Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2024 Online Apply, Eligibility, Last Date, Benefits & Full Details

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana Every day, farmers in our country deal with problems like bugs, too much rain, hailstorms, and not enough rain. To help them out, the government has a new program called the Bihar Casual Crop Scheme.This program is there to support farmers in Bihar who face unexpected issues, especially because of Marvit.

If there’s a drought, farmers can apply for this scheme and get help in the form of seed subsidies, like money to deal with crop problems. The government has made it easy for farmers to apply for the Bihar Casual Crop Scheme, making their lives simpler during tough times.

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2024

The Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2023 helps Bihar farmers facing financial difficulties, especially during droughts. The government gives financial aid to eligible residents so they can buy crops like oilseed, peanut, arhar, sunflower, soybeans, carrot, millet, kulthi, eggplant, and sunflower in drought-affected parts of Bihar.

Farmers with up to two acres of land can get this help. Just go to to register for assistance with seed purchases through the Bihar Accidental Crop Scheme 2022. This program mainly benefits smaller farmers dealing with drought-prone crops. Applying and getting support is easy through the website.

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana Overview

 Name of the scheme Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana
 Started Bihar Government
 Department Agriculture Department, Bihar
 Number of beneficiary 11 Districts
 Objective To provide subsidy to farmers on purchasing seeds.
Application ProcessOnline
Official Website Click Here

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana Objective

The state government started a program to help farmers in drought-hit areas of Bihar. The main goal is to give these farmers money to buy seeds, so they can keep farming despite the tough times caused by the drought. Farmers in 11 districts will get rewards from the Agriculture Department under the Accidental Crop Scheme 2024.

This initiative is all about preventing financial problems for farmers during a drought. In simple terms, the Bihar Emergency Crop Scheme helps out districts declared to be facing drought by the Agriculture Department of Bihar.

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2024 Benefits

  • Farmers facing severe drought in the state can get benefits from the Bihar Accidental Crop Scheme, says the Agriculture Department of Bihar.
  • The 11 districts most hit by drought in the state are Gaya, Nawada, Aurangabad, Jehanabad, Munger, Lakhisarai, Sheikhpura, Jamui, Bhagalpur, and Banka Nalanda. Who gets benefits from this scheme?
  • Only farmers with up to two acres of land and growing two crops can get benefits from this scheme.
  • To apply for grants, farmers should choose the same crop seeds assigned to their Panchayat under the Aaksmik Fasal Yojana Bihar 2024.

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana Documents

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Mobile number
  3. Farmer registration number
  4. Land and crop information

Eligibility to Apply for Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2023

  • You must live permanently in a drought-affected area of the state.
  • The benefits cover crops like jowar, okra, radish, rapeseed, input peas, input mustard, kulthi, and input mustard.
  • Your property must be at least two acres in size to be eligible.
  • If you’ve already received help from the state agriculture department in any other way, you can’t apply for this program.

Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2024 Online Application Process

  • Go to
  • Click on the “seed application” link at the top of the page.
  • Once clicked, the seed funding application will show up on your screen.
  • Pick the year 2023–24 from the “Select Session” option.
  • Enter your farmer registration number in the provided box.
  • Make sure to fill in all the needed information before clicking the search button.
  • Afterward, submit the form and any required documents online to finish your program application.

FAQs : Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2024

Q1. What is Bihar Aaksmik Fasal Yojana 2024?

Ans. It’s a program helping Bihar farmers dealing with issues like drought in 2024.

Q2. Who can benefit from this scheme?

Ans. Farmers with two acres of land growing specific crops in drought-affected Bihar.

Q3.How do farmers apply for seed subsidies?

Ans. Visit and follow the steps on the Bihar agriculture department website.

Q4. How to apply for seed funding?

Ans. Click on “seed application” at, pick the year 2023–24, enter your farmer registration number, and fill in all details before submitting.

Q5. Any conditions for applying?

Ans. Yes, you must live in a drought-affected area, have a two-acre property, and not have received aid from the state agriculture department in any other way.


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