SecondBrain: AI, Study Method, App, Obsidian, template notion 2024

SecondBrain: AI, Study Method, App, Obsidian, template notion 2024: Quickly educate your bot about your business by leveraging website content, company documents, and FAQs.



The AI delivers precise answers, swiftly resolving customer queries and instantly decreasing your team’s ticket volume. Simplify your customer support with this efficient and user-friendly approach.


Streamline your tasks with Second Brain, the all-in-one Notion system that consolidates everything from tasks and projects to notes and resources. This user-friendly platform ensures a seamless integration, providing a unified space for efficient organization.

Whether managing tasks, working on projects, or storing important notes and resources, Second Brain offers a cohesive approach to boost your productivity. Enjoy the convenience of having all essential information at your fingertips with Second Brain.

SecondBrain Overview

AI-powered writing companion that will help you write better articles, emails, messages and more.

Do you want to write better posts, tweets or messages? With the help of AI this extension will help you to generate amazing texts.

FEATURES – Text generation based on prompt (You start the text, AI will complete it) – Rephrasing existing text/sentences. Useful to test multiple options of your text – Creating custom AI tasks (summarize the article, write professional email, etc..)

START FOR FREE. You have 4000 free words for the start. After that you can buy more words to continue using the extension.


Text generation.

You give it a prompt and it generates a text.

For example:

– “Write an email telling customer his shipping is delayed”. And Second Brain will generate a professional email text in a few seconds.

– “Top 5 marketing ideas for a startup”. Second Brain will generate a list with top 5 marketing ideas and their description

– “Biggest IT companies for design”. Second Brain will show you a list with biggest companies


You select a text and Second Brain will show you other ways to say it.

For example:

– If you are struggling with how to phrase your tweet or message Second Brain will show you multiple ways to write it.

– Or if you need to try other variations of your copy Second Brain will show you other ways to write your text.


Second Brain is using “Davinci-003” which is the most advance text model from OpenAI

Building a Second Brain: The Definitive Introductory Guide

Ever find yourself forgetting brilliant ideas or letting valuable insights slip through the cracks We all feel the pressure to learn, grow, and make progress, spending countless hours absorbing information.

But where does all that knowledge go when we need it? Our brains aren’t built to store every detail – they’re for generating ideas, not storing them.

Introducing the Second Brain methodology – a solution to save and systematically recall the ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections we accumulate.

It’s a practical approach to building a “Second Brain” – a digital hub for your learnings and resources, using technology to expand memory and intellect.

Navigating today’s information landscape, filled with emails, messages, articles, and more, demands effective management. Second Brain simplifies this, providing easy access to your knowledge.

Unquestionably, various content types hold value, but the overwhelming task of remembering it all is impractical. By consolidating ideas from diverse sources.

You create a valuable repository to propel your projects and goals forward. This becomes an ongoing record of personal discoveries, lessons learned, and actionable insights, always ready for any situation.

While we naturally generate snippets, outlines, photos, videos, and more throughout our careers, preserving these resources requires a bit of extra effort. Without this care, our knowledge remains scattered, hindering the building of a collection that appreciates in value and can be reused.

By offloading this mental burden onto a Second Brain, we liberate our biological brain for imagination, creation, and being present. It ensures we remember what truly matters, enhancing our capabilities as we tackle creative challenges.

The Building a Second Brain Methodology teaches you how to:

  • Reduce stress and “information overload” by managing your personal information stream
  • Create a digital environment promoting clarity and peace of mind
  • Unlock the value of learning resources around you
  • Find anything you’ve learned within seconds
  • Spend less time searching and more time doing creative work
  • Cultivate valuable knowledge without rigid, time-consuming rules
  • Consistently move projects to completion
  • Relax, knowing you have a trusted system keeping track of details

To build your Second Brain, follow the simple four-step CODE method: Capture, Organize, Distill, and Express.

Unlock the power of CODE – Capture, Organize, Distill, and Express – a proven process to turn consumed information into creative output and concrete results.

This method, grounded in timeless principles, is adaptable to any profession, role, or notetaking preference. Whether you realize it or not, you’re likely already incorporating these steps in some form. Let’s dive into each step, starting with Capture.

Capture only the most Important Information

To build your Second Brain, start with “Capture” – saving valuable ideas and insights. Ask:

  1. What recurring themes and questions are central to my work and life?
  2. What impactful information do I already possess?
  3. Which knowledge should I interconnect for future stimulation?

Avoid haphazard capturing – consolidate in a centralized digital notetaking app like Evernote, Notion, or others. These apps handle text snippets, hyperlinks, images, webpages, and more, ensuring permanence and synchronization across devices.

This diverse collection fosters unexpected connections, providing a go-to source for creative material, research, and inspiration. Follow three guidelines for efficient capturing in your Second Brain.


Escape the information overload loop by making conscious, strategic choices about what you consume. Whether on your mobile device or computer, immerse yourself in meaningful content.

Don’t passively react to what others and algorithms present; instead, proactively choose information that aligns with your goals and interests. Break free from reactivity and take charge of your information intake.


When “capturing,” don’t overanalyze. Instead, save what intuitively “resonates” with you. If it connects to something you care about or find intriguing, it’s worth keeping.

This intuitive approach enhances your ability to see opportunities, deepening self-understanding. Simplify the process by trusting what resonates on a deeper level.

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