Chakshu Portal 2024: How to Report Fraud Spam Calls, Messages

Chakshu Portal 2024 On March 4, 2024, the government launched the Chakshu portal as a preventive measure against cybercrime as part of the Sanchar Sathi project. This portal is a vital resource in the battle against fraud, especially with regard to schemes that prey on telecom users.

The Chakshu platform empowers citizens by allowing them to report suspected fraudulent texts meant to deceive telecom service subscribers. These fraudulent communications can take many different forms, such as impersonation messages pertaining to bank accounts, payment wallets, SIM cards, and the identities of family members or public servants.

In terms of strengthening cybersecurity and shielding telecom users from malicious behaviour, this project represents a significant step in the right direction. The Chakshu website allows residents to take an active role in their own security.

Chakshu Portal 2024

The introduction of the Chakshu Stage is an essential step in safeguarding the digital assets of every individual. This device ought to effectively terminate extortion and inappropriate use of the communication system. The underutilised stages will align with the Sanchar Sathi entry to make it easier for partners to share insights with one another.

In the past nine months, citizens have been able to conserve around Rs 1,000 crore and consolidate Rs 1,008 crore in bank accounts linked to criminal transactions thanks to the implementation of these safeguards. Through the Chakshu entry, supporters can report incidents of cellphone number leaks, and those responsible will be guaranteed the proper penalty.

Chakshu Portal Details in Highlights

 Name of the scheme  Chakshu Portal
 Launched by  Indian Government
 Launched on  4th of March 2024
 Department  Department of Telecom
 Objective  To counter cyber-security threats
 Mode  Online
 Beneficiaries  Indian citizens
 Official Website  Click Here

Objectives of Chakshu Portal 2024

Giving consumers the opportunity to report calls and communications that seem suspicious, especially if they suspect them of being fraudulent, is the primary objective of the Chakshu Portal. Additionally, customers can report instances where companies have disclosed their phone numbers without authorization.

As part of its continuous anti-fraud drive, the Department of Telecom launched the Data Intelligence Platform (DIP). Information sharing between banks, law enforcement, and other financial institutions will be made easier by this strategic action. The DIP is an essential instrument for allowing the exchange of pertinent data to enable cooperative efforts to prevent and combat cybercrime.

Benefits Of Chakshu Portal

  • Report suspicious calls and messages with ease to guard against online fraud and transform into a superhero.
  • Report companies that divulge your phone number without permission in order to safeguard your information.
  • Engaging in the fight against fraud might make you feel like a digital superhero.
  • By efficiently sharing information with banks and law enforcement, the Data Intelligence Platform (DIP) improves online safety.
  • You may safeguard your money and stop fraudsters from scamming you by sharing information.
  • Having a simple way to report and respond to online attacks will help you defend yourself against them.
  • React quickly to suspected scams and take necessary measures to stay ahead of internet trolls.
  • Stop your number from being shared without permission, and make sure that your sensitive information stays private.

How to Report Fraud and Spam Calls Using the Chakshu Portal?

  • Visit the Chakshu Portal’s main website.
  • If you haven’t already, create an account by registering and entering your details.

  • Enter your login information and log in to take advantage of the portal’s capabilities.
  • Look for the reporting section designated for calls about fraud and spam.
  • Provide relevant details about the bogus or spam call, like the caller’s number, the call’s time and date, and so forth.
  • Give a brief description of what happened, highlighting any specifics that will be important for the investigation.
  • If possible, attach any pertinent screenshots or documentation from the phoney conversation to support your report.
  • Check the information you typed twice, then use the website to submit your report.
  • Obtain a confirmation once your report has been submitted, and note the reference number in case you have any other queries.

Chakshu Portal: Things you can report on Sanchar Saathi Portal

  • Verify any phone connections made in their name and report any that are unauthorised or needless.
  • Ensure that the mobile devices you buy, whether they are new or used, are genuine.
  • Report missing or stolen cell phones to enable tracking and banning.
  • Examine the information provided by licenced wireline Internet service providers.
  • When an overseas call comes in and the caller ID shows an Indian phone number, report the call.

FAQs : Chakshu Portal 2024

1. What is the Chakshu Portal?

The Chakshu Portal is a platform/initiative introduced to [purpose]. It may be related to a specific sector or service.

2. How do I access the Chakshu Portal?

Users can access the Chakshu Portal by visiting the official website [provide the website URL if available].

3. What services are available on the Chakshu Portal?

The portal may offer various services, such as [list the main services or features].

4. Who is eligible to use the Chakshu Portal?

Eligibility criteria for using the portal may vary based on [mention criteria, if available].

5. How can I register on the Chakshu Portal?

Users can typically register on the portal by [provide information on the registration process].

6. I forgot my password. How can I reset it on the Chakshu Portal?

To reset your password, follow the [password recovery process, if available].

7. Is there a helpline or customer support for the Chakshu Portal?

Users can reach out to the customer support team at [provide contact details] for assistance.

8. Are there any fees associated with using the Chakshu Portal?

Clarify whether there are any fees or charges for using the portal and provide relevant details.

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