Free Boring Yojana 2024 Apply Online Registration, Application Form

Free Boring Yojana The Uttar Pradesh government has launched the Free Boring Yojana 2024 to help small and marginal farmers facing water scarcity issues. This plan is focused on providing support to farmers who couldn’t grow a double Kharif crop due to limited water availability.

By offering free boring facilities, the government aims to make it easier for these farmers to access water, enhancing their ability to cultivate crops. This initiative shows the government’s commitment to improving agriculture and supporting the needs of small and marginal farmers in Uttar Pradesh.

Free Boring Yojana 2024

The UP Free Boring Plot was developed by the state government to provide assistance and benefits to the small ranchers in the state. Under the Free Boring Yojana, the state government would provide small and marginal farmers in the state with financial assistance to install pumpsets in their fields.

Ranchers of the common category who have at least two hectares of cultivable land and who belong to a scheduled tribe or planned caste would receive advantages under the UP Free Boring Yojana. The arrival of farmers with a place to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe is unrestricted under this plot.

Overview of the Free Boring Yojana 2024

 Name of the scheme Free boring scheme
 Year 2024
 Was started By Uttar Pradesh Government Department
 Beneficiary Farmers of Uttar Pradesh
 Application procedure Online/Offline
 Objective Providing free boring facility
 Category Uttar Pradesh Government Schemes
 Official website Click Here

Uttar Pradesh Free Boring Scheme Implementation

Under the UP Free Boring Scheme 2024, a special committee will be formed to approve permits. The committee, led by the Area Officer, includes officials like the Chief Development Officer and others. They decide on the layout and set prices for extra parts.

To make things happen smoothly, the junior designer works under the guidance of the departmental boring professional. This organized process ensures that the Free Boring Yojana is carried out effectively, showing the government’s dedication to helping farmers in Uttar Pradesh access vital water resources.

UP Free Boring Yojana 2024 Objective

Farmers and citizens below the Uttar Pradesh government’s 2024 UP Free Boring Conspire. Giving free dull office to the state’s ranchers is the main goal of this plot, which is being spearheaded by the state administration. Through this state’s farmers can provide support for irrigation. It would also strive to improve the quality of farms through which loco assistance will be provided under the Uttar Pradesh Free Boring Yojana 2024.

Ranchers’ quality of life will also improve significantly as a result of this state government conspiracy. Ranchers will receive free boring offices as part of this conspiracy, which will also increase the salaries of farmers.

UP Free Boring Yojana 2024 Benefits

  1. The programme is especially designed to support small-scale farmers who are confined to their fields.
  2. Under this scheme, farmers who belong to the same caste and tribe will receive preferential treatment, ensuring inclusion.
  3. Farmers from marginalised tribes, such Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes, have been allowed to practise their craft without restrictions, fostering a holistic approach.
  4. Farmers must own more than two hectares of land in order to benefit from the plot, ensuring that individuals with larger agricultural holdings receive assistance.
  5. Farmers who own less than two hectares of land will not be eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  6. The guidelines recommend coordinating support for those who own larger land holdings overall.
  7. The plot follows a targeted strategy, ensuring that aid reaches the most vulnerable, with a concentration on small-scale farming and specific castes and tribes.
  8. Receivers’ choice handle is designed to be simple, providing break even with holes and avoiding separation.

Free Boring Yojana 2024 Eligibility

  • You must reside in Uttar Pradesh in order to apply for this scheme.
  • If you are a rancher with more than two hectares of property, you may be eligible to apply for this programme.
  • You will benefit from this plan by creating a gather if your arrival area is not larger than two hectares.
  • As it is, those people who lack access to a water system office for cultivation can benefit from Free Boring Plot.

Documents required for UP Free Boring Yojana 2024

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Address proof
  3. Income Certificate
  4. Proof of age
  5. Ration card
  6. Passport size photograph
  7. Mobile number

How to Apply For UP Free Boring Yojana?

  • You must select tube carefully, pumpset, after arriving at the domestic page.
  • The next steps are to enter your caste, advancement square name, village Aadhar card number, and cultivate data.
  • Following this, a transfer of the designated records will be required.
  • It is at that point that you must tap Send OTP.
  • Once the OTP has been completed, press the yield button.

Contact Information

  • Office Address – Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation Department, 3rd Floor, North Wing, Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow 226001
  • Phone No.: 2286627 / 2286601 / 2286670
  • Fax: 2286932
  • Email:

FAQs : Free Boring Yojana 2024

1. What is the Free Boring Yojana 2024?

The Free Boring Yojana 2024 is a scheme launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to assist small and marginal farmers facing water scarcity by providing free boring facilities.

2. Who benefits from the Free Boring Yojana?

The scheme is specifically designed to benefit farmers, especially those who have difficulty cultivating a double Kharif crop due to limited water availability.

3.How does the Free Boring Yojana help farmers?

The Free Boring Yojana provides free boring facilities to farmers, enabling them to access water more easily and improve their ability to cultivate crops.

4. How can farmers apply for the Free Boring Yojana 2024?

Farmers can apply for the Free Boring Yojana by contacting local authorities or relevant government offices overseeing agriculture in Uttar Pradesh.

5. Who approves the permits under the Free Boring Yojana 2024?

A committee is established under the scheme to approve permits, with the Area Officer serving as the committee chairman, along with other key officials.

6. What role does the committee play in the Free Boring Yojana?

The committee approves the layout and sets prices for additional components associated with the boring process, ensuring a systematic implementation of the scheme.

7. Who oversees the day-to-day tasks of the Free Boring Yojana?

The junior designer handles the day-to-day tasks under the guidance of the departmental boring professional, ensuring smooth execution.

8. What is the government’s objective with the Free Boring Yojana?

The government aims to improve water supplies for small and marginal farmers, making it easier for them to cultivate crops and addressing water scarcity challenges in the agricultural sector.

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