How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator 2024

How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator: Hey friends Exciting news – TikTok just released the AI Song Generator. It’s a cool tool that lets you create tunes by typing in lyrics. As a music enthusiast, I had to try it out. Even though it’s in testing.

How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator

How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator

I got a sneak peek, and making your own AI-powered jams is a piece of cake. This guide has everything you need to start making music with TikTok’s magic tool. Ready to dive in and create some tunes Let’s go.

How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator

Creating music on TikTok is a breeze with the AI Song Generator. Just type in your lyrics while making a post, and voila! Your words transform into original music across different genres. TikTok keeps things interesting by using a pre-saved catalog for the tunes, as mentioned to The Verge by a spokesperson.

So, as you explore this feature, you can experiment with various musical styles already available on TikTok. Ready to make some music magic? Let’s dive into the guide and unleash your creative beats!

How Does It Work?

The AI Song Generator creates audio from user-inputted lyrics and other text prompts using a text-to-song algorithm. Here’s a little explanation of how it operates:

  • Lyrics, a music description, or other content can be entered by users into the generator.
  • The text is analyzed by TikTok’s algorithm to find patterns like rhyme, rhythm, and song structure.
  • It then creates an original song that fits the text using this analysis.
  • Users can choose a genre to affect the musical style, such as pop, rap, folk, and more.
  • The user can listen to a brief preview of the track produced by the AI. Before exporting the finished version, users can fine-tune the song by adjusting the lyrics and genres.

With the help of Bloom AI

Bloom is the AI that powers TikTok song generator. It was developed by the AI safety firm Anthropic. Text and song creation are examples of natural language tasks for which Bloom is especially suited.

How Can I Use The New AI Song Generator on TikTok

Accessing the AI Song Generator

First things first – how do you actually find this fancy new feature.

TikTok is slowly rolling out the AI Song Generator to select users for testing. So you may need to wait a bit before it pops up for you. But if it’s available, here’s where you can access it:

  1. When creating a new TikTok video, look for a button labeled AI Song next to the sounds and music selection. Tap it to open the generator.
  2. You may also get a pop-up recommending the AI Song feature when adding text to your video. Just click Try It if you see the prompt.
  3. The generator may also automatically detect if your text follows a song-like structure. If so, it’ll ask if you want to use AI to create a matching song.

So keep an eye out for those access points as you use TikTok normally. You’ll know you’re in when you see the AI Song Generator screen.

Enter Your Lyrics

  1. Once you’ve got the generator open, it’s time to whip up those sweet, sweet lyrics.
  2. The interface has a text entry box where you can type or paste what you want your song to say.
  3. You can write lyrics line-by-line like a standard song structure. Or just describe generally what the song should be about.

Here are some tips for writing lyrics that will work well:

  • Follow a song format: Try writing verses and a chorus to give the AI more structure to work with.
  • Keep it short and simple: Just 2-5 lines per verse is plenty. Avoid complex sentence structures.
  • Use catchy rhymes: The AI will try to generate rhymes, so give it some material to work with.
  • Describe the mood: Add a few adjectives to set the tone you want, like “inspiring” or “epic.”

Once you’ve entered your lyrics, hit Generate Song and let the musical magic begin!

Choosing a Genre

After processing your lyrics, TikTok will provide genre options for the song. You can pick between categories like:

  • Pop
  • Hip hop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • EDM

The genres available will vary based on what vibes the AI detects from your lyrics. Pick whichever musical style you think fits best!

Previewing and Adjusting the Song

After selecting a genre, you’ll get to hear a short preview of the AI-generated track. Here’s where you can tweak it to perfection:

  • Listen to the preview a few times to hear the flow.
  • Change the genre if it’s not quite the right fit. The melody will adjust accordingly.
  • Edit the lyrics to improve the rhymes, rhythm, etc if needed.
  • Keep hitting Generate Song until you’ve got one you love.

The AI will create a brand new composition every time, so you can try as many different versions as you want.

Exporting and Sharing Your Masterpiece

Once your AI song sounds ready to top the charts, hit Share to add it to your TikTok video. Or you can Export it just as an audio file to use however you’d like.

Then have fun sharing your crazy AI-powered tune with the world! Duet with your favorite TikTok celebs. Use it for dance videos. Add it to YouTube mashups. The possibilities are endless.

Just be sure to hashtag #AISong so people know how you crafted that fire. Get creative, get musical, and show us what that AI genius can do.

What If I’m Still Struggling

If the AI generator isn’t producing poetic magic the first time, don’t worry about it. To develop the ideal cues, practice is undoubtedly necessary.

If you’re having problems, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make your lyrics as simple and brief as possible. Less is more in certain situations.
  • To help the AI identify music patterns, incorporate more widely used rhymes and phrases.
  • If your lyrics don’t appear to fit the mood of the music, switch up the genre.
  • Change up the adjectives until you find one that better suits the mood.
  • Take a break and revisit it later when you’re more inspired. Don’t try to force it.

Even AI needs time to write songs. You will get increasingly adept at directing those algorithms toward musical brilliance as you continue to play around with it.

What’s Next

TikTok might make the AI Song Generator available to additional users if testing goes smoothly. Millions of amateur musicians could experiment with AI-assisted music production in a simple way thanks to it.

Rumor has stated that TikTok plans to incorporate the feature into its well-liked duet tool. Users might then perform duets using tunes created by AI.

The introduction of this function heralds the arrival of a new generation of approachable AI apps on popular social media networks. It will be interesting to watch how TikTok develops its features in the future.

Now Unleash the Rockstar Within You

Well, with TikTok revolutionary new generator, you can now create AI-powered musical magic like a pro. It’s time to prove your abilities to the world.

Make the ideal background music, remix classic songs, or perhaps write the next huge viral hit with your newly acquired talents. When you combine AI with human ingenuity, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Thus, why do you delay? Go get creative, get melodic, and unleash your inner rock star. You’ll be producing incredible hits in no time with TikTok AI wizardry combined with your lyrical prowess. Now go forth and create some enchanting music.

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