PM eVIDYA: One Nation One Digital Platform 2024 (Diksha QR Code e-Content)

PM eVIDYA: An online project called “One Nation One Digital Platform” aims to offer students nationwide access to a single digital platform in the event of the COVID-19 pandemic. An essential component of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is this endeavour. The programme, which was introduced by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, intends to improve the educational landscape and guarantee that pupils continue to learn in spite of the obstacles presented by the pandemic.

Learn more about the Prime Minister’s eVidya scheme’s objectives and advantages by reading the article below. Discover more about the two main PM e-Vidya Yojana portals, Swayam Prabha and DIKSHA, which are both essential to schooling.

PM eVidya- One Nation One Digital Platform

The PM eVIDYA programme, offered by the Indian government, guarantees that students can continue their education even in the event of a lockdown. The top 100 colleges will start offering online courses on May 30, 2020. There is the Swayam Prabha DTH channel, and 12 additional channels are in the works, for people without internet access. With its e-content and books that can be scanned with a QR code, the Diksha platform benefits students in every class.

PM eVIDYA, also known as the One Nation Digital Platform, offers a dedicated “One Class Channel” for pupils in grades 1 through 12. For pupils with visual or hearing impairments, special accommodations are often offered, such as radio podcasts. Notwithstanding the difficulties brought on by the lockdown, the government is dedicated to making sure that every student can continue their education.In these times, PM eVIDYA is here to make learning simple and available to anyone.

PM eVIDYA- Overview

 Article  Central Government Scheme
 Scheme  PM eVIDYA One Nation One Digital Platform
 Location  All over India
 Launched by  Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
 Department  Ministry of Education, Government of India
 Objective  To promote digital learning
 Beneficiaries  All the students in the country
 Benefits  e-Learning contents available
 Mode of Registration  Online
 Application Status  Active
 Official website   Click Here

Objectives Of PM eVIDYA Program

The principal objective of the PM eVIDYA initiative is to guarantee equitable access to high-quality education for all students nationwide, particularly in light of the obstacles presented by the lockdown. The Government of India launched this programme to enable universal online learning for all students in response to the disruption of traditional schooling. Numerous crucial actions are being done to lessen the lockdown’s negative effects on the education of the pupils.

With the help of this programme, students may conveniently learn from home and are not need to be there in person. This helps students continue their education during these difficult times by improving transparency in the educational system and saving important time and resources. Education becomes more accessible with PM eVIDYA, levelling the playing field for all students worldwide.

PM eVidya Programme Benefits

  • With the help of the PM eVIDYA programme, over 25 crore school-age children would have extensive access to digital, online, and on-air education.
  • The top 100 colleges will begin offering online courses on May 30, 2020. Twelve more channels will be added once the Swayam Prabha TV channel launches to close the digital divide.
  • We’ll offer the Diksha platform, which includes books with QR codes to activate them and e-content for all classes. Another name for this programme is the One Nation One Digital Platform.
  • For pupils in grades one through twelve, a special TV channel called “One Class One Channel” will be available.
  • Students with visual and auditory impairments will be able to listen to radio podcasts. During the countrywide lockdown, the administration is determined to take the necessary actions to guarantee that education continues, enabling students to study in comfort from home.
  • In order to meet all of the learning demands of students, including online coaching for competitive exams, PM eVIDYA emerges as a holistic solution.

Important Facts About PM eVIDYA Program

  • The top hundred colleges will be able to offer online courses as of May 30, 2020.
  • Podcasts, community radio, and radio are some of the mediums that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recommends for teaching.
  • Special electronic materials will be made available to students who are blind or hard of hearing.
  • There will be a separate channel for each class, from first to twelfth, called “one class, one channel.”
  • Described as “one nation, one digital platform,” Diksha is a portal for States and union territories that will include e-content and QR coded energised textbooks.
  • A channel called “Manodarpan” will be launched to support teachers, families, and children’ mental and emotional wellness.
  • The introduction of a new national curriculum and pedagogical framework that is in line with 21st-century and global competencies is planned.
  • By December 2020, the National Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Mission hopes to have students at grade 5 proficiency.
  • Students without internet access will be able to watch all classes on the Swayam Prabha DTH channel.
  • Experts will conduct live, interactive lessons via Skype and provide instructional DVDs on private DTH providers like Airtel and Tata Sky.

PM eVIDYA Program:

Online Learning:

Students can continue their education from the comfort of their homes thanks to the programme, which makes online lectures from the top 100 colleges possible.

Radio and Podcasts:

The programme addresses places with restricted internet access by using podcasts, community radio, and radio to deliver instructional content through alternative media.

Special E-Content:

Customised electronic materials are made to cater to the unique requirements of students with visual and auditory impairments, encouraging diversity in the classroom.

One Class, One Channel:

Every class, from first to twelfth, has a designated channel, which streamlines the learning process and gives education a more organised feel.

Diksha Platform:

The Diksha platform, which was introduced for use in States and Union territories, combines e-content with interactive textbooks that scan barcodes to create a single, digital learning environment.

Manodarpan Channel:

This channel, which emphasises mental health and emotional well-being, deals with the whole growth of kids, instructors, and families.

National Curriculum and Pedagogical Framework:

A new curriculum that is in line with global skills guarantees that education is current and equips students for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Swayam Prabha DTH Channel:

Learning is accessible to everyone thanks to the Swayam Prabha DTH channel, which caters to students without internet connection.

Live Interactive Sessions:

Through the use of platforms such as Skype, experts facilitate live interactive sessions that foster direct contact between instructors and students.

Eligibility Criteria and Necessary Documents for PM eVIDYA Program

  • The applicant must be a student
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of India
  • Aadhar card
  • Identity card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Ration card
  • Income certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number

PM eVIDYA Student Registration Procedure

  • Students should go to the  official website  to start the E Vidya application procedure.

  • Once you are on the homepage, find the Registration button and click it.

  • Following that, a form will show up asking people to fill it out and upload the appropriate files.
  • Once the form is filled out, click “Submit” to complete the application.

Other Important eVIDYA Portals and Applications

Rankguru eVIDYA is an entertaining learning programme that uses games, quizzes, movies, and other interactive elements to make learning fun.

The Jharkhand government created eVIDYA Vahini (, an integrated digital portal that offers students e-learning resources.

eVIDYA, also referred to as eVidya education, is an online resource that provides individualised help for acing competitive and institutional exams. A wide range of exams, competitions, quizzes, worksheets, videos, and study materials are available on the web.

eVIDYA Hub is an online learning platform with a focus on social media marketing, website design, digital marketing, and related subjects.

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FAQs : PM eVidya

1. What is PM eVidya?

PM eVidya is a government initiative aimed at promoting digital education and e-learning across the country.

2. What are the key components of PM eVidya?

The scheme encompasses various components such as the DIKSHA platform, e-content, online courses for teachers, and SWAYAM Prabha DTH channels, providing a comprehensive digital education ecosystem.

3. Who can benefit from PM eVidya?

PM eVidya is designed to benefit students, teachers, and educational institutions by providing access to digital learning resources and online courses.

4. How does the DIKSHA platform contribute to PM eVidya?

The DIKSHA platform is a key element of PM eVidya, offering a digital infrastructure for teachers to access e-content and teaching resources.

5. What role do SWAYAM Prabha DTH channels play in PM eVidya?

SWAYAM Prabha DTH channels broadcast educational content, enabling students to access lessons and courses through television, especially in remote areas.

6. How can teachers participate in online courses under PM eVidya?

Teachers can engage in online courses provided under PM eVidya by accessing the relevant platforms and enrolling in courses designed to enhance their digital teaching skills.

7. Is PM eVidya available nationwide?

Yes, PM eVidya is a nationwide initiative, striving to ensure that digital education resources and opportunities are accessible to students and educators across the country.

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