Udyoga Mela 2024 Registration – Eligibility, Required Documents and Benefits

Udyoga Mela 2024 The Karnataka government has organised a two-day job expo for February 26 and 27, 2024. Simply register by visiting the Official Website by clicking this link if you’re eager to participate. For those wishing to expand their skill sets and professions, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Karnataka hosts a fantastic celebration named Rojgar Mela Karnataka, which is focused on providing employment aid. This event is like a huge helping hand, especially for those who are still hunting for work. This programme was started by the fantastic Karnataka government to make sure that young people who are ready to work but haven’t yet found employment.

Udyoga Mela 2024 Registration

The Rojgar Mela in Karnataka is not a really novel concept. It was introduced in order to address a significant issue, namely the high rate of unemployment. Linking job seekers with companies seeking employees is the primary objective. It’s amazing that this expo is held all over Karnataka rather than just in one location. The government is essential in arranging these initiatives because it ensures a diverse pool of job opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

Udyoga Mela 2024 Overview

 Employment Fair Name  Rojgar Mela Karnataka
 State  Karnataka
 Initiated by  Karnataka Government
 Beneficiaries  Unemployed youth of Karnataka
 Objective  To provide employment opportunities to the youth
 Registration Process  Online
 Minimum Age Limit  18 years
 Maximum Age Limit  50 years (as per position)
 Total Posts  No limit
 Job Type  Private
 Salary  Rs. 10000-15000/-
 Official Website  Click Here


How to register for Udyoga Mela 2024?

  • Following that, an unutilized domestic page with various types of information will appear in front of you.
  • The Register button can be found on the right side of this page.
  • Hit this button.
  • Once again, after pressing the button, you are presented with two options: skill connect enrollment and Udyoga Mela enrollment.
  • You have to select Udyoga Mela Registration from this list.
  • You will then see a new, modern page on your screen where you must choose Candidate Registration.
  • Once you select the Candidate Registration button, a variety of options, including your preferred phone number and email address, appear in front of you.
  • You receive an OTP on your portable after filling this out. You enter this into the computer’s OTP box after accepting the OTP.
  • Then press the “Continue” button.
  • Your portable number is verified in this way.

Eligibility criteria for the Udyoga Mela 2024 Registration

  • The only people selected for the employment fair will be those who fulfil the requirements of being permanent residents of the Karnataka state.
  • Applications from candidates are welcome for roles in finance, IT, banking, and healthcare.
  • Candidates with the following credentials—PUC, SSLC, Diploma, ITI, Graduation, Nursing, Engineering, Post-Engineering, and further qualifications—may apply for this job opportunity.

Documents required for Udyoga Mela 2024 Registration

  1. Original proof of residence
  2. Aadhaar card identity verification
  3. The applicant’s passport-sized photo

Benefits of registering for the Udyoga Mela 2024

  • To increase your alternatives, look into the range of professional categories that various organisations provide.
  • Talk with staff members and make new contacts in your community.
  • Participate in workshops and seminars to gain new skills and enhance your productivity at work.
  • To prove you are amazing, send your resume directly to potential employers.
  • When you can have in-person interviews at some job fairs, it makes it easier to prove why you’re the best applicant for the position.
  • Seek expert career assistance to assist you in making informed selections.
  • Acknowledge the traits of different companies to make the process of choosing the right fit easier.
  • Find out about government aid, such as information on programmes and help for job searchers.

 FAQs : Udyoga Mela 2024

1. What is Udyoga Mela 2024?
Udyoga Mela 2024 is an employment fair or job fair organized to connect job seekers with potential employers, creating a platform for job opportunities.
2. Who can participate in Udyoga Mela 2024?
Udyoga Mela is open to all job seekers, including individuals with varying educational backgrounds and skill sets, looking for employment opportunities.
3. What types of jobs are available at Udyoga Mela 2024?
The job offerings at Udyoga Mela 2024 may vary, covering a wide range of industries and sectors, providing opportunities for diverse skill sets.
4. Is there a registration process for job seekers at Udyoga Mela?
Typically, job seekers need to register at the event, providing essential details to facilitate smoother interactions with potential employers.
5. Do employers conduct interviews at Udyoga Mela?
Yes, Udyoga Mela often includes interview sessions where employers can interact with job seekers, assess their skills, and potentially offer on-the-spot job opportunities.
6. Is Udyoga Mela 2024 a one-day event?
The duration of Udyoga Mela can vary, but it is often organized as a one-day event, providing a concentrated platform for job seekers and employers to connect.
7. How can employers participate in Udyoga Mela 2024?
Employers interested in participating usually need to register for the event and set up booths or stalls to showcase their job opportunities.
8. What are the benefits of attending Udyoga Mela 2024 for job seekers?
Attending Udyoga Mela provides job seekers with the chance to explore a variety of job opportunities, interact with potential employers, and possibly secure employment quickly.


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