AiXcoder: Java, Review, Download, Free 2024

AiXcoder: AiXcoder is an AI-based software development assistant tool.


AiXcoder 2.0 is the first deep-learning-based code completion engine that runs on your local computer. It uses a new powerful deep learning model to improve both accuracy and efficiency. Due to all calculations are performed locally, aiXcode ensures the security of your code.


AiXcoder is your coding superhero! This awesome tool uses fancy deep learning tech to turbocharge your programming game.

Forget basic autocomplete – AiXcoder suggests entire lines of code, making your coding faster and way more efficient. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to more time focusing on your project’s cool stuff!

But wait, there’s more! AiXcoder comes with a super cool code search engine. Need to find API use cases on GitHub? No problem. Whether you’re looking for inspo, troubleshooting tips, or just want to stay in the coding loop, AiXcoder has your back.

The integrated search engine makes it a breeze to explore and discover nuggets of wisdom from the vast world of open-source projects.

Whether you’re a coding pro or just starting out, AiXcoder is like having a coding buddy by your side – making your code precise, speedy, and confident. Step into the future of coding with AiXcoder and let the coding magic begin.

Everything is under your control

Introducing aiXcoder – your coding buddy with some serious magic! Unlike the usual coding tools, aiXcoder is here to make your life easier. Picture this: you express your ideas in everyday English, and bam.

AiXcoder turns them into actual code using its method-level code generation. No more sweating over syntax – it’s like having a code-writing wizard at your service.

But wait, there’s more! aiXcoder isn’t just about code snippets. It’s got your back for entire lines or even multiple lines of code. Think of it as your coding sidekick, understanding your thoughts and helping you complete your code effortlessly.

What’s even cooler is that you’re the boss. You can go with aiXcoder’s suggestions or keep typing for instant feedback. It’s like aiXcoder is in sync with your code mood, adapting to your style and keeping you in the coding groove.

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to a smoother software development ride! With aiXcoder, your focus stays sharp, and your coding creativity gets a boost.

It’s not just about writing code; it’s about making coding a breeze. Let aiXcoder be your coding buddy, making your software development journey not just easier but also more fun.

Method level code generation

Here’s the deal with aiXcoder – it’s like having a coding genie! Instead of wrestling with code, just tell aiXcoder what you want to achieve in plain English, and voila! It magically generates the entire program code for that function right there in your editor. No need to jump in and out – it’s like having your code wishes granted without any hassle.

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Smart Code Completion

  • Full line code completion
  • Multi-line code completion

When writing code, aiXcoder automatically predicts and suggests your next line of code based on context and grammar, and you only need to click the right button or the Tab key to complete the entire line or multiple lines of code.

Smart Code Search

Support GitHub open source code search, seamless integration with IDE

  • Adaptive search to support API use cases
  • Support similar code search to avoid repeated development

aiXcoder provides you with a powerful deep learning search engine, and you can use aiXcoder’s code search service directly in the IDE. Select the code you wrote in the editor, right-click and select “search similar codes with aiXcoder” to search for codes similar to the selected code.

Enter any keyword in the service window to get high-quality use cases of the corresponding API. aiXcoder provides a link to the source of the code in the search results to facilitate your confirmation and search.

AiXcoder for Enterprise

Provide personalized in-depth customization for enterprises, solve more problems at the programming site, and help enterprises realize intelligent software development

  • Customized dedicated intelligence engine:Train a dedicated intelligent deep learning engine using private enterprise code
  • Custom Enterprise Code Search:Build an enterprise-specific code intelligence search engine
  • Developer Coding Efficiency Statistics:Focus on first-site coding details to help enterprises identify problems and unlock development potential.

Product Features

Various mainstream programming languages

  • Support Java, Python, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go and other programming languages (cloud intelligent programming service currently only supports Java language)
  • Enterprise-oriented aiXcoder can customize new programming languages according to enterprise needs

Various mainstream IDEs

  • Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, CLion, GoLand, PyCharm, WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse and other IDEs (cloud intelligent programming service is currently only compatible with IntelliJ IEDA)
  • Enterprise-oriented aiXcoder can customize plug-in customization functions according to enterprise needs

Where to get aiXcoder?

AiXcoder 2.0 is very easy to download and install from the mainstream IDE’s Marketplace.

IntelliJ for Java

Open “Preferences” from the IntelliJ IDEA menu. Go to “Plugins” tab and select “Marketplace”, and then search for “aiXcoder” to install.

Eclipse for Java

Click “Help” from the Eclipse menu and select “Eclipse Marketplace”. Search “aiXcoder”, Click “Browse for more solutions”.

On a new page, we will see aiXcoder plugin. Drag to Eclipse workspace, it will be installed.

AiXcoder Code Completer & Code Search Engine for Java

Say hello to aiXcoder – your friendly coding wizard! It’s not your average coding sidekick; it’s a super-smart code completer and a savvy code search engine, all thanks to its fancy deep learning tricks.

Here’s the scoop: when you’re typing away, aiXcoder doesn’t just hand you code snippets – it goes big and suggests entire lines of code. Imagine having a coding buddy that not only understands you but also helps you zip through your code like a pro.

But wait, there’s more! aiXcoder is like your treasure map for GitHub. Need to find specific API use cases? No sweat! Its code search engine is there to simplify your life, helping you discover what you need without the usual coding search struggle.

Whether you’re a coding whiz or just starting out, aiXcoder is your trusty sidekick. It’s not just about speed; it’s about making coding a breeze and maybe even a bit enjoyable. Dive into the coding adventure with aiXcoder and watch your programming journey level up.


Eclipse Kepler+

JRE 1.8+

Around 500 MB of free memory.

More than 300 MB of free disk space in your home directory.


Only support Java for now. More languages (C++/Python/JavaScript/TypeScript/Go/Php) on the way.

Completely works offline. Your code is safe in your hand.

Long completion result with length up to a full line.

Rearrange completion items in a likelyhood probability descending order.


The local server is downloaded into /aiXcoder/installer/localserver/current/server/. Removing the folder and then restart VSCode will force this plugin to re-download the service.

The service is started as two processes with name “aix-node(.exe)”, you can safely kill them at any time. The plugin will automatically launch the service upon a completion event if not running.

About AiXcoder

Let’s chat about AiXcoder – your AI-powered coding buddy! It’s got a simple mantra: let it handle the AI stuff, and leave the real thinking to us humans. Guess what? The offline version is now here! Your code chills on your computer, all safe and snug.

AiXcoder runs smoothly on your machine, thanks to some cool model compression tricks. These models are no rookies; they’ve been trained on tons of open-source code, covering a bit of everything. It’s like having a coding expert right at your fingertips.

Here’s the fun part – AiXcoder smoothly jumps into your IDE, offering a slick search window. Now, searching GitHub for code is a breeze. And the best part? Deep learning kicks in to filter out the top-notch code based on your search. Your coding helper just got a genius upgrade!

Hold on, there’s more. AiXcoder goes the extra mile with personalized training. Train the models on your projects right on your computer. And for the big shots, there’s enterprise-level customized training. Train the models on huge code bases and enterprise servers, molding them to your needs.

AiXcoder is no favoritism player; it adjusts to your coding style. With standard, personalized, and customized training options, it learns the ropes of your code. It’s like having a coding buddy that really understands you.

In a nutshell, AiXcoder is more than just a coding tool; it’s a coding pal that respects your smarts. With offline powers, sweet search features, and flexible training options, it’s here to make your coding adventure smoother and more personal. Say hi to the future of coding with AiXcoder – where smarts meet innovation.

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