Krishi Udan Yojana 2024 Online Application, Application Form and Eligibility

Krishi Udan Yojana The Krishi Udan Yojana, which aims to quadruple farmers’ incomes, was introduced by the Central Government under the guidance of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This idea addresses the issue of food waste by using aeroplanes to transport agricultural produce. Farmers worldwide benefit from this since it enables the prompt delivery of perishable goods to targeted markets both domestically and internationally.

Under the Krishi Udan Yojana, farmers will receive airlift help from the government, which will double their income. By ensuring that crops are delivered swiftly from one location to another, this programme increases the availability of perishable goods in marketplaces. Ultimately, this strategy lowers crop waste and boosts profitability by assisting farmers in getting their produce to markets as soon as possible.

Krishi Udan Yojana 2024

The Krishi Udaan Yojana was introduced by the Central Government with the intention of tripling farmer earnings. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduced this programme, which is a paradigm shift for the agriculture sector. The Krishi Udaan 2.0 initiative promotes the sensible air transportation of agricultural products.

Farmers will be able to ship their food to markets before it spoils and anywhere in the country with the aid of this programme. The programme offers a full exemption from airport fees and reserves more than half of each container for agricultural goods. By ensuring that farmers’ hard work pays off, the Krishi Udaan Yojana expedites the timely availability of farmers’ produce in marketplaces.

Information About Krishi Udaan Scheme

 Scheme  Krishi Udan Yojana
 Announced by  Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
 Date of announcement  1 February 2020
 Beneficiary  Farmers of the country
 Objective  Providing fair prices to farmers’ crops

Objective Of Krishi Udan Yojana

The government introduced the PM Kisan Krishi Udaan Scheme 2024 in order to provide farmers with a fourfold increase in revenue and equitable compensation for their produce. Through direct market delivery, this programme aims to increase farmers’ capacity to sustain themselves through agriculture.

Thanks to the Krishi Udaan Yojana 2024, which aims to guarantee fair prices and prompt delivery of farmers’ goods to markets, all farmers in the country would live better lives. This programme preserves home harvests while also enabling farmers to sell their products abroad, so expanding their market reach and potential.

Benefits Of Krishi Udan Yojana

  • The programme raises farmers’ standards of life and increases their income by ensuring they are adequately compensated for the products they grow.
  • The program’s objective is to facilitate direct product transportation to markets, which will raise farmers’ incomes and strengthen their financial stability.
  • Farmers’ harvests are guaranteed to be as fresh and high-quality as possible when they are delivered to the market on time, reducing the chance of rotting.
  • The programme increases farmers’ opportunities to sell their produce by providing them with access to more domestic and international markets.
  • It helps with crop preservation by facilitating speedy agricultural transportation, reducing waste, and ensuring that farmers’ hard work is not in useless.
  • One way the government demonstrates its commitment to supporting farmers and developing the agriculture sector is through the Krishi Udan Yojana.

Krishi Udan Yojana Eligibility 2024

  • The programme is intended for agricultural workers who are farmers.
  • It might focus on growers of perishable items that need to be transported quickly.
  • Farmers might need to register themselves or their produce on the Krishi Udan Yojana portal.
  • Respecting established laws is essential, including those pertaining to quality controls and packaging standards.
  • Required documentation, such as an Aadhaar card and evidence of land ownership, may be required during the application process.

Required Documents Of Krishi Udan Yojana

  1. Aadhar card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Income Certificate
  4. Caste certificate
  5. Address proof
  6. Passport size photo
  7. Bank Account Passbook

How To Apply Online for Krishi Udan Yojana?

  • You will be sent to a new website where the registration form is located.
  • Enter all required information in the registration form, including your name and Aadhaar number.
  • After completing the form, click Submit.

Contact Information

  • Toll free number :- 1800 180 1551

FAQs: Krishi Udan Yojana

1. What is the Krishi Udan Yojana?

The Krishi Udan Yojana is an initiative by the Government of India aimed at improving the logistics and transportation of agricultural products, especially perishable items, by using air transport to reduce travel time and ensure fresher produce reaches markets.

2. Who benefits from the Krishi Udan Yojana?

Farmers, agricultural producers, and agribusinesses benefit from the Krishi Udan Yojana as it helps in the faster and more efficient transport of their produce to various markets, including distant and international markets.

3. Which areas does the Krishi Udan Yojana focus on?

The scheme focuses on improving connectivity for northeastern states, tribal regions, and other remote areas where transportation infrastructure is limited, facilitating better access to national and international markets.

4. What kind of products are transported under the Krishi Udan Yojana?

The scheme primarily targets the transportation of perishable agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and other high-value and time-sensitive produce.

5. How does the Krishi Udan Yojana support farmers?

The scheme helps farmers by reducing post-harvest losses, cutting down transportation time, and increasing the market reach for their products, which can lead to better prices and higher incomes.

6. How is the Krishi Udan Yojana implemented?

The scheme is implemented through a collaboration between the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Agriculture, and various state governments. Airports Authority of India (AAI) also plays a crucial role in providing infrastructure support.

7. Are there any specific airlines involved in the Krishi Udan Yojana?

Both public and private airlines are encouraged to participate in the Krishi Udan Yojana. The government provides incentives and subsidies to airlines to reduce the cost of air transportation for agricultural products, making it more viable for farmers and traders.

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