Umbrella Scholarship 2024 re/Post Matric Scholarship Apply Online

Umbrella Scholarship 2024 offered by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, is a great opportunity for students pursuing post-matriculation and pre-matriculation education. To help you apply, we’ve listed the eligibility and educational requirements here.

We’ll also guide you through the easy application process on the National Scholarship Portal. This scholarship is designed to support your education, and we’ll make sure you understand everything you need to apply successfully.

Umbrella Scholarship 2024

The Scholarship Undergraduate Umbrella Meghalaya is an initiative to support Meghalayan understudies by providing them with financial assistance to meet their educational expenses. Many understudies left out since they couldn’t finish their coursework because of financial difficulties. The candidate’s family income should not exceed Rs. 2 lakh per year from all sources. Applicants from Planned Tribes may submit an umbrella grant application if they have passed the higher auxiliary, registration, or any other test recognised by the college or board of auxiliary instruction.

The Umbrella Grant may be available to an understudy currently enrolled in classes in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and belonging to the planned tribe’s categories. As it stands, this scholarship will be available to students currently enrolled in classes 9 and 10 at any government or Central Board educational facility in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Filling out the grant application form is possible until the deadline, which is available on NSP.

Key Highlights of Umbrella Scholarship Meghalaya 2024

 Launched By  The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India
 Name of Scholarship  Umbrella Scholarship Meghalaya
 Objective  To encourage the meritorious or needy students of Meghalaya
 Benefits  Financial assistance of Rs. 750 to 1000
 Eligibility Criteria  Students from Meghalaya
 Deadline  9 February 2024
 Official Website  Click Here


The objective of Umbrella Scholarship 2024

Overseas Scholarship Meghalaya’s main objective is to support Scheduled Tribe students financially so they can continue their education without obstacles. Even if a lot of students are motivated to reach their life goals, some cannot afford the expense of attending school.

The selected pupils will get a set amount of financial aid if they wish to pursue postsecondary education. Financial help recipients will not face any difficulties covering their college expenses. The scholarship money enables many financially challenged students to complete their degree.

Umbrella Scholarship Meghalaya Eligibility Criteria

  • Students have to reside in Meghalaya long-term.
  • Students should enrol in pre-matric or post-matric courses in government-run or government-aided schools and institutions.
  • The applicant belongs to the Scheduled Tribe.
  • The candidate’s family’s annual income from all sources should not be more than Rs. 2 lakh.
  • Scholarship money from any other organisation with central support shouldn’t be given to students.

Benefits of Umbrella Scholarship Meghalaya 2024

  • Students who get the scholarship are able to pay for necessary items such as books, school supplies, and other necessities.
  • It matters for understudies who may have dropped out of school due to financial difficulties.
  • They can continue with their considerations with the help of this award.
  • The grant is specifically intended for understudies from Meghalaya’s Planned Tribes, demonstrating how important it is to people who need it most.
  • The grant provides understudies the freedom to continue their education and accomplish their goals by providing financial offer aid. It’s similar to giving them a push to grow and succeed.
  • The grant must resolve financial difficulties in order to prevent understudy from skipping classes early. Since more students may finish their studies, this can only be beneficial to all.
  • After completing their education, understudies have much greater opportunities for excellent jobs. The grant helps students prepare for a bright future, which is beneficial.

Required Documents Umbrella Scholarship 2024

  1. Caste certificate
  2. Passport-size photograph
  3. Income certificate
  4. Domicile certificate
  5. School leaving certificate
  6. Aadhar card
  7. School/college current year bonafide certificate

How to Apply for an Umbrella Scholarship?

  • Click on New Registration on the dashboard from the homepage.


  • Accept the scholarship guidelines by reading and signing them. Press the Next button.
  • Enter all of your information in the application form, including your name, gender, DOB, email address, mobile number, and state of residence for the scholarship.
  • Give the bank’s information (name, account number, IFSC code, etc.). Select your bank account number or Aadhar number for identification.
  • After confirming your mobile number, click Register.
  • To prevent cancellation, submit just one application.
  • After everything is finished successfully, save the generated application ID and password for further use.

FAQs :Umbrella Scholarship 2024

1. What is the Umbrella Scholarship 2024?

The Umbrella Scholarship 2024 is a financial aid program provided by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, to support students pursuing post-matriculation and pre-matriculation education.

2. Who is eligible for the Umbrella Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, students engaged in post-matriculation and pre-matriculation education can apply. Detailed eligibility requirements are available for reference.

3. How do I apply for the Umbrella Scholarship?

The application process is conducted through the National Scholarship Portal. We provide a step-by-step guide to make the application process easy for you.

4. What are the educational requirements for the scholarship?

Detailed educational requirements are outlined in the eligibility criteria. Typically, students need to meet certain academic standards to be eligible for the Umbrella Scholarship.

5. When is the deadline to apply for the Umbrella Scholarship 2024?

Specific deadlines may be announced, and it’s crucial to apply within the given timeframe. Check the official information for the deadline and submit your application on time.

6. Is there any assistance available for filling out the application?

Yes, we provide guidance on the application process to ensure a smooth experience. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

7. Can I apply for the scholarship if I am pursuing a specific field of study?

The Umbrella Scholarship is generally open to students across various fields of study. However, it’s essential to review the specific eligibility criteria to confirm if your chosen field qualifies.

8. How will I be notified if my application is successful?

Notification procedures vary, but typically, successful applicants are notified through the contact information provided in their application. Stay tuned for updates after submitting your application.


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