How To Make Videos With Domo AI 2024

How To Make Videos With Domo AI: Domo AI is a simple and powerful tool for creating videos effortlessly. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just want to spice up your social media, Domo AI has got you covered. This platform uses advanced artificial intelligence, so you can make impressive videos without needing complex editing skills.

How To Make Videos With Domo AI 2024

Domo AI

The coolest thing about Domo AI? It takes static images and gives them life. With its smart AI models, it adds movement and effects to turn your pictures into engaging videos.

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And here’s the kicker – Domo AI can even change text descriptions into complete videos, making creativity super accessible for everyone.

Using Domo AI is a piece of cake. The user-friendly interface guides you through the process, letting you input your ideas or stories and watch them transform into captivating visual narratives.

Plus, there are tons of customization options, so you can tweak your videos to fit your style – pick visual themes, adjust pacing, and play with transitions.

Whether you’re a small business owner showing off products or an individual sharing ideas, Domo AI breaks down the barriers to video creation.

It’s a versatile and easy-to-use tool that turns your creative vision into awesome videos without the need for advanced skills. Let Domo AI do the work, and you can enjoy the results hassle-free.

How To Make Videos With Domo AI

Starting with Domo AI is as easy as pie – just sign up on their website for a free account, and you’ll snag a cool 100 credits to test out their video-making features.

Once you’re in, creating videos is a walk in the park. Whether you want to turn text, images, or existing videos into something awesome, Domo AI has a user-friendly setup that caters to all tastes.

Turning text into a video is a breeze – just type in your ideas, and let Domo AI work its magic. The AI algorithms jazz up your words, creating a visually appealing video with dynamic animations and effects – perfect for those who love telling stories with text.

Have some still images that need some life? No problemo – just upload them, and Domo AI’s smart AI models will add movement and effects, turning your static pics into lively videos. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to showcase their images in a more dynamic way.

And if you’ve got existing video clips, Domo AI’s got your back. Pick your clips, and let the AI-enhanced editing take over. It’s a fantastic time-saver for giving your videos a fresh look or repurposing your existing content.

In a nutshell, Domo AI not only makes video creation a breeze but also gives you a bunch of options to play around with. The 100 free credits you get when you sign up are like a golden ticket to test out what Domo AI can do. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, Domo AI makes video creation easy and enjoyable.


Using Domo AI for text-to-video is a breeze – just type in what you want, and Domo AI does the rest. It turns your text into a cool video. And guess what. You can have some fun customizing it too! Play around with the text font, color, background music, and more to give your video a personal touch.

Picture this: You describe a scene like “A quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog on a grassy meadow on a sunny day.” Domo AI takes that and turns it into a short video clip, showing exactly what you described.

But here’s the cool part – you can tweak things like the font, color, and background music to make the video uniquely yours.

Whether you’re spinning a tale, explaining something, or just sharing an idea, Domo AI’s text-to-video feature lets you turn words into a video effortlessly.

And with the option to tweak the details, your final video truly reflects your style. That’s why Domo AI is the go-to tool for video creators – it’s simple, versatile, and lets your creativity shine.


Turning images into videos with Domo AI is a piece of cake. Just upload the images you want to use, and let Domo AI work its magic. The smart algorithms seamlessly connect the images, creating smooth transitions and movement that result in a polished and captivating video.

If you have a series of images showcasing different steps of a process or moments from an event, Domo AI has your back. It cleverly links them together with logical transitions.

And the platform even throws in some motion and effects automatically. This means your video not only tells a story but does so with visual flair – all without any hassle.

This feature is especially handy when you want to visually explain a process or share a story. By uploading images that represent different parts of the narrative.

Domo AI does the heavy lifting, ensuring your video flows effortlessly. It’s a straightforward way to convey information or share a story in a visually compelling way.

In a nutshell, Domo AI’s image-to-video feature not only makes video creation easy but also empowers you to visually express processes, events, or stories effortlessly.

The automatic addition of motion and effects gives your video a pro touch, making it a go-to tool for everything from educational content to creative storytelling.


Tossing your existing video clips into Domo AI is super easy, and here’s the fun part – Domo AI adds cool effects like background style changes and color filters. It’s like a makeover for your videos, giving them a fresh and updated vibe.

For the pros or those feeling a bit adventurous, Domo AI doesn’t hold back. You get to fine-tune all sorts of details. Adjust how long your final video is, set the frames per second.

Tweak the resolution – it’s all up to you. These options give you precise control over how your videos turn out, making it easy to tailor them exactly to your liking.

So, whether you’re spicing up your content with creative effects or diving into the nitty-gritty details of video customization, Domo AI is here for you. It’s a user-friendly tool that lets you make videos your way – whether you’re a beginner looking for a quick revamp or a pro aiming for perfection.

Customizing Your AI-Generated Videos

With the many customization possibilities provided by Domo AI, you can modify the AI-generated videos to better suit your artistic vision.

Modify Length

The final video’s duration can be adjusted from five seconds to ten minutes. This makes lengthy operations shorter or allows you to extend short clips for as long as needed.

Modify the Visual Style

Choose from a large array of visual styles and themes to guide the usage of fonts, colors, and transitions in your film. This aids in establishing the tone and emotion you want your target audience to see.

Incorporate Background Score

You can use Domo AI’s music library to provide appropriate background music to go with the images. uplifting music for exciting videos or mellow tunes for more somber media. Videos created by AI are becoming genuinely lifelike.

Put captions on it

To draw attention to important details, add text descriptions to the images. Excellent for educational how-to videos or for appealing to a worldwide audience

Advanced Features

In addition to having an intuitive UI, Domo AI has sophisticated features that make use of the most recent advancements in AI technology.

Face Generation

Use AI-generated synthetic faces to obscure or make faces in your existing films anonymous. Excellent for maintaining privacy when handling delicate video that features individuals.


Enter the desired script to have voice over narration for your videos generated automatically. Select the speech tempo, tone, and accent that best suit your needs.

Unique Effects

Don’t stop at captions and transitions—add intricate special effects. To amaze your audience, choose from atmospheric effects, fire, smoke, and magical spells.

Pricing Plans

Domo AI begins with a free plan to get you started, but if you’re ready to level up your video creations, consider snagging a paid plan for some cool perks. Going premium means higher resolution, longer videos, and access to advanced features that can add flair to your content.

For the casual video creator, the Basic plan is a steal at just $9.99 per month. It covers the essentials and packs in enough features to keep things exciting.

Now, if you’re a power user hungry for more, the Business plan is the way to go, starting at $49.99 per month. This plan comes with higher limits, perfect for those who need a bit more muscle for their video projects.

To get all the deets on what each plan includes and the costs, swing by Domo AI’s pricing page. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into video creation or diving deep, Domo AI’s got plans that suit every need.

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