Free Gas Connection 2024 List Status, Important Details, Apply Online

Free Gas Connection 2024 Approximately 24 crore families are dependent on fertiliser, lighting, and other items to prepare their food, with 10 crore of those families not having a gas connection yet still being denied it. A woman who lives with a BPL household and does not have any family members who are LPG users can benefit from the PMUY initiative.

In any event, the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana was launched in May 2016 by our Honourable Head of State, providing gas affiliation to all households who do not currently have it and who have a family member who is a BPL family. The top applicants in Ujjwala 2.0 will receive a hotplate that has been freed from fetching.

Free Gas Connection 2024 List

Launched in several Indian states in 2016, the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) aimed to provide LPG connections to about 5 million families below the poverty line (BPL). The government gave Rs 1600 to each group, with a primary focus on rural areas where women cooked mostly with charcoal and kindling.

Women in traditional cooking methods inhale the equivalent of 400 cigarettes every hour, according to a WHO report. A budget of about 8000 CR was allocated to the programme, which was specifically focused on protecting women’s wellbeing, in order to solve this wellness challenge.

Qualified recipients receive Rs. 1,600 for each association under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY), which is supported by the Service of Petroleum and Characteristic Gas. In addition, a gas cooker purchase is made with an interest-free advance, and barrel refilling is also arranged. The regulatory burden of providing the LPG association falls on the government.

Free Gas Connection 2024 Overview

 Name of Scheme  Free Gas Connection
 Ministry  Ministry of petroleum gas
 Announced by  Honorable Narendra Modi
 Launch of the plan  1 May 2016
 Application last date  30 September
 Beneficiary  Poor women
 Category  Govt Scheme
 Official Website  Click Here
 PMUY Help Line Number  18002666696


Ujjwala Yojana Online Registration 2024

The Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is the official name of this initiative. This plan was proposed by PM Narendra Modi under the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas. The main benefits of the initiative are only available to Indian women who hail from low-income families. Under this agreement, LPG gas cylinders will be available to you. It’s easy to apply for this scheme online while lounging at home.

This program’s implementation at the national level has started. To help you take advantage of this programme, we have included a link to the official website in our post. It is easy for women who fall within the BPL category to apply for this programme. As part of this project, you will receive these gas cylinders at no cost to you.

Benefits of Free Gas Connection (PMUY) 2024

  • Families can transition from traditional cooking methods that involve using kindling to clean LPG, which reduces harmful smoke inhalation and associated health problems, particularly for women.
  • Focuses on respiratory conditions brought on by traditional cooking methods, hence improving the health of those who get it in general.
  • Increases the use of LPG, which reduces indoor air pollution and creates a healthier living environment for families.
  • Places a higher priority on the health of women by providing a safer and more hygienic cooking option, shielding them from the risks associated with traditional methods.
  • Helps BPL families transition to LPG-based cooking by providing financial support of up to Rs. 1,600 per association.
  • Provides a cash advance with no interest for the purchase of a gas cooker, enabling clients to switch to LPG more affordably.
  • Includes space for the LPG barrel to be refilled, ensuring supported access to clean cooking fuel.
  • The financial strain placed on recipients is lessened by the government, which covers the authoritative cost of providing LPG associations.

Documents Required Free Gas Connection

  1. Aadhar card
  2. PAN card
  3. BPL Certificate
  4. Electricity bill
  5. Bank Account
  6. Passport-size Photo
  7. Ujjwala KYC Form

How to Register for the PM Free Gas Connection?

  • Make sure you fit the requirements, which include being a family that consistently falls below the federal poverty line (BPL) and not having a current LPG association.

  • Visit the authorised LPG retailer closest to you. You can find the list locally or on the PMUY website.
  • Ask the wholesaler for the PMUY application frame. Most of the time, it is available for free.
  • Add up the precise points of interest in the frame. As directed, join the necessary records.
  • Deliver the completed frame and the reports to the distributor. They will walk you through the process.
  • Your application is verified, including a BPL status check.
  • Upon approval, you will receive a complimentary LPG connection, which includes a gas burner and a starter barrel store.
  • The vendor delivers the LPG barrel and stove to your registered address and completes the setup.
  • Get a demo that will teach you about secure utilisation.
  • The amount allotted (Rs. 1600) is transferred to your bank account in order to purchase the starter LPG barrel and burner.

Contact Us

  • 1906 (LPG Emergency Helpline)
  • 1800-233-3555 (Toll Free Helpline)
  • 1800-266-6696 (Ujjwala Helpline)

FAQs: Free Gas Connection 2024

1. What is the Free Gas Connection 2024 program?

The Free Gas Connection 2024 program is an initiative aimed at providing eligible households with free gas connections to promote clean and convenient cooking methods.

2. Who qualifies for the Free Gas Connection in 2024?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, households meeting certain income or socio-economic conditions are considered for free gas connections.

3. What does the Free Gas Connection include?

The Free Gas Connection typically includes the installation of a gas connection, a gas stove, and the initial supply of gas cylinders without any cost to the eligible beneficiaries.

4. How can one apply for the Free Gas Connection?

Details on the application process can be obtained from local authorities or designated application centers. There may be specific criteria or forms to fill out.

5. Is the Free Gas Connection a one-time benefit?

Yes, the Free Gas Connection program is usually a one-time initiative aimed at helping households transition to cleaner and more efficient cooking methods.

6. Why is the Free Gas Connection important?

The program is essential for promoting cleaner cooking practices, reducing dependence on traditional fuels, and improving overall kitchen safety and health.

7. How does the Free Gas Connection contribute to social and economic well-being?

By providing free gas connections, the program contributes to improved health outcomes, reduced environmental impact, and economic benefits for households by saving time and resources.

8. Are there any ongoing costs for beneficiaries of the Free Gas Connection program?

Generally, after the initial free setup, beneficiaries may need to bear the cost of subsequent gas cylinder refills, following standard procedures for purchasing cooking gas.


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