Delhi Widow Pension Scheme 2024 Application Form, Eligibility & Payment Status

Delhi Widow Pension Scheme empowered widows in the nation’s capital by introducing the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme in 2024. This initiative is a part of the Delhi Pension, a broader National Territory that is dedicated to aiding the poor. The Delhi government has made a commitment to women’s empowerment by launching several pension systems, the most significant of which being the Widow Pension Scheme.

The Chief Minister of Delhi launched this programme with the goal of raising people’s quality of life, particularly for widowed women. The government intends to support development and help people in need through this programme. The Delhi Widow Pension Scheme 2024 is a crucial component of the government’s endeavours to provide financial assistance to widows who face financial difficulties.

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Delhi Widow Pension Scheme 2024

The Delhi Widow Pension Scheme 2024 is a significant initiative created to promote human development and give women the resources they require to independently meet the fundamental needs of their families. Under this scheme, the government provides monthly support of 2500 INR to widows who fall below the poverty line. There are eligibility standards in place to ensure that deserving people receive this assistance.

This programme provides financial aid as well as incentives for women who do not have family support. It highlights how committed the Delhi government is to promoting females’ education and autonomy. A significant step towards building a new India with equal rights for men and women is the Widow Pension Scheme.

Overview Of Delhi Widow Pension Scheme

 Name  Widow Pension Scheme 2024
 Launched by  Delhi Government
 Start date to apply  12th December
 Last date to apply  25th January
 Objective  To provide financial funds to widows
 Official website  Click Here

Objective Of Delhi Widow Pension Scheme 2024

The improvement of women’s rights is anticipated to be the primary objective of the Delhi Chief Minister’s launch of the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme, among other things. With the large number of crimes committed against women in India, this project is a critical first step towards enacting a revolution towards equality. The programme prioritises women’s welfare, especially for those who have lost their spouses, in an effort to empower all women in the state.

Eligibility Criteria For Delhi Widow Pension Scheme

  • Applicants must be citizens of Delhi, the capital city of India.
  • To be eligible for the widow pension, the applicant must be a widow who lost her spouse.
  • Candidates must be below the poverty line and meet the required income limits.
  • An age criterion may specify the minimum age needed to be eligible.
  • It may be necessary for applicants to provide relevant documentation, such as evidence of domicile, a spouse’s death certificate, and an income certificate.

Documents Required For Delhi Widow Pension Scheme

  • Death Certificate of husband
  • Bank details
  • Passport size photograph
  • Income proof
  • Address Proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Age Certificate

How To Apply Offline For Delhi Widow Pension Scheme?

  • Go to the nearest Citizen Service Centre (CSC) in your area.
  • Ask the counter for an application for the Delhi widow pension plan.
  • Please ensure that the application form is completed accurately.
  • Bring the required documentation to the counter along with your filled-out application form.
  • The application will then be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for verification.
  • After verification, the applicant will receive the pension amount within the designated time frame.

How To Apply Online For The Delhi Widow Pension Scheme?

  • Go to the  Official website .
  • On the homepage, select the option for New User Registration.
  • As an alternative, register directly using the provided link.
  • Fill out the registration form that appears on your screen with all the information that is required.
  • To continue, click Submit.

  • You will be given a username and password after submitting.
  • Enter your login information to log in.
  • As an alternative, log in directly using the provided URL.
  • After logging in, go to the homepage’s Services tab.
  • Choose the option labelled Widow Pension Form.

  • You’ll see the application form on your screen.
  • Please enter your information correctly.
  • Please upload the necessary files as directed.
  • To finish the application procedure, click Submit.

Helpline Number

  • For any query, you may contact on the helpline number 011-23384573 or 011-23387715.

FAQs : Delhi Widow Pension Scheme

1. What is the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme?
The Delhi Widow Pension Scheme is a financial assistance program by the Government of Delhi aimed at providing a monthly pension to widows to support their living expenses.
2. Who is eligible for the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme?
Widows who are residents of Delhi, aged between 18 and 60 years, and whose annual family income is less than ₹1,00,000 are eligible for the scheme.
3. How much pension do beneficiaries receive under this scheme?
Eligible beneficiaries receive a monthly pension of ₹2,500 under the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme.
4. How can one apply for the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme?
Applicants can apply online through the official Delhi government portal or visit the nearest District Social Welfare Office to submit their application in person.
5. What documents are required for the application?
Required documents include the applicant’s Aadhaar card, death certificate of the husband, proof of residence in Delhi, income certificate, bank account details, and a recent passport-sized photograph.
6. How long does it take for the pension to be sanctioned?
The processing time can vary, but typically it takes around 45 to 60 days from the date of application submission for the pension to be sanctioned.
7. How is the pension amount disbursed to the beneficiaries?
The pension amount is directly transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account through the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) to ensure a hassle-free and timely disbursement.

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