How To Use TikTok 70’s AI Filter? 2024

How To Use TikTok 70’s AI Filter: Hey there, fellow time travelers If you haven’t caught wind of the latest TikTok sensation, you’re in for a psychedelic treat. TikTok has just unveiled its groovy new 1970s filter that transports you straight from the digital age to the disco era. Imagine yourself donning the most far-out threads, ready to hit the dance floor with all the retro vibes.

How To Use TikTok 70’s

Here Is How TikTok’s 70s AI Filter

This trippy AI filter has taken the TikTok community by storm, and everyone is eager to jump on the nostalgia train. If you’re itching to embrace your inner disco diva or funky dude, you’re in luck! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll groove through the simple process of applying this mind-bending filter to your selfies, ensuring you’re the star of your own disco fever.

So, buckle up for a trip through time as we break down the easy steps to make your TikTok feed a blast from the past. Get ready to unleash your inner ’70s spirit and let the good times roll! Let’s dive into the details and get you set up to sprinkle some vintage magic on your TikTok profile. Get ready to disco.

What is TikTok 70’s AI Filter?

TikTok’s 70s AI filter is all the rage, turning ordinary photos into funky 1970s snapshots. Using advanced AI, this viral effect adds a cool sepia tone, tweaks hairstyles, outfits, and facial features for that authentic disco vibe. Join the trend, let your creativity shine, and enjoy the blast from the past.

How Does TikTok 70’s AI Filter Work?

AI intelligence from an app called CapCut powers the 70s filter. This is how it operates:

  • The user’s original photo’s attributes, including clothing, hair, and facial traits, are analyzed by CapCut’s AI.
  • It then modifies these components to conform to the style and fashion trends of the 1970s. This include changing skin tone and facial characteristics, adding length and volume to hair, and altering clothing to adopt designs and patterns from the 1970s.
  • To polish off the 1970s vibe, the AI applies film grain, sepia effect, and other vintage photo effects.
  • The user’s photo is instantly changed into an old-fashioned version of them from the 1970s.

How To Use TikTok 70’s AI Filter?

1. Download CapCut

First things first, you gotta download an app called CapCut. It’s free and available on iOS and Android. CapCut is the app that powers the 70’s filter, so you need it to work the magic.

Once you’ve downloaded CapCut, you’re ready to start your time travel mission to the 70’s, baby!

2. Browse TikTok for the Filter

Next up, open the TikTok app and poke around to find a video that’s using the 70’s filter. You’ll know you found one when you see someone looking all vintage and funky fresh.

When you spot a video with the filter, take note of the caption. It’ll say “CapCut | Try this template” – that’s your ticket to accessing the filter!

3. Follow the Breadcrumbs to CapCut

After you’ve identified a video using the 70’s filter, tap on that “CapCut | Try this template” link in the caption.

This will open up CapCut and take you right to the template page where you can apply the filter to your own pics. Groovy!

We’re getting closer to unlocking that vintage vibe…

4. Upload Your Photo

Now for the fun part! On the CapCut template page, tap “Use template” and upload a selfie pic or any photo you want to give the 70’s treatment.

Hit confirm and let CapCut work its AI magic on your photo!

5. Get Down with the Get Down

Alright, now sit back and watch as the 70’s filter does its thang. It’ll automatically add that vintage sepia tint and start modifying your photo.

You’ll see the AI:

  • Give your hair that cool 70’s volume and style
  • Transform your clothes into far out 70’s threads
  • Adjust your face shape and features to look straight out of the Me Decade

It may take a few seconds for the filter to finish dialing up the 1970’s. Once it’s done, get ready to get down with your 70’s self.

6. Export and Share with the World

When you’re satisfied with your newly transformed 70’s photo, tap “Export” in CapCut to save it to your camera roll.

Then hop back over to TikTok to post your vintage pic and show off your radical transformation!

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags like:

  • 70saesthetic
  • 70sfashion
  • 70svibe
  • #discofever

And invite others to try the time traveling filter too!

Whipping up far out 70’s versions of yourself is crazy simple with this AI filter. With just a few taps, you can channel the disco dreams of the 1970s.

So get on it and teleport back to the days of mood rings, lava lamps, and absolutely fire fits. This filter delivers authentic 70’s realness that’ll make you wanna hustle on the dance floor.

Tap into the cosmic energy of the ’70s with TikTok’s time traveling filter.

How To Use TikTok (FAQ’s)

Got questions about looking swell in the 70’s using this AI filter? Let’s turn and burn through some FAQs:

What kinds of photos work best?

The filter works best on front facing pics and selfies where your face and upper body are clearly visible. You want the AI to have a clear view of your hair, face, and outfit to do its magic.

How long does it take?

It usually only takes about 5 seconds for the filter to transform your photo after you upload. Pretty speedy!

Does the filter work on Android and iOS?

You bet! The CapCut app that powers the filter is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Do I need a TikTok account to use it?

Nope! You can browse TikTok without an account just to find a video that uses the filter. Then head to CapCut to apply it to your own photo.

Is the 70’s filter free?

Absolutely 100% free, my friend. Have at it!

Can I use it on pics with other people?

Sure can! Try it on group shots or couples pics for some hilarious 70’s transformations.

Any tips for nailing the 70’s look?

Have fun with poses, props, or photo locations to fully embrace the 70’s aesthetic. Add peace signs, disco balls, funky sunglasses, or a shag carpet background!

Let me know if you have any other Q’s about this far out filter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an important groovy chicken dance contest to attend. Catch you on the flip side.

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