PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024: ड्रोन दीदी बनकर महिलाएं कमाएंगी लाखों रुपए, ऐसे करें आवेदन

PM Drone Didi Yojana The Drone Didi Scheme is a cool idea that the government, lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently approved in a large meeting. The main goal of this programme is to provide drone use to 15,000 women’s self-help groups. Farmer rentals of these drones will be available for tasks like applying fertiliser to crops.

Between 2023 and 2025, this plan will be implemented. The primary goal of employing these drones is to encourage women to work in agriculture. Even better, these drone pilots who are women will receive monthly compensation for their labours. Another aspect of the plan is for training women to be “Drone Sakhi,” or drone companions.

PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the awesome Drone Didi Scheme on November 28, 2023. The fact that 15,000 women’s self-help organisations can now obtain drones makes it significant. To make it materialise, the government intends to spend over Rs 1,261 crore over the following four years.

For farmers, this plan is like a game-changer. They can accomplish their farming tasks, such as applying pesticides and fertilisers, more effectively with the help of these drones. The drones are also available for hire, which is advantageous for farmers and women’s self-help organisations.

One significant move that might significantly alter the agricultural landscape is the Drone Didi Yojana. With PM Modi’s approval, the plan intends to provide drones to 15,000 women’s self-help organisations over the following four years. These drones will be used for tasks like agricultural fertilisation.

To ensure that this occurs, the government is investing a substantial amount of approximately Rs 1,261 crore over the following four years. The idea is to use technology to make farming smarter and more productive by allowing farmers to rent these drones. Not only does it support women’s self-help groups, but it also makes farming operations like applying pesticides and fertiliser easier.

Prime Minister Drone Didi Scheme 2024 Overview

 Name of the scheme  PM Drone Didi Yojana
 Was started By Prime Minister Narendra Modi 
 Beneficiary  Women of self-help groups
 Objective  Providing drones on rent to farmers for agricultural use.
 Category  Central government scheme
 Application Process Not available yet 
 Official website Click Here 

Objective Of PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024

  1. The programme aims to ensure that women have an opportunity to participate significantly in drone farming. This implies that they have a cool role in the farming industry.
  2. Training will be provided for women to operate and oversee drones. They gain new knowledge about farming and technology as a result of this.
  3. Drones are going to be used to bring about a kind of farming revolution. With the ability to spray fertiliser, for example, these drones can make farming more efficient and intelligent.
  4. Women who participate in the Drone Didi Yojana can get paid. Drone pilots who are female will receive a monthly salary, enabling them to achieve financial independence.
  5. Farmers are encouraged to employ drones and other modern equipment via this plan. This may improve the accuracy and output of farming.
  6. The goal of the Drone Didi Yojana is to promote rural and village development. The programme enhances farming and encourages women to engage in economic pursuits, so contributing to the general development of rural areas.
  7. The main goal of the programme is to provide women with the resources they need to participate actively in farming. This benefits them directly as well as contributing to the nation’s general development and independence.

PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024 Benefits and Features

  • The Women Self Help Group Drone Scheme was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Drones for agriculture will be given to 15,000 women’s self-help groups.
  • Through these organisations, farmers will be able to rent drones.
  • The programme seeks to give women in self-help groups ongoing assistance with their businesses and means of subsistence.
  • Self-help group members might earn an additional minimum of Rs. 1,000,000 annually.
  • For women’s self-help groups, the Central Government would pay up to Rs 8 lakh, or 80% of the drone’s cost.
  • Under the programme, a 15-day training period will be provided to selected female drone pilots.
  • An honorarium of Rs 15,000 would be given to female drone pilots each month.
  • Through self-help organisations, the programme gives farmers access to drones for their farming operations.
  • It encourages the use of cutting-edge technology in farming, which benefits farmers and gives women economic power.

The government will provide up to Rs. 8 lakh.

On Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi just revealed some fantastic news! In order to assist Self Help Groups (SHGs) with cutting edge drone technology, he launched the Drone Didi Scheme. Women in these categories can now receive up to 80% of the cost of a drone, or a maximum of Rs 8 lakh, covered. The remaining amount is available for a low interest loan of 3%.

Union Minister Anurag Thakur believes it will be crucial for PM Modi’s Lakhpati Didi strategy and will greatly benefit the expanding drone service industry. Approximately 10 crore women participate in self-help groups; 15,000 drones will be donated to these organisations, bringing excitement to the drone service industry and to women in general.

PM Drone Didi Yojana Eligibility

  1. The self-help group (SHG) needs to have ten or more members.
  2. The SHG’s members must be older than eighteen.
  3. SHG members’ yearly income cannot exceed Rs 5 lakh.
  4. The SHG’s members must to be Indian citizens via permanent residence.

PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024 Apply Online Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Identity card
  • Women Self Help Group Certificate
  • Permanent address
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • Bank passbook

How to apply under PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024?

For all the excited ladies looking forward to the Self-Help Group Drone Scheme, hang tight! The scheme got the green light from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but it’s not up and running yet. Once the Central Government kicks off the Drone Didi Scheme, we’ll share all the details on how to apply. Keep an eye out for updates on how to get in on the benefits when the time comes!

FAQs : PM Drone Didi Yojana

1. What is PM Drone Didi Yojana?

PM Drone Didi Yojana is a scheme initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at empowering women through the use of drones for various purposes.

2. Who can participate in the scheme?

The scheme is designed for women who are part of Self-Help Groups, offering them opportunities to leverage drone technology for their collective and individual benefits.

3. Is the scheme currently active?

As of now, the scheme is not active. The green light has been given by the Prime Minister, and once the Central Government puts it into action, details on participation will be released.

4. How can I apply for the PM Drone Didi Yojana?

The application process details will be shared once the scheme becomes operational. Stay tuned for updates from the Central Government on how to apply.

5. What benefits can participants expect from the scheme?

Participants can anticipate various benefits, and details on these advantages will be provided when the scheme is officially launched.

6. Where can I find updates on the PM Drone Didi Yojana?

Keep an eye on official announcements from the Central Government for the latest updates on the scheme. Regular information will be shared once the scheme is active.


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