Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme 2024 Apply Online, Check Status, List

Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme This plan was earlier started by the Haryana government, but it was abandoned due to a number of problems. But since then, a disabled-only restart has taken place. Only disabled citizens of the state of Haryana are eligible for this scheme. For participants in this programme who are not connected to any other Haryana Viklang Pension Scheme, a 60% disability certificate is needed. We are giving you all the information you require to benefit from this plan, including the processes and documentation required.

Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme 2024

The people with disabilities in the state would have new hope if the Haryana Viklang Benefits Yojana 2024 were to revive. In the end, this benefits package has brought persons with disabilities joy by allowing them to lead independent, respectable lives.

For basic necessities, the disabled population in Haryana does not now require continuing assistance. The applicant must be at least eighteen years old, a resident of Haryana, and in possession of a certificate of incapacity attesting to their 60% to 100% incapacity in order to be eligible for this land. The annuity qualifying is based on the severity of the disability, and the pension starts on the first day of the substantial period. The crippled inhabitants of Haryana could see a significant change in their life as a result of this plan.

Information about Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme

 Scheme  Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme
 Launched by  Directorate of Social Justice and Empowerment, Haryana
 Objective  To provide financial assistance to disabled persons of the state
 Beneficiaries  Disabled Persons of Haryana State
 Official website  Click Here

Eligibility For Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme 2024

  • Receiving payments under the Disability Pension Scheme requires residency in the state of Haryana.
  • Eighteen should be the minimum age.
  • must have lived in the state of Haryana for a minimum of three years.
  • To be qualified for a certificate of disability, an individual must be 60% to 100% impaired.
  • Those with physical or mental impairments can also gain from it.
  • This is also beneficial to those who are totally blind or have very limited vision; they will be categorised as impaired.
  • This group will also include patients with leprosy.

Benefits of the Disability Pension Scheme in Haryana

  • You are given money support to meet your daily needs and bills.
  • The programme guarantees that the people of Haryana get the help they need.
  • Even at eighteen, you are still eligible for therapy, particularly for concerns related to maturity.
  • If you have lived in Haryana for three years or more, you are regarded as a part of the community.
  • It is advantageous to have a disability of any kind, mental or physical.
  • Even if you have very little or no eyesight, you are still qualified for aid.
  • Despite having leprosy, you are part of the programme and get the help you need.
  • You can still benefit from this programme even if you have polio or an accident that renders you unable to function.

Haryana Viklang Pension Yojana Required Documents

  1. Haryana State Permanent Resident Certificate
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Voter ID
  4. Ration card
  5. Disability certificate of 60% & above.
  6. Income Certificate

How To Apply For The Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme?

  • Navigate the homepage until you find the “Haryana Crippled Benefits Conspire Application Shape PDF” option.
  • To save it in the application window’s PDF format, click the  Download button again.

  • Print the frame when it has been downloaded and stored to your device.
  • Either by yourself or with the help of a reasonable person, carefully fill out the form.
  • Collect any pertinent documents and attach them to the filled-out form.
  • Turn in the completed application form along with the related documents to the relevant office.
  • After modifications are done, give it a few days. Information on the anticipated status of your application will be sent to you.
  • For the chosen candidates, the Department of Social Equity and Empowerment of the Haryana government will pay an incapacity annuity.

Offline Application Process

  • Eligible disabled beneficiaries in Haryana may also apply for disability payments by completing an  Offline application form.
  • The offline application form for the disability pension plan is available at the Haryana government’s Directorate of Social Justice and Empowerment District Office.
  • Take the application and fill it out correctly.
  • Enclose the application with all necessary supporting paperwork.
  • Now Forward the application form for the Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme, along with all necessary supporting papers, to the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment District Office.
  • The District Social Welfare Officer of the Haryana government will carefully review the  Application Form and Documents.
  • The designated bank account of the disabled beneficiary would get a monthly pension of Rs. 2,750.

Contact Details

  1. Antyodaya Saral Portal Haryana Helpline Number :- 0172-3968400.
  2. Antyodaya Saral Portal Haryana Helpdesk Email :- saral.haryana@gov.in.
  3. Directorate of Social Justice and Empowerment Haryana Helpline Number :- 0172-2715090
  4. Directorate of Social Justice and Empowerment Haryana Helpdesk Email :- sje@hry.nic.in.

FAQs : Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme

1. What is the Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme?

The Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme is a government initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to persons with disabilities in the state.

2. Who is eligible for the Disabled Pension Scheme in Haryana?

Eligibility criteria may include the degree of disability, income limits, and other factors. Check the official guidelines for detailed eligibility requirements.

3. How can I apply for the Haryana Disabled Pension Scheme?

Applicants can typically apply through an online or offline application process. Visit the official website or contact the local authorities for application details.

4. What documents are required for the application?

Commonly required documents include disability certificate, income certificate, Aadhar card, and other relevant documents. Refer to the official guidelines for a complete list.

5. How is the disability pension amount determined?

The pension amount may vary based on the severity of disability and other factors. Check the official guidelines for information on pension amounts.

6. How can I check the status of my Disabled Pension Scheme application?

Applicants can usually check their application status online through the official portal. Details on tracking the application should be available on the website.

7. Is there an appeal process if my application is rejected?

Information on the appeal process, if available, can be obtained from the concerned authorities or the official website.

8. Are there any helpline numbers for assistance with the Disabled Pension Scheme?

Users can contact the helpline or customer support for any queries related to the scheme. Provide relevant contact details for assistance.

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