Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024: Application Form, Online Status And Track Status

Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme The administration of West Bengal has started a number of social programmes thus far. In actuality, those policies also help the individuals concurrently. The Narayan Bhandar Conspire 2024 is one of the WB government’s unutilized schemes. The intention of this plot is to give state women financial support. Under this scheme, the government gives each eligible woman Rs 2000.

The specialist has divided up the qualifying requirements into categories so that candidates can be categorised as qualified or ineligible. The deadline for submitting an application to be removed from this conspiracy is almost approaching. Up until that time, you should be aware of all the information regarding this programme and be eligible.

West Bengal Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024

The West Bengal government launched the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme to give women who are the heads of families the critical financial support they need. As part of this programme, the government will provide families in the SC/ST category with Rs 1000 per month and households in the general category with Rs 500 per month.

The 1.6 crore families in West Bengal could benefit in any way from this plan. The strategy has been meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the state’s average monthly household expenditure of Rs 5249. Recipients of this program’s financial aid can cover 10% to 20% of their monthly expenses. The reward amount will be instantly deposited into the bank accounts of the qualifying recipients, ensuring a quick and easy transaction.

WB Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme Overview

 Scheme  Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024
 Launched by  West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee
 Mode  Online
 Beneficiaries  West Bengal women
 Objective  To empower women socially and financially.
 Benefit  Rs 1000 to 1200 per month to the ST/SC/OBC/General women.
 Online application date  Updated soon
 Status check by  Mobile number
 Documents required  Swasthyasathi Card, Mobile number, Aadhar card, Bank passbook
 Official website  Click Here


Objective Of Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024

The main objective of the West Bengal government’s Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme is to provide women from economically disadvantaged families in the state with financial support in the form of a monthly stipend that ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200. This well-planned programme has been carefully designed to boost women’s empowerment in many areas of society, guaranteeing them financial support while also advancing their general socioeconomic status.

The project aims to break down barriers and provide chances for women to actively engage in the socio-economic development of West Bengal by resolving financial constraints and fostering financial inclusion. The government’s dedication to promoting gender equality, improving marginalised populations, and creating a more inclusive and empowered society is reflected in Lakshmi Bhandar’s multidimensional approach.

Benefits Of West Bengal Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024

  • The West Bengal Lakshmi Bhandar Yojana was introduced by the state government of West Bengal.
  • This plot will provide the female head of the family with financial support.
  • For common categories, the budgetary back will be Rs 500 per month; for SC and ST categories, it would be Rs 1000 per month.
  • West Bengal’s 1.6 crore household units will benefit from this plot.

  • This plot has been developed with consideration for the average monthly expenditure of Rs 5249 on household expenses for a family.
  • About 10% to 20% of the recipient’s monthly use will be secured with the use of this plot.
  • The benefit amount under this scheme will be transferred directly into the recipients’ bank accounts.
  • Under this plot, any family from the SC and ST populations is welcome to apply.

Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a citizen of West Bengal.
  • All SC and ST category families are eligible to apply for this programme.
  • Families in the general category are not allowed to apply under this scheme if at least one member pays taxes.
  • Citizens in the general category are not permitted to apply for this programme if they possess more than two hectares of land.

Required Documents Of Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024 Registration

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Caste certificate
  3. Ration card
  4. Residential certificate
  5. Age proof
  6. Bank account details
  7. Passport size photograph
  8. Mobile number

How to Apply Online For The Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024?

  • Visit, the program’s Official website to learn more.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and the captcha code on the main page.


  • Now choose the Generate OTP option.
  • In the OTP field, enter the OTP that was issued to your cell phone number.
  • You can select the Apply Online option on the new page that appears.
  • This will bring up the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme Application Form.
  • Complete this application form and upload the required files.
  • Now press the Submit button.
  • You would find it easier to apply for the West Bengal Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme online as a result.

How to Offline Application For The Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024?

  • Those who reside in rural areas can visit the closest video office to complete the application form .
  • Beneficiaries who live in urban areas can submit their applications in person at the SDO office.

  • Residents of Kolkata can visit the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to apply for the programme.
  • Candidates can apply for this plan through the Dware Sarkar camp as well.
  • To submit the application, beneficiaries must request an application form.
  • Beneficiaries then need to finish this application.
  • As of right now, the application form has to have all required attachments.
  • This form must then be submitted to the same office where the beneficiary first picked it up.

FAQs : Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2024

1. What is the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

The Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme is a government initiative in West Bengal aimed at providing financial assistance to women from economically disadvantaged families through a monthly stipend.

2. Who is eligible to benefit from the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

The scheme is designed to support women from economically underprivileged families in West Bengal.

3. How much is the monthly stipend under the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

The monthly stipend provided through the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200.

4. What is the objective of the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

The primary objective of the scheme is to empower women in various spheres of society by addressing financial constraints and promoting socio-economic upliftment.

5. How can one apply for the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

Details regarding the application process, including eligibility criteria and required documents, can be obtained from the official government portal or designated offices.

6. Is there an age limit for beneficiaries of the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

Specific age criteria may apply, and interested individuals should refer to the official guidelines for eligibility requirements.

7. Can a family have multiple beneficiaries under the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

The scheme’s guidelines will provide information on the number of beneficiaries per family and other relevant details.

8.How is the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme funded?

Information about the funding mechanism, whether it is fully government-funded or involves public-private partnerships, can be clarified through official documents.

9. What measures are in place to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme?

The government may have established monitoring mechanisms and reporting systems to ensure transparency and accountability in the execution of the scheme.


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