Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Online, Apply Date, Registration

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana People in Bihar who might not have much money might really benefit from the Small Udyami Scheme, which is run by the Bihar government. In order to assist about 94 lakh people in launching their own businesses, they are providing Rs. 2 lakh in three installments. In addition to helping these people, lowering the state’s unemployment rate is the main objective. You can easily comprehend all the information you need to register online for the Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 from this post.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024

On January 16, 2024, the Bihar government approved the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme in a Cabinet meeting. The main goal of this initiative is to assist those who lack capital in launching their own companies. About 94 lakh people will benefit from this proposal, with each family receiving Rs 2 lakh. There will be a group headed by some influential individuals who will oversee the seamless operation of the initiative.

Families only need to apply online for the Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana in order to receive the Rs 2 lakh in assistance. To make this happen, the government has allocated Rs 1000 crore for 2024–2025. Through Direct Benefit Transfer, the funds will arrive directly in the families’ bank accounts (DBT). This plan addresses the issue of job scarcity in the state while simultaneously assisting families in becoming more self-sufficient through the launch of their own enterprises.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 – Overview

 Name of the Department Cabinet Secretariat Department / Bihar Industries Department
 Name of the State Bihar
 About Bihar Small Industries Scheme
 Type Bihar Government Scheme
 Eligible Casts SC/ST and OBC GEN
 Mode of Application Online
 Starting Date of Application Jan / Feb 2024
 Benefit AmountRs. 2 Lakh
 Scheme NameChief Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana
 Academic Year2024
 Official Website Click Here

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana Objective

Families having financial difficulties might benefit from the government’s assistance through the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme. Giving each household Rs 2 lakh to launch their own enterprises is the fundamental premise. Approximately 94,33,312 families in Bihar make ends meet with less than Rs 6000 a month, according to a recent poll.

With the help of this programme, which it hopes will enable these families launch their own enterprises, the government hopes to change this. This will improve the financial status of the people in Bihar by empowering and regaining their independence.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Benefits and Features

Leading the initiative, Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has introduced the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme to improve the financial standing of low-income households throughout the region. This programme intends to provide every worthy household with Rs 2 lakh in fundingsupportWith the help of this initiative, every worthy family would be able to support their own business ventures with up to Rs 2 lakh in funding. This money will be paid out by the state government in three payments, straight into the bank accounts of the recipients.

The Bihar government has allotted a sizeable budget of Rs 1250 crore for the following five years in order to properly carry out this project. With at least one person per family, this initiative is estimated to assist over 94 lakh economically disadvantaged families in the state. With 62 distinct industries covered by the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme, people can select from a wide variety of self-employment alternatives.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana, managed by Bihar Industries Department, now accepts online applications. Easy way for eligible candidates across Bihar to apply and start their small businesses. Use the simple online application to be part of Bihar’s small business growth.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Eligibility

  1. Candidates need to be Bihar locals. The programme is designed to help residents of the state.
  2. The plan mainly targets the social classes with lower incomes. People with lesser incomes, especially those who are struggling financially, are probably going to be eligible.
  3. The program’s goal is to encourage self-employment. Those who want to launch their own companies or endeavours may be eligible for funding under this programme.
  4. The 62 distinct industries covered by the Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana are open to self-employment. Candidates may apply if they are interested in working in any of these sectors.
  5. The scheme’s application procedure is done online. The approved online portal must be accessible to eligible users in order for them to submit their applications through it.
  6. The programme seeks to offer financial support to all people equally. It is inclusive and aims to assist all societal segments that are struggling financially.

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024 Documents

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Address proof
  3. I Certificate
  4. Caste certificate
  5. Age certificate
  6. Bank Account Passbook
  7. Mobile number
  8. Passport size photo

How to apply Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024?

  • Go to the official website of Bihar Small Industries.
  • Once you’re on the homepage, find the “Register” link and click it.
  • Enter your account details to log in.
  • You’ll land on a new page after logging in. Locate the application section for the Bihar Small Entrepreneur Scheme.
  • Carefully fill out all the requested fields, paying attention to the detailed directions.
  • Upload the appropriate scheme-required papers, such as income certificates and proof of identity.
  • After filling out the form, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Once your application has been submitted properly, it will be deemed complete.

FAQs : Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024

1. What is Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana?

Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana is a scheme by the Bihar Industries Department to support and promote small businesses in the state.

2. How can I apply for Bihar Laghu Udyami Yojana 2024?

You can apply online through the official platform provided by the Bihar Industries Department.

3. Who is eligible for this scheme?

Eligibility criteria vary, but generally, individuals planning to start small businesses in Bihar are considered. Check the official guidelines for detailed eligibility.

4. Why is the application process online?

The online application process is adopted for convenience, making it easy for applicants across Bihar to access and apply.

5. What documents are needed for the application?

Required documents may include identification proof and business-related details. Refer to the official guidelines for a complete list.

6. How often is the scheme updated?

Updates are provided as needed. Stay informed by checking the official website or contacting relevant authorities.

7. Can I apply if I don’t have prior business experience?

The scheme is designed to support new entrepreneurs. Lack of prior business experience may not necessarily disqualify you.

8. Are there any assistance programs for applicants?

Check with the Bihar Industries Department for information on any support programs or guidance available to applicants during the process.


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