Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 Online Registration, New List

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana is a major project of the Madhya Pradesh government, aimed at providing women who don’t currently have a place to live with long-term housing. The government offers eligible women up to ₹5 lakh in cash help under this plan.

Since it works to protect women’s housing rights throughout Madhya Pradesh, this programme is very important. A great deal of women in the state will be able to purchase their own permanent homes thanks to the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana, which will help them feel stable and secure.

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024

The Ladli Behna Awas Yojana is a smart move for Madhya Pradesh’s citizens. The government would provide you Rs 2 lakh to build a permanent residence if, after applying for the Ladli Brahmin Housing Scheme, your name gets listed.

We have wonderful news for all of you who filled up the Ladli Behan Awas Yojana forms in your Gramme Panchayat! The state administration of Madhya Pradesh has announced that all women who were without a permanent house will now have one. This scheme was started by Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan and is a part of the Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana.

The main objective is to give families and women who are struggling financially a decent place to live. The government would provide ₹1,30,000 in three installments under the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana: Rs 25,000 up front, Rs 50,000 in the middle, and Rs 20,000 at the end.

This programme is designed especially for women in Madhya Pradesh who lack a suitable place to live, whether they are living in temporary housing or not at all. These ladies would receive financial assistance of up to ₹2.5 lakh to build a safe and permanent home.

Mukhyamantri Ladli Behna Awas Yojana Overview

 Scheme Ladli Behna Awas Yojana
 State Madhya Pradesh
 Who started Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan
 Beneficiary Sisters of Madhya Pradesh
 Objective Providing houses to homeless people and pucca houses to people living   in   kutcha houses.
 Official   website Click Here

Objective of Chief Minister Ladli Behna Awas Yojana

  • Access to pucca dwellings is required for state women who reside in kutcha huts or do not own their own homes.
  • To support women in becoming independent and moving forward in life.
  • To reduce poverty and inequality in the state.

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 Benefits and Features

  1. Women in the state who live in kutcha huts or do not own their own homes must be given access to pucca dwellings.
  2. To assist women in progressing through life and achieving self-reliance.
  3. To lower the state’s levels of inequality and poverty.
  4. This initiative is only available to women who are native to Madhya Pradesh.
  5. The female applicant’s age should range from 21 to 60 years old.
  6. The application woman’s family should not include any government employees.
  7. The woman applying must have a family income of less than ₹ 1.80 lakh.
  8. The woman who is applying should not be residing in a kutcha house or owning her own pucca house.
  9. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has not benefited the woman who is applying.

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana Documents

  • Aadhaar card
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • Bank account details

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana Offline Apply

  • Visit the nearest Gramme Panchayat or Public Service Centre (CSC).
  • Obtain the application for the Ladli Brahmin Yojana.
  • Complete the application with care.
  • Kindly attach the required documents to the application.
  • Forward the application to the Gramme Panchayat or the CSC.

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana Online Application

  • Click this link to apply online for the Ladli Behna Yojana.
  • Input the digits from your Aadhaar, mobile, and bank accounts.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Upload a scanned copy of your Aadhar card.
  • Choose the “Process” option.
  • We will send your application onward.

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana List

  1. Every day, the District Panchayat receives an Excel file with a list of all the applications that the Gramme Panchayat or Janpad Panchayat have received.
  2. Subsequently, Samriddhi will be registered by the District Panchayat under the Mukhyamantri Ladli Behna Awas Yojana section of this official webpage, wherein they will be registered.
  3. A week following the deadline for applications to be received, the Chief Executive Officer of the
  4. The District Panchayat will transmit the list of applications to the District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer.
  5. Subsequently, the Chief Panchayat Official examines the list and forwards the qualifying recipients’ details to the state government.
  6. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat will oversee the process of approving homes for the list of benefits of this programme after it has been approved by the State Government.
  7. Afterwards, you can utilise the final list after it is generated.

FAQs : Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024

1. What is the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024?

Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 is a government housing scheme aimed at providing affordable housing solutions to eligible beneficiaries, with a specific focus on addressing the housing needs of women.

2. Who is eligible to apply for the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024?

The eligibility criteria may vary, but typically, women who meet certain socio-economic criteria and lack proper housing are the primary beneficiaries. Specific details can be obtained from the official scheme guidelines.

3. How can eligible women apply for the scheme?

Interested women can apply for the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 through designated application processes, which often include online portals, government offices, or other specified channels. Details on the application process can be found on the official scheme website.

4. What benefits does the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 offer to beneficiaries?

The scheme typically provides affordable housing solutions to eligible women, ensuring they have access to secure and stable living arrangements. The specifics of the benefits, such as the type of housing and any financial assistance, can be clarified through the official scheme documentation.

5. Is there a cost associated with participating in the Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024?

The scheme often offers housing solutions at subsidized rates or with financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries. Details regarding any associated costs can be obtained from the official guidelines or through the application process.

6. Are there any specific requirements for the type of housing provided under the scheme?

The Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 aims to offer suitable housing solutions. Specifics about the type of housing, amenities, and other details can be obtained from the scheme guidelines or through official communications.

7. Can the housing provided under the scheme be used for purposes other than residential?

Generally, the primary purpose is residential, but beneficiaries are often free to use the housing for various needs, including residential, educational, or income-generating activities.

8. How can applicants check the status of their Ladli Behna Awas Yojana 2024 application?

Information regarding application status can typically be accessed through the official scheme portal or by contacting designated helpline numbers provided by the government. It’s advisable to check the official channels for updates on application status.

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