AI tool text generator: Online, Free, Changer 2024

AI tool text generator: Online, Free, Changer 2024: In the AI world, text generators like ChatGPT have gained attention, especially since last year’s launch. These tools are handy for boosting productivity and efficiency in various tasks when used correctly. While ChatGPT is in the spotlight, it’s crucial to look at the engine behind it—GPT.

AI tool text generator

The latest versions, GPT-3 and GPT-4, are powerful and versatile. They can be accessed through an API, letting other developers add AI text generation to their apps. This has led to a variety of AI text generators in tech, each with similar yet unique features, spurring innovation and efficiency in different applications.

AI tool text generator

In the AI world, there are various big language models (LLMs) in action. For instance, Bard uses Google’s LaMDA, and Stability AI, the creators of Stable Diffusion art generator, have their own LLM that’s open for anyone to use.

Some companies are also busy crafting their custom LLMs, but you won’t find many of these widely used in easily accessible tools.

Things are shifting in this space, and the list of big LLMs might look quite different in the next year or two. Currently, most AI text generators either openly use GPT or keep their model details a bit hush-hush (though they usually seem to be using GPT). This common ground makes them pretty similar, but we’ll dig into that shortly.

How do AI text generators work?

Text generation apps mostly use GPT, which is built on Google’s transformer architecture found in LaMDA. To understand what’s happening behind these language models, let’s focus on how GPT does its thing.

GPT takes a text prompt, predicts the best words to follow, and does this based on the data it was trained on. This training data comes from books, articles, and all sorts of documents covering various topics, styles, and genres.

GPT has sifted through a ton of content from the open internet, essentially soaking up all human knowledge. What you get is a fancy deep learning neural network—a complex, layered algorithm inspired by the human brain. It’s impressive how much work has gone into it, but there’s still a lot we don’t fully get about how these algorithms truly work.

Many AI text generator apps simplify using GPT by adding a user interface. It’s not that you can’t do it in ChatGPT, but these interfaces make sure you don’t miss any important details, making the output better.

For instance, in ChatGPT, to write a friendly 150-word email to a customer about a new product feature, you’d type: “Write a 150-word email in a friendly tone to a customer about the new matching human/dog outfits offered by”

In an AI text generator, it guides you through. You’d specify content type, length, tone, and more. Many also have a text editor, letting you edit the AI-generated text directly in the app.

That’s just the basics, but it gives you an idea. If you’re curious about the nitty-gritty, you can explore natural language processing and how ChatGPT works. But for now, know that these tools are impressive, even if they sometimes come up with things on their own.

8 AI Text Generator Tools That Are Free To Use In 2024 For Work

In today’s fast-paced workplaces, effective communication through writing is crucial for successful collaboration. From emails to project briefs, the demand for quality content can lead to overwhelming backlogs.

Luckily, the rise of AI, including tools like ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the writing landscape, providing valuable support for a variety of tasks.

As AI becomes integral in content creation and customer support, incorporating AI writing generator tools into your tech stack is essential for maintaining competitiveness and efficiency. Here’s a roundup of the best free AI text generator tools to make your work easier in 2024:

1. OpenAI’s ChatGPT:
– What is it: A versatile AI writing tool for project prompts, emails, and more.
– Why use it: Natural language understanding, adaptability to various writing styles.

2. Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers:
– What is it: A pre-trained model for understanding the context of words in a sentence.
– Why use it: Context-aware language understanding, precise content generation.

3. Write with Transformer:
– What is it: An AI tool leveraging models like GPT-3 for creative and coherent text.
– Why use it: User-friendly interface, multiple model options, efficient text completion.

– What is it: A tool for quick content generation, ideal for emails and marketing copy.
– Why use it: Customizable prompts, content optimization, collaborative writing support.

5. ScribeSense:
– What is it: AI-powered assistance for creating detailed documents like business plans.
– Why use it: Document structuring, content summarization, contextual suggestions.

Incorporating these user-friendly AI tools into your workflow can significantly reduce the time and effort required for writing tasks. Let AI be your ally in enhancing efficiency and collaboration in the workplace.

1. HiveMind


Title: Boost Your Efficiency with HiveMind: Your All-in-One AI-Powered Productivity Companion

Say hello to HiveMind, the newest addition to Hive’s suite of workplace tools, designed to transform the way you work. Beyond just handling emails and creating content, HiveMind brings AI technology into the mix for strategic planning and project management, making your workday smoother and more efficient.

Here’s how HiveMind can make your work life easier:

1. Automated Email Responses:
– Let HiveMind take care of routine email replies, saving you time and ensuring quick responses.

2. Strategic Project Planning:
– Use HiveMind to outline step-by-step plans for new product launches, ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page.

3. SEO-Friendly Blog Posts:
– Generate engaging blog posts effortlessly, packed with keywords to boost your online presence and improve SEO.

4. Create Original Graphics:
– Tap into HiveMind’s capabilities to craft eye-catching graphics for social media, websites, and more, giving your content a visual boost.

Getting the Most Out of HiveMind:

– Spot the Purple HiveMind Icon:
– Keep an eye out for the distinctive purple icon in the Hive app, signaling opportunities to leverage HiveMind’s predictive technology.

– Key Usage Areas:
– Explore HiveMind’s potential in features like Hive Notes, Hive Mail, and action cards for a complete AI-enhanced experience.

Whether you need automated email solutions, strategic project management, or creative content generation, HiveMind seamlessly integrates AI into your workflow.

Watch our user-friendly video tutorial to see HiveMind in action and start your journey towards enhanced productivity. Embrace the future of workplace efficiency with HiveMind – get started for free today.

2. WordAi


WordAi is an AI writing generator that helps you create:

  • Quick and easy blog posts
  • White papers
  • Web content.

It uses natural language technologies to create human-quality content, ensuring that content appears more unique and professional. WordAi is also available in a range of languages, making it a perfect tool for companies looking to do business in international markets.

3. Quillbot


Meet Quillbot, your go-to AI writing tool for effortlessly creating top-notch content in minutes. Using a robust algorithm, Quillbot takes the hassle out of content creation, offering a range of benefits to enhance your writing experience:

1. Accurate and Engaging Content:
– Quillbot’s powerful algorithm ensures your content is not only accurate but also captivating, providing readers with an enjoyable and informative experience.

2. Improved Customer Engagement:
– Elevate your brand’s interaction with potential customers by using Quillbot to generate content that resonates. Capture attention and foster engagement effortlessly.

3. Plagiarism Checker Tool:
– Ensure your content is truly one-of-a-kind with Quillbot’s built-in plagiarism checker tool. Verify uniqueness and maintain the integrity of your work.

Why Choose Quillbot:

– Speedy Content Creation:
– Produce high-quality content in minutes, saving time and effort in the content creation process.

– Enhanced Brand Perception:
– Engage your audience with content that reflects your brand’s voice and values, creating a positive and lasting impression.

– Plagiarism-Free Assurance:
– Rest easy knowing that your content is original and plagiarism-free, thanks to Quillbot’s reliable plagiarism checker tool.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting, Quillbot is your reliable companion for creating content that captivates and resonates. Experience the ease of content creation – try Quillbot today.

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

Discover the power of SE Ranking’s AI writing tool, designed to effortlessly generate SEO-friendly content tailored to your audience. This tool goes beyond basic writing, offering a range of features to enhance your content creation process:

1. Catchy Headlines:
– SE Ranking’s AI can craft attention-grabbing headlines that pique interest and draw in your audience from the get-go.

2. Comprehensive Text Structure:
– Build a well-organized and reader-friendly content structure effortlessly, ensuring your message is clear and impactful.

3. Keyword-Focused Long-Form Content:
– Generate longer pieces of content rich in your target keywords, enhancing your organic search visibility and SEO performance.

4. One-Click Text Rewriting:
– Easily rework separate fragments of your text with a single click, saving time and ensuring coherence throughout your content.

SE Ranking’s Unique Edge:

– Optimized for High Rankings:
– Score your content against top-ranking competitors to ensure it is well-positioned for organic visibility and capable of driving substantial traffic.

– Tool Recommendations for Improvement:
– Receive valuable recommendations from the tool to enhance your content’s organic visibility and improve its chances of ranking highly.

Why Choose SE Ranking:

– Tailored Tone of Voice:
– Craft your content in a tone that resonates with your audience, ensuring a personalized and engaging reading experience.

– Efficiency in Drafting:
– Quickly generate raw drafts on suggested topics, saving time and effort in the initial stages of content creation.

SE Ranking’s AI writing tool empowers you to create compelling, SEO-friendly content effortlessly. Elevate your content strategy and enhance organic visibility – try SE Ranking today.

5. GPT-3


Title: Elevate Your Writing with GPT-3: Your Ultimate Writing Assistant

Discover the magic of GPT-3, OpenAI’s advanced AI writing tool designed to make your writing journey seamless and efficient. As a dynamic writing assistant, GPT-3 offers powerful features tailored to enhance your content creation:

1. Craft Content Effortlessly:
– Generate content from scratch by providing prompts, allowing GPT-3 to adapt to various writing needs effortlessly.

2. Natural-Sounding Writing:
– Enjoy the benefits of writing articles and blog posts that sound natural and engaging, with fewer grammatical mistakes for polished and professional content.

What Sets GPT-3 Apart:

– User-Friendly Interface:
– Experience a smooth writing process with an intuitive interface that makes content creation straightforward and enjoyable.

– Versatile Writing Styles:
– Whether you’re working on articles, blog posts, or other content, GPT-3 adapts to your writing style, ensuring consistency across diverse projects.

– Grammar Improvement:
– Witness an improvement in grammar with fewer mistakes, enhancing the overall quality of your content and saving time on edits.

Why Choose GPT-3:

– Prompt-Based Creativity:
– Initiate content creation effortlessly by providing prompts to GPT-3, allowing for the generation of customized and context-aware writing.

– Efficiency in Writing:
– Streamline your writing tasks and boost productivity with GPT-3’s efficient writing assistance, empowering you to focus on crafting compelling narratives.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining existing content, GPT-3 transforms the writing experience. Elevate your writing effortlessly with GPT-3 – the ultimate writing assistant by OpenAI.

6. Automated Insights

Automated Insights

Title: Simplify Data Analysis with Automated Insights: Your AI Writing Ally

Meet Automated Insights, the AI writing tool that effortlessly transforms complex data into actionable insights using natural language processing technology. This user-friendly tool is designed to streamline your analytical processes, offering clear benefits for your reporting and decision-making:

1. Quick and Accurate Reports:
– Save time and ensure precision with Automated Insights, generating reports and summaries swiftly for efficient data-driven communication.

2. Turn Raw Data into Useful Insights:
– Easily convert raw data into written insights, providing invaluable support for marketing and sales teams. Simplify complex information, making it readily usable for strategic decision-making.

What Sets Automated Insights Apart:

– Efficient Reporting:
– Experience a hassle-free reporting process, allowing you to create comprehensive reports effortlessly.

– Masterful Natural Language Processing:
– Benefit from advanced natural language processing, ensuring the generated content is not only accurate but also easily comprehensible.

– Strategic Support for Teams:
– Empower your teams with written insights derived from data, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and drive impactful strategies.

Why Choose Automated Insights:

– Rapid Data Translation:
– Witness the seamless translation of data into actionable insights, bridging the gap between raw information and strategic decision-making.

– User-Friendly Interface:
– Navigate the writing process with ease using an intuitive interface, making Automated Insights accessible to users of all technical backgrounds.

Automated Insights is your ally in simplifying data analysis. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of this AI writing tool – empower your teams with actionable insights effortlessly.

7. Lumar


Title: Boost SEO Success with Lumar: Your AI Writing Wizard

Discover Lumar, formerly known as Deepcrawl, your go-to AI writing tool designed to elevate your content’s visibility in search engine results. Utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques, Lumar empowers users to create highly relevant and SEO-optimized content by scraping information from the web. Here’s why Lumar stands out:

1. Natural Language Processing Mastery:
– Harnessing sophisticated natural language processing techniques, Lumar excels in scraping relevant content from the web.

2. Optimized for Search Engines:
– Create content that not only captures attention but is also tailored to rank higher in search engine results, boosting your online visibility.

What Lumar Brings to the Table:

– Effortless Content Optimization:
– Streamline your content creation process with Lumar, ensuring your writing is not just informative but also optimized for search engines.

– Enhanced Visibility:
– Elevate the visibility of your content in search engine results, reaching a broader audience and driving organic traffic.

– Web Scraping Expertise:
– Leverage Lumar’s ability to scrape content from the web, providing you with valuable insights and inspiration for creating relevant and impactful content.

Why Choose Lumar:

– SEO-Focused Content Creation:
– Tailor your content to meet SEO standards, ensuring that your material is not only engaging but also optimized for improved search engine rankings.

– User-Friendly Interface:
– Navigate Lumar’s features effortlessly, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Lumar, your AI writing wizard, is here to revolutionize your content creation strategy. Unlock the power of SEO-optimized content with ease – try Lumar today.

8. Magic Write

Magic Write

Title: Effortless Copywriting with Magic Write in Canva Docs

Introducing Magic Write, your copywriting assistant seamlessly integrated into Canva Docs. Whether you’re crafting blog outlines, lists, bio captions, content ideas, or planning product launches, Magic Write is here to simplify your content creation process. Here’s why Magic Write is a game-changer:

1. Simple Input, Instant Drafts:
– Just input keywords or a brief description, and Magic Write generates a draft of text in seconds, providing a quick starting point for your content.

2. Versatile Content Assistance:
– From overcoming writer’s block to brainstorming content ideas, Magic Write is a versatile tool that aids in various aspects of content creation.

Why Magic Write Shines:

– Streamlined Content Creation:
– Say goodbye to writer’s block and tedious brainstorming. Magic Write streamlines content creation, making it easier for you to bring your ideas to life.

– Free Queries and Canva Pro Benefits:
– Enjoy a limited number of free queries with Magic Write. For even more assistance, Canva Pro subscribers can access additional queries to enhance their creative process.

Why Choose Magic Write:

– User-Friendly Interface:
– Navigate Magic Write effortlessly within Canva Docs, ensuring a seamless experience for users of all skill levels.

– Time-Saving AI Assistance:
– Save time on content creation with Magic Write’s quick and efficient AI-powered assistance, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your work.

Magic Write in Canva Docs is your secret weapon for effortlessly generating content ideas. Overcome writer’s block and enhance your creative process – try Magic Write today.

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