How to Use Moonvalley AI to Generate Custom Videos 2024

Moonvalley AI: Moonvalley AI is a cool tool that turns your text into awesome videos. Just describe what you want, click a few times, and voila This guide has all you need to know to use Moonvalley AI like a pro.

Moonvalley AI

Moonvalley AI

Whether you’re new to it or not, it’ll guide you through steps to bring your ideas to life. Discover features, get tips, and have fun creating with Moonvalley AI. Let’s dive in and make some cool videos.

How to Use Moonvalley AI

It’s easy to get started using Moonvalley AI. Simply visit to be greeted by their simple, user-friendly UI.

You input a description of the film you want Moonvalley’s AI to create in the text prompt box, which is front and center. To use the tool, you don’t have to register or submit any personal information.

Once you’re prepared, go to creating a compelling text prompt.

Crafting Your Text Prompt

How well you write your text prompt will determine how successful you are with Moonvalley AI. You can tell the AI exactly what you want it to produce with this prompt.

When composing your prompt, have the following in mind:

  • Be precise and thorough. Don’t give space for interpretation; be very explicit about what you want to see in the finished film. Give details about the scene, the characters, the dialogue, the actions, the tone, and more.
  • Sequences of list shots. To help the AI understand your request, break it up into separate shots and scenarios. For instance, “Open with a close-up of a worried-looking woman.”
  • Decide on the length. Indicate to the AI how long you would like the finished video to be. As an illustration, “Create a one-minute video.”
  • Make use of plain language. Write in a casual style, just as you would describe your video concept to a friend.

The more guidance you give the AI, the better your results will be.

Generating and Downloading Your Video

Click “Create Video” if you’re satisfied with your text prompt, and Moonvalley’s AI will start creating a unique video based on your description.

There will be a watermark on the first AI-generated preview video. You will need to register for a paid Moonvalley account in order to download your movie without watermarks.

Up to 24 video exports are permitted with paid accounts, which start at $12 per month. If more exports are required, they can be bought individually. Plans for businesses are also offered.

After downloaded, feel free to use the videos in your own works and creations.

Refining Your Prompts

Don’t give up if the results you get at first don’t match your expectations. It frequently takes some trial and error to get the hang of creating the ideal text prompt.

To correct any sections the AI might have misinterpreted or to add more assistance and descriptive detail, think about redoing your prompt.

Observe the raw film as it is being generated; this will help you fine-tune your prompt by revealing areas where it may be deficient or misguiding the AI.

You can fully utilize Moonvalley’s creative toolkit by practicing creating precise, in-depth suggestions that are matched to the style of the program.

Next steps with moonvalley ai

After you’ve mastered Moonvalley’s text-to-video AI generator, think about utilizing some of its more sophisticated functions:

  • Voiceover narration: To make your films even more engaging, incorporate voice narration that sounds natural.
  • Music integration: Set the tone by identifying the emotions and genres of the soundtrack.
  • Multi-scene videos: By chaining cues for many scenes and shots, you can create longer-form videos.
  • Image enhancement: To achieve better visual quality results, use SD upscaling and longer videos.

Moonvalley will provide even more opportunities to create personalized videos that are simply tailored to your needs as AI technology advances.

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