Paradox AI: Reviews, Revenue, Founder, News 2024

Paradox AI: Reviews, Revenue, Founder, News 2024: Paradox is an AI company dedicated to transforming the hiring process for organizations. They specialize in capturing and screening candidates, improving conversion rates, and answering all candidate questions.

Paradox AI

Paradox AI

With innovative solutions that go beyond traditional methods, Paradox streamlines recruitment through advanced artificial intelligence, ensuring a more efficient and effective talent acquisition approach.

Committed to revolutionizing how companies engage with potential hires, Paradox facilitates informed decision-making, enhances candidate experiences, and contributes to building stronger, more successful teams.

Paradox AI

We believe in simplifying the hiring process by replacing obstacles with meaningful conversations, allowing people to connect without unnecessary software barriers.

Our conversational recruiting software is crafted to automate time-consuming tasks for hiring teams, such as screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding.

This not only saves valuable hours but also accelerates the candidate journey from the initial greeting to being hired.

Our impact is evident in the success stories of thousands of employers, including renowned names like Unilever, McDonald’s, Nestle, General Motors, FedEx, and Lowe’s.

Recognitions, such as the HR Executive Top Product award, Brandon Hall Group’s Gold Award for Best Advance in AI for Business Impact, and a spot in Forbes’ Top 500 Startups to Work For, highlight our commitment to excellence.

Important to note: At Paradox, safeguarding your privacy is paramount. We will never request your credit card or bank account information during our recruitment process. If you receive such requests, please contact us at or visit for more information.

Paradox AI: About

Paradox, which was founded in 2016, is developing the world’s leading conversational recruiting platform to drive automation with a human touch.

Serving global clients with high-volume hourly and high-skilled professional hiring needs, Paradox’s Conversational AI assistant Olivia streamlines tasks like screening, interview scheduling, and more through simple, frictionless mobile, chat, and SMS driven interactions.

In less than seven years, the Scottsdale-based startup has won the trust of the world’s largest employers, including Unilever, McDonald’s, CVS Health, Lowe’s, and General Motors, as well as numerous awards, including Human Resource Executive’s Best HR Product of 2019, 2021, and 2022, and Forbes.

Top Startup Employers in 2020, 2021, and 2022. The Deloitte Fast 500 has named the company twice as one of the fastest growing companies in HR Technology, and it has made the Inc.

5000 list three years in a row. Visit to learn more about Paradox’s product. Visit to learn about open positions on its team.

Healthy data for human-led Automation

Data is a crucial asset for organizations, influencing decisions, offering insights into customer experiences, and improving operational efficiencies.

A solid data architecture involves consistently inputting data into algorithms to ensure optimal results, even with changing conditions. Yet, the effectiveness of these algorithms depends on the quality of the input data.

To guarantee accuracy, reliability, integrity, and confidentiality, it’s essential to have individuals overseeing your data.

This human touch in autonomous decision-making aligns with corporate values, ensures the best outcomes, and promotes fairness in the machines generating results. To incorporate this human touch, companies can start by taking the following steps.

Ensure Data Quality

Making sure data is accurate is super important as it moves around in a company’s system. If there are mistakes in the beginning, they can get worse over time. To stop this, it’s really necessary to have people check the data quality from the start.

These checks shouldn’t just happen at the beginning – they should be happening all the time as data gets used. This way, any mistakes like typos, repeated info, or mixed-up labels can be fixed right away.

This isn’t just about working better; it’s also about protecting against big data breaches. Keeping an eye on data quality helps keep important info safe and stops big problems from happening.

In short, being watchful and fixing data issues right away not only helps in the moment but also makes sure everything stays secure. As tech changes, it’s really important to keep an eye on data quality to keep trust, avoid problems, and deal with the ups and downs of the digital world.

Make Data Accessible to All 

Making sure the right data gets to the right people using the right tools is crucial. If a computer program only looks at some of the important data, it might give wrong or biased results. That means any reports or decisions based on those results won’t be reliable.

A good data system shouldn’t limit how much data can be used. It should let all the important data be part of decision-making. And everyone using it should be able to see and understand that data.

This not only includes more people in decision-making but also helps avoid mistakes or unfair results. Being clear about how data is used creates a good setup where analyses are trustworthy, and decisions are made with the full picture in mind.

Ensure human-led governance

AI models need constant check-ups to avoid unexpected changes called drift. Ethical AI, part of Explainable AI, ensures machines follow moral rules set by developers.

While machines can monitor, humans, with their expertise, step in if problems occur. Humans are key in training, making sure the results are top-notch.

In machine learning, letting AI run without humans can cause issues. Machines lack ethics and judgment. Humans training algorithms is a win-win, letting us handle tricky cases while machines do repetitive tasks.

Human involvement is crucial for smart decisions beyond what machines can do.

Product Summary

Meet Olivia – your easy, all-in-one recruiting helper. She handles answering questions, screening candidates, setting up interviews, and onboarding tasks.

It’s like having a personal assistant to make hiring faster and simpler. With Olivia, you automate tasks and breeze through the recruitment process, making things smooth for you and your candidates.

Product Details

Recruiting teams and hiring managers spend 80% of their time on manual tasks. Meet Olivia – she handles those tasks, freeing up time for the team to focus on important matters. Olivia not only boosts efficiency but also ensures candidates have a seamless and enjoyable experience.

By automating these tasks, Olivia gets things done faster, creating a positive and candidate-friendly recruitment process. It’s a win-win, lightening the workload and improving the experience for both the recruiting team and candidates.


Olivia can instantly match relevant jobs to a candidate’s interest, location, or resume, and deliver them right in the conversation. 


Nothing increases drop-off more than logins, passwords, and clunky applications. Olivia shortens time-to-apply to minutes, with a quick, lightweight text-to-apply experience.


The Big 5 assessment measures a person’s Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Normally taking nearly 10 minutes, our visual-based assessment takes less than 2 minutes with 96% completion rate.


From pre-screens to multi-person panels, Olivia can schedule every kind of interview in minutes – without you lifting a finger.


Answer any candidate question instantly, 24 hours a day — on any device, in any language.


No forms. No logins. No confusion. Olivia handles registration, candidate questions, and interview scheduling, scaling hundreds of hiring events.

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