Slides AI Tool: Free AI Presentation Maker 2024

Slides AI Tool: Free AI Presentation Maker 2024: Elevate your presentation game effortlessly with Slidesgo’s AI Presentation Maker Overcome time constraints and lack of inspiration with just a few clicks.

This free tool helps you create stunning slideshows tailored to your needs. Perfect for students and professionals alike, it simplifies the presentation creation process.

making your slides visually striking. Try Slidesgo’s AI Presentation Maker today and level up your visual storytelling.

Slides AI Tool: Free AI Presentation Maker

Quickly create stunning slides using the AI-powered tool in the Google Workspace Marketplace. This tool transforms your text into visually appealing presentations, saving you time and effort. Choose from various presentation types and color presets to enhance the visual appeal of your slides.

Simplify your workflow and experience the convenience of AI assistance in crafting impressive presentations. Give it a try and enjoy the efficiency of generating compelling slides effortlessly. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Generate presentations in minutes

Unlock boundless creativity with the AI Presentation Maker—a perpetual ally ready to assist you around the clock. While we humans require our moments of rest, your ideas and projects no longer need to be constrained.

Take a step beyond your comfort zone and enlist the AI’s help as your ever-available creative companion. You dictate the terms—select the topic, establish the tone, outline the style—and let the AI seamlessly handle the rest.

Welcome a new era of productivity, effortlessly collaborating with this innovative tool to breathe life into your ideas. Say farewell to presentation stress and hello to compelling, stress-free slides. It’s a game-changer, right at your fingertips.

Personalize your online AI-generated presentation

Sure, your AI pal has crafted a cool presentation for you. But hey, it’s not a mind-reader, so you might want to tweak things a bit.

No worries, though! We get that time is of the essence. That’s why we’ve hooked you up with editing powers, courtesy of our sibling project, Wepik.

You can play with text, mess with colors, or shuffle things around – all without fussing with extra apps. And since we’re all part of a big family, you get access to loads of resources from big names like Flaticon and Freepik.

That means a bunch of icons and images to spice up your slides. So, go ahead, spruce it up, and let your presentation shine.

How does it work?

Think of your topic

You’re going to be talking about a specific topic, isn’t that right? You name it: a business meeting, a medical breakthrough, the weather, a basketball game, your favorite tunes, the pink elephant you saw last Sunday, etc. Simply type it out and inform the AI of the subject.

Choose your preferred style and tone

Variety is said to be the spice of life. That is why we offer a variety of design styles, including doodle, simple, abstract, geometric, and beautiful.

What about the overall tone? There are plenty of them, including fun, creative, informal, professional, and formal. Each one will give you something unique, so how will you impress your audience this time? Combine and contrast.

Make any necessary modifications

You have newly created slides. Oh, you wish they were another color? Would that text box look better if it was on the right side? Run the online editor and use the tools to customize the slides precisely how you want them.

Download the final result for free

Yes, just as envisioned those slides deserve to be on your storage device at once You can export the presentation in .pdf format and download it for free.

Can’t wait to show it to your best friend because you think they will love it? Generate a shareable link.

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