatives

Not every AI video platform takes the route of generating AI avatars. For those seeking alternatives, let’s explore a few other AI video platforms that might pique your interest.


Synthesia and Descript are both great tools for content creators, but they each have their specialties.

Synthesia is all about AI-driven video creation, offering cool features like AI avatars, customizable backgrounds, and multilingual capabilities. It’s perfect for those who want high-quality videos without needing a whole production team.

On the other side, there’s Descript – a haven for video and audio editors, especially podcasters. It’s all about editing and transcription services, and it comes with a unique “Overdub” function for text-based audio editing.

Even though they focus on different things, both platforms share some common features like text-to-speech, easy-to-use interfaces, and a commitment to delivering top-notch results. Checking out these options lets content creators pick the tool that fits their specific needs and creative goals.


Synthesia and FlexClip both make video creation a breeze, but they have different strengths to suit different users.

Synthesia is a powerhouse with advanced AI-driven features like AI avatars and multilingual support, perfect for creating top-notch, professional videos.

Now, enter FlexClip – it’s all about simplicity and user-friendliness, designed especially for beginners and small businesses. While both platforms focus on making video creation easy, Synthesia excels with advanced AI avatars, and FlexClip shines with AI voiceovers and a library of stock images and videos.

To sum it up, whether you’re after advanced features or a straightforward experience, both Synthesia and FlexClip have something great to offer in the world of video creation.

Synthesia Use Cases

In marketing, its usefulness can be seen in crafting multilingual videos broadening brand reach globally. It could be helpful in any education or training sector by transforming mundane text instructions into interactive video experiences. Customer service can utilize Synthesia to personalize certain interactions through its API to create bespoke videos and possibly garner a higher NPS (net promoter score).

Synthesia AI’s versatility transcends ordinary video generation, making it valuable across varied sectors. Here are some industries that already utilize video and stand to benefit from an improved cost basis that generative AI affords:

  1. Marketing
  2. Training and Development
  3. Customer Service
  4. Language Learning
  5. Recruiting
  6. Compliance
  7. Education
  8. Human Resources
  9. Sales
  10. Product Development
  11. IT Operations
  12. Manufacturing
  13. Financial Services
  14. Medical and Healthcare
  15. Retail

Figuring out how to leverage emerging video technologies to reduce costs, production time, and time to market is a smart move. Synthesia and other AI video generators are poised to help you reach that goal.

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