UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024 Apply Online, Registration, List

UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana In 2024, the Indian government plans to give away 12 lakh 50 thousand smartphones or tablets to 25 lakh deserving pupils in the state. The merit list will be used to choose the students who will be taking part in this programme.

A tablet or smartphone valued at ₹10,000 will be given to the chosen pupils. However, the government has determined the candidates’ eligibility requirements in order for them to get the benefits of this scheme. You will profit from this plot if you fill out every form provided by the government, so to speak. In order to take advantage of this programme, you must apply online.

UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024

During his speech to the Assembly on August 19, 2021, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath announced the introduction of the UP Tablet Scheme. The state’s youth will receive tablets and smartphones through this programme. This plan will help about one crore youth. The state government has allocated Rs 3000 crore to this scheme’s implementation. Students pursuing diploma, technical, post-graduate, and graduation programmes can take advantage of the UP Free Tablet Smartphone Scheme.

The youth will also receive free digital access under this programme. These tablets and smartphones will provide education to the students. Students will soon have an easier time finding employment with these tablets and cellphones. In addition, the government of Uttar Pradesh has declared that it will provide youth with an allowance for attending competitive exams.

UP Free Smartphone Yojana 2024 Overview

 Scheme Free smartphone Yojana
 State name Uttar Pradesh
 Launched By CM Yogi Adityanath
 Beneficiary State students
 Registration FY 2024
 Objective Extension of online punishment
 Smartphone Brand Samsung
 Official Website Click Here

UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024 Benefits

  • Receive free tablets and smartphones to help students in different courses with their studies.
  • These gadgets offer additional educational resources to improve students’ comprehension of their courses.
  • The programme makes sure that no student is left out by guaranteeing that everyone has access to digital learning.
  • The programme aims to increase students’ prospects of obtaining employment in the future by making it easier for them to use digital resources.
  • The programme promotes students’ overall development by assisting them in developing their skills and investigating professional choices.
  • This programme can help about 1 crore youth, which translates to a significant number of students.
  • Students now have an easier time looking for work thanks to smartphones and tablets, which provide a handy platform for job searches.
  • By equipping students with the knowledge and abilities required in the digital age, the programme gets them ready for the future.
  • The programme demonstrates the government’s dedication to supporting understudies in their academic and professional endeavours.

Eligibility for UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024

  1. Students in certain educational programs—such as diploma, technical, post-graduation, or graduate courses—may be the focus of the system.
  2. Certain programmes are only available to citizens of that state or area.
  3. To make sure that people in need receive the benefits, some programmes could include income requirements.
  4. Certain communities or castes may be the focus of certain programmes intended to promote inclusivity and affirmative action.
  5. To guarantee that the programme helps the target age range, there may be age limitations.
  6. Applicants may be required to provide necessary documentation to support their qualifications.

UP Free Smartphone Yojana 2024 Required Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Accommodation quantity
  • Proof of passing previous class
  • School identity card
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo

How to Apply For UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024?

  • It is necessary to go to the official website of the UP Smartphone Tablet Scheme first.
  • On the main website, you need to click the Apply Online link for the UP Free Tablet/Smartphone Scheme.
  • The application form will then appear to be open.
  • Name, email address, and mobile number are among the details that must be submitted into the application form.
  • Now, all required documentation needs to be uploaded.
  • You then need to click the “Submit” button.

FAQs : UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024

1. What is the UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024?

The UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024 is a government initiative in Uttar Pradesh aimed at providing eligible beneficiaries with free tablets and smartphones to enhance digital access and connectivity.

2. Who is eligible to benefit from this scheme?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, residents of Uttar Pradesh meeting specific criteria, such as income levels or educational status, may qualify for the free tablet or smartphone distribution.

3. How can one apply for the UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana 2024?

Details about the application process, including online portals or designated offices, can be obtained from the official scheme guidelines released by the government.

4. What features do the tablets and smartphones provided under this scheme offer?

The devices distributed under the scheme typically come equipped with features such as internet connectivity, educational apps, and other functionalities suitable for digital learning and communication.

5. Is there any cost associated with receiving a tablet or smartphone under this scheme?

Generally, the tablets and smartphones are provided free of cost to eligible beneficiaries as part of the government’s initiative to enhance digital access among residents of Uttar Pradesh.

6. Can the devices be used for purposes other than education?

While the primary focus is often on educational purposes, beneficiaries are usually free to use the devices for various needs, including accessing information, communication, and other daily activities.

7.How will the distribution of tablets and smartphones be carried out?

The distribution process may involve online registration or verification through designated government offices. The specific distribution mechanism can be clarified through the official scheme guidelines.

8. Can beneficiaries check the status of their application or device distribution?

Information regarding application status or device distribution can typically be accessed through the official scheme portal or by contacting designated helpline numbers provided by the government. Regular updates and information are available through official channels.

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