Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate Download, Registration 2024

Amrit Brikshya Andolan The state of Assam is fully embracing the green feelings. Dear Amrit Brikshya Andolan, The following is a summary of the June 8, 2023, launch by our Chief Minister, Shri Hemanta Biswa Sarma. Across the state, we aim to plant one billion trees.

This is your entry: Grab a photo, tag your location, and post it along with planting a tree. Hey! Each tree carries a certificate of authenticity and 100 rupees. Require that certification? It’s simple; all you have to do is visit

Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate 2024

As part of the Amrit Brikshya Andolan, everyone in our state is encouraged to plant seedlings. The goal is to increase the number of plants around us. Here’s the deal: the Assam government will give you Rs 100 for every seedling you plant. And, if your plant stays healthy for three years, they’ll add an extra Rs 200 for each plant.

So, by joining in and planting trees, not only do you help make our surroundings greener, but you also get a reward from the government for each healthy plant you grow. It’s a win-win for the environment and your pocket!

Assam Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate Overview

 Launched by Chief Minister of Assam, Government of Assam
 Article Amrit Brikshya Andolan Photo Upload
 Purpose Plantation of More than 1 Million Trees
 State Assam
 Category Scheme
 Target 1-Cr Plants
 Event Status Registration Started from 17th Sep
 Financial Help ₹300 per Plant
 Official Website Click Here

Amrit Brikshya Andolan Objective

A billion seedlings are to be planted by September 17, 2023, according to the Amrit Brikshya Andolan. Keep an eye on your calendars for some great news if you’ve actively engaged in this campaign by planting trees: the state administration has set September 14–September 20, 2023, as the dates for awarding your green efforts.

This time limit makes sure that people who have supported the cause and shown commitment to encouraging a greener environment will be acknowledged and rewarded. Consequently, planting trees not only benefits the environment, but it also gives you the opportunity to get your incentives in September 2023. As you continue to improve the health and sustainability of our state, keep up the fantastic job.

Amrit Brikshya Andolan Benefits

  1. There would be more greenery and more places for animals to live if a billion trees were planted.
  2. Because they purify the air we breathe, trees are like organic air fresheners. It keeps us healthy.
  3. The government gives you money if you plant a tree! It is akin to receiving a prize for your assistance.
  4. A tremendous sense of community is created when people gather together to plant trees. For a better environment, we are all in this together.
  5. An increased diversity of plant and animal life is ensured by the presence of different species of trees. Like throwing a huge, eco-friendly celebration for biodiversity.
  6. The government’s backing of this demonstrates their concern for the environment. To them, it’s like to a giant green high five.
  7. You can receive additional benefits if your tree remains healthy for three years. It’s similar to a perk of being a responsible plant parent.

Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate Eligibility

  • Plant a tree and get your hands dirty. Make sure you adhere to the Amrit Brikshya Andolan’s instructions.
  • Make sure your location is identified when you take a photo of your newly planted tree. This serves as your evidence of completion of the task.
  • Upload your tree photo to the official website or anywhere they want it. It’s similar to flaunting your prowess in gardening.
  • To make sure everything is in order, they might double-check. Throughout this process, exercise patience.
  • Make sure your tree remains healthy if there is a three-year monitoring period. That equates to bonus points.
  • Once everything is verified, your certificate is available for download. It’s comparable to receiving a diploma for being an exceptional tree planter.

Who is eligible to download the Assam Certificate from Amrit Brikshya Andolan?

The Amrit Brikshya Andolan welcomes everyone to join in, including self-help worker groups, Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, educational institutions in Assam, tea garden laborers, Village Defence Party members, and others across the state.

This inclusive effort highlights the diverse involvement needed to reach the goal of planting one billion seedlings by September 17, 2023. Whether you’re part of a group, work in education, or contribute in various other ways, your participation is vital for making Assam greener and more sustainable. Let’s all work together for a healthier and vibrant future.

How to Download the Online Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate?

  • The “Amrit Brikshya Link Latest Update” should be clicked.
  • Choose the option labelled “Download Amrit Brikshya Certificate” now.
  • There will be a new page.
  • Enter your Name, Application Number, and Date of Birth on the Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate Download Page.
  • In the space provided, type the Captcha code.
  • The “Get Certificate” button should be clicked.
  • Lastly, save the PDF of the Amrit Brikshya Andolan Certificate for further use.

How to Upload a Picture on Amrit Brikshya Andolan?

  1. Visit the program’s official website.
  2. You’ll reach the homepage.
  3. Upload a selfie with the Amrit Brikshya Andolan app.
  4. Look for the login menu bar.
  5. Input the necessary information, such as your phone number, OTP, and captcha.
  6. Find the option to upload a photo.
  7. Select an image, enter the name of the plant, and click “upload plantation picture.”
  8. Make sure the image has a geolocation and timestamp on it.
  9. As an alternative, for simple uploading, utilise the ABA mobile app.

FAQs : Amrit Brikshya Andolan

1. What is Amrit Brikshya Andolan?

Amrit Brikshya Andolan is a movement encouraging people in Assam to plant one billion seedlings by September 17, 2023, to enhance the green cover and promote environmental sustainability.

2. Who can participate in the Andolan?

Everyone is welcome! This includes self-help worker groups, Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, educational institutions, tea garden laborers, Village Defence Party members, and others across Assam.

3. How can I join the Andolan?

Simply start planting seedlings! Whether individually or as a group, contribute to the cause. Check for local events or connect with participating organizations for more details.

4. What are the rewards for participating?

The Assam government is offering Rs 100 for each seedling planted. Additionally, if your plant stays healthy for three years, you’ll receive an extra Rs 200 per plant.

5. When will the rewards be distributed?

The state government plans to distribute rewards between September 14 and September 20, 2023, recognizing and appreciating the efforts of those who have contributed to the Andolan.

6. Can educational institutions be part of the Andolan?

Yes, educational institutions in Assam are encouraged to join the Andolan. They play a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness and can actively contribute to achieving the goal of planting one billion seedlings.


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