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Yodayo AI: Hey, folks Got something cool to share: Yodayo AI. It’s a rad app for creating your own anime art using AI. Super neat, right.

Yodayo AI

Yodayo AI

If you’re into anime and tech stuff, you’re gonna love this. Stick around, and I’ll spill the deets on how this app works. Get ready to dive into the world of custom anime art with Yodayo AI.

Yodayo AI

Hey, check this out – Yodayo is a cool AI platform where you can create and share anime-style art. Just type in something like “Cute anime girl eating pizza,” and it makes it happen.

Best part It’s mostly free. Ready to dive in and get creative with your own wacky anime art? Let’s do it.

How To Use Yodayo AI

Step 1: Create an Account

Firstly, you need to create an account. Visit the Yodayo website and select the “Sign Up” option.

To make it simple, you can register using your Apple, Facebook, or Google account. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, you may also sign up straight using your phone number or email, whatever suits you best.

You’ll receive some free “Yodayo beans” after registering an account, so you may start making pictures. Later on, I will elaborate on those.

Step 2: Examine the Works of Others

Once you’ve registered, the Explore page will appear. This displays newly created pictures by other users.

You can view what people have created by browsing through categories like “new,” “top,” and “hot.” Similar to browsing social media.

Step 3: Produce Original Images

Are you prepared to begin creating your own anime fantasies? Click “Create a Post” and choose “Text-to-Image” from the drop-down menu.

Simply give a description of your desired AI artwork after that. As an illustration:

“A blue-haired, tall, attractive anime boy eating a donut while dressed in a school uniform.”

It can generate what you’re envisioning more accurately the more data you provide.

Select the Model and Settings.

Next, decide which artwork to utilize as a “model.” These are many AI systems, each with a unique aesthetic. I enjoy using Lunaaris because her work has a lovely, delicate anime style.

To adjust the image’s colors, lighting, details, and other aspects, you can also apply “spells,” which are tiny modifiers. Additionally

Create Your Magnum Opus

Click “Generate” once your prompt and parameters have been input.

After around 30 seconds of the AI’s magic working, a brand-new anime-fied creation will appear only for you.

You may always re-generate using different prompts and settings until you’re pleased if you need to make adjustments.

Uploading and Distributing Your Work

I adore your latest AI artwork. Similar to social media, you can post it to Yodayo for public viewing.

Put hashtags, a title, a description, and, if necessary, an NSFW flag. Once you click “post,” voilà! Your output is available now.

You may share your anime AI exploits with a growing fan following and portfolio. Well done.

Yodayo AI Alternatives

Use these procedures to access the Yodayo AI chat:

  • Go to the Yodayo app store or website: Yodayo can be accessed via the Google Play Store app or by visiting its website.
  • Register or log in: Yodayo allows you to register or log in with your current email address.
  • Check out the Tavern section: You can interact with different anime characters in the Tavern section.
  • Choose a character from Yodayo’s extensive selection of anime characters.
  • Begin a conversation: After you’ve chosen a character, you can communicate and engage with them. The conversational setting and the AI’s preprogrammed personality will determine how it reacts.

Additionally, Yodayo allows you to build your own character chatbot:

  1. Click the ‘Tavern’ Button: You can find this button on Yodayo’s homepage.
  2. Select the ‘+ Character’ Tab: This will take you to the chatbot creation page.
  3. Create an Image and Fill in the Details: Upload an image for your character and fill in the boxes for ‘name,’ ‘description,’ ‘persona,’ and ‘first message’.

Remember, the AI has a limited amount of memory it can access. This includes your original prompt and character specifics, and your chat history. So the more specific (larger word count) you make the character the less of your conversation it will remember.

Yodayo does not impose any limitations and permits unfiltered conversations for an infinite amount of time[6]. But once you start a chat with a chatbot, you can’t stop it entirely or alter it once you start. They must be entirely redone by deleting them.

Yodayo is a special platform that makes interacting with AI and anime characters entertaining and interesting. Yodayo provides a distinctive experience that’s worth checking out whether you’re an anime enthusiast or just curious about AI technology.

All About Those Yodayo Beans

As I previously indicated, Yodayo employs a “beans” system. Although you begin with some free beans, each time you create an image, those beans are depleted.

If you want to keep creating when your beans run out, you will need to purchase more. Packages of beans often cost $5 or less. Thus, while not totally free, it’s far less expensive than employing an artist!

The majority of casual users will have more than enough free beans to utilize Yodayo for some time. Buying beans is completely unnecessary if you just want to fiddle about.

However, purchasing beans lets you employ your creative anime ideas and supports the platform for heavy-generating active users.

Join the Community

Yodio has a big ole Discord community with thousands of members. You can join to share your work, chat about anime and AI, or suggest improvements for Yodayo .

It’s a bunch of friendly anime fans, artists, tech geeks and more. So hop in the Discord if you want some like-minded pals to geek out about AI waifus with.

Start Crafting

And that’s it, my friends. The dirt on using Yodayo to create your own AI anime graphics. You too may now create an infinite number of anime characters and scenes.

For fans of anime, it’s a fantastic creative outlet and incredibly user-friendly. You might even become the next popular anime girl on the internet, who knows!

I hope it’s enjoyable for you. Reach out to me and share your amazing creations! Goodbye.

How Yodayo Works

Yodayo lets people register and share content about anime, VTubers, and other topics. AI is used by the platform to improve user experience. Among the main functions enabled by AI are:

  • Text-to-image generation: Users have the ability to convert text descriptions into images produced by AI.
  • Recommendation system: Based on each user’s interests and activities, the platform suggests pertinent information to them.
  • Moderation: AI assists in content moderation to safeguard the site.

Posts to a user’s feed might include text, photos, videos, and more. Posts can be liked, commented on, and shared again. To interact with other fans, users can also join groups and chat rooms.

Key Features and Benefits

For Fans

  • Share your love for VTubers, anime, and more
  • Connect with other fans worldwide
  • Get recommendations for new VTubers and anime to enjoy
  • Create AI art from text prompts
  • Join interest-based groups and chats
  • Stay up to date on the latest news and events

For Creators

  • Reach your target audience directly
  • Get insights into your fans’ interests
  • Promote your streams, videos, and other content
  • Engage with fans in an authentic way
  • Monetize through fan subscriptions and tips

Use Cases

  • Fans: Get together with other anime and VTuber enthusiasts from across the world for a unique social experience where you can geek out over common interests.
  • VTubers: Expand your fan base and increase viewership by posting material, participating in chat rooms, advertising your streams, and more.
  • Anime Artists/Cosplayers: Display your work, receive criticism, and make connections with clients or collaborators who might be interested in your expertise.
  • Anime News/Reviewers: Connect with active anime enthusiasts by exchanging and debating the most recent news, reviews, theories, and more.

Who Is Yodayo For

Yodayo is designed for:

  • Anime fans – Fans of anime, manga, VTubers, cosplay, and Japanese pop culture can find their community on Yodayo.
  • VTubers – VTubers can grow their audience, engage with fans, and promote their content. Both established and aspiring VTubers are welcome.
  • Artists – Artists of all types can showcase their skills and find new opportunities within the anime/VTuber fan community.
  • Content Creators – Influencers, bloggers, and other creators can share content and connect with their target audience.

Plans and Pricing

Yodayo is currently free to use. In the future, paid features like increased storage, fan subscriptions, and more may be added.


Yodayo integrates with Discord to enable single sign-on and link accounts. More integrations are planned for the future.

What Customers Are Saying

Here are a few reviews from early Yodayo users:

  • “As an anime fan, I love having a platform just for my fandom. I’ve connected with so many awesome people already!”
  • “Being able to share my VTuber clips and pics in one place is so great. And the AI art generator is super fun to play with!”
  • “The recommendation engine is on point – it really understands my specific interests and suggests great new VTubers to check out.”

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