Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024: Check Eligibility and Application Process

Lakhpati Didi Scheme learned with great pleasure on Thursday that the program’s objective has been extended till 2024, according to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Rural women will be able to gain financial independence and empowerment with the support of this programme.

During the interim budget presentation, the minister emphasised the remarkable progress—that is, nine crore women are taking charge of their lives through 83 lakh self-help groups.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024

The Lakhpati Didi Conspire online application handle is the current means by which the Uttarakhand government is supporting women’s communities. According to the plot, 1,25,000 of the 3,67,000 women associated with the State’s Self Offer Help Bunches are anticipated to become billionaires. A range of help is provided for this project, including funding, planning, asset display, and expert offer support.

The Lakhpati Didi Conspiracy, an initiative of the Uttarakhand State Government, seeks to encourage women to join self-help organisations and become financially independent. The ultimate aim is to improve these women’s financial well-being by enabling them to life independent lives and support their families.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024 Overview

 Scheme  Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024
 Launched by  Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
 Mode  Online
 Launched on  01 February 2024
 Objective  To provide skill training to two crore rural women
 Budget  2024-25
 Beneficiaries  All the jobless women of India
 Official website  Click Here

Objective of the Lakhpati Didi Scheme

The main goal of the Lakhpati Didi conspiracy is to give rural Indian women more financial support and business opportunities so they may secure their own survival. The objective is to give women the tools they need to succeed in their occupations, including credit and financial support, as well as to build community through unions and the acquisition of basic skills.

This programme raises the overall level of living for women who are enrolled in Self Offer Assistance Bunches (SHG).Due to its outstanding impact, the target for Lakhpati Didi has been raised from 2 crore to 3 crore. The program’s success is clear, as close to one crore women have attained the coveted status of Lakhpati Didi thus far.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • Permanent legislation requires that the candidates be citizens of India.
  • The annual income of a person must not exceed one lakh rupees.
  • The only family members eligible for the Lakhpati Didi Scheme will be the female members.
  • All supporting materials that candidates submit must be true and authentic.
  • Engaging in public service is a wise decision.

Benefits of Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024

  • It ensures that women have the financial means to improve their life by giving advances and other forms of financial support.
  • Through the promotion of preparation in profitable industries including plumbing, remedial services, and the production of driven bulbs, the programme assists women in gaining the skills necessary to earn a living.
  • It is evident that women are capable of providing for both themselves and their family by starting their own businesses and receiving financial assistance.
  • Through Self-Help Bunches, the programme encourages women to work together, support one another, and make decisions as a group (SHGs).
  • Women who participate in the programme lead better lives, and these improvements also benefit the community as a whole.
  • Because of the program’s success, there is now a greater desire to help women; as a result, the aim has been increased from 2 crore to 3 crore.
  • When women are recognised for their accomplishments, they are elevated to the rank of Lakhpati Didi, which boosts their self-confidence and establishes them as role models in their communities.

Required Documents Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Pan card
  3. Income certificate
  4. Qualification certificates
  5. Bank account passbook

Beneficiary Covered According to Budget 2024

  • Twenty million women nationwide who live in rural regions would receive skill development training through Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lakhpati Didi project.
  • Through empowerment and self-sufficiency, nine crore women in 83 lakh SHGs are changing the socioeconomic landscape of rural areas.
  • It has already paid off for almost one crore women to become lakhpati didis.
  • Given the favourable result, the goal of lakhpati didi has been increased from 2 crore to 3 crore.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme: Online Application Form 2024

  • The Grievance Redressal menu item should then be selected.
  • A new tab with the registration option will then open after that.
  • Select the signup option from the login box now.
  • Now enter your email address, mobile number, security code, and password.

  • Finally, choose the “Submit” option.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme App Download Preview

The Lakhpati Didi Scheme online now offers app features that let candidates use a mobile device to check scheme updates from anywhere. To download the Lakhpati Didi Scheme mobile app, applicants need to go to the official website or click on the direct URL, The instant you choose the mobile app option, the application starts to download. After the download is finished, install the app on your phone by entering the required details.

Lakhpati Didi Scheme 2024 FAQs

1. What is the scheme called Lakhpati Didi?

The Lakhpati Didi Scheme is a government programme designed to improve the lives of rural Indian women by offering them financial assistance, skill development opportunities, and other resources.

2. How does the programme assist women in terms of money?

The programme helps women start enterprises and enhance their financial well-being by providing loans, credit support, and other forms of financial aid.

3. In what areas is the Lakhpati Didi Scheme taught?

The programme teaches women a variety of skills that they may use to generate revenue, such as how to make LED bulbs, fix plumbing, operate and repair drones, provide beautician services, and tailor clothes

4. How does the programme help people make a living?

The Lakhpati Didi Scheme helps women establish their enterprises, gives them access to financing facilities, and guarantees their overall financial security in order to support their livelihoods.

5. How do Self-Help Groups (SHGs) fit into the scheme?

SHGs are essential because they foster female unity. They act as forums for encouragement, support, and group decision-making.


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