2BHK Scheme 4th Phase List PDF Download District Wise @2bhk.telangana.gov.in

2BHK Scheme The Telangana government is expected to release the 4th Phase List shortly. Those who have finished the flat application process will be able to receive the list, which is offered in PDF format on the official website. The lists for the second and third phases of the plan are available on the Telangana government’s official website. The initiative’s first two stages are already over.

Visit the government’s official website and look for the “What’s New” section to see if your name is on the list. Verifying the list is essential because the initiative will only provide dwellings to those who qualify. View key information about the 4th Phase List of the 2BHK Scheme here.

4th Phase List of the 2BHK Scheme 2024

In order to provide housing options for its permanent citizens, the Telangana government launched the 2 BHK programme, with an emphasis on people who are impoverished or homeless. There are six stages to this endeavour, the first two of which have already been finished. The Telangana government’s official website currently offers the lists for these phases for download.

In the near future, the Telangana government would make available the list for the 2BHK Scheme’s fourth phase. On the official website, the list is readily available in PDF format if you have applied for an apartment. Every candidate will experience a simple application process because to this approach’s ease of use.

TS Double Bedroom Scheme 4th Phase – Overview

 Scheme Name 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase
 Launched By Government of Telangana
 Objectives To build residences for financially weaker citizens
 2nd Phase Release Date 17 September 2023
 3rd Phase Release Date 27 September 2023
 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase Release Date Soon
 Official Website Click Here

How to Check the 4th Phase List of the 2BHK Scheme?

  • Your screen will display the homepage.
  • Select the link labelled “List Of 4th Phase 2BHK Scheme.”
  • The District-wise list will be shown on a new page that opens.
  • Select the names of your Constituencies and District.
  • A PDF on a different page will open.
  • Use your registered mobile number, applicant name, or Aadhaar number to look up your name.
  • You will shortly receive a 2BHK house if your name is on the list.

2BHK Scheme Eligibility

  1. Those who are not temporary residents of Telangana are not eligible for this programme.
  2. Only women who are the heads of households are eligible.
  3. Caste and minority classifications, including Persons with Disabilities (PH), Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Communities, would be taken into consideration while selecting awardees.
  4. Classes (OBC) and Other Castes of Minority.
  5. Based on these standards, a separate assessment for every Assembly Constituency will be carried out.

2BHK Scheme Document

  • The applicant’s name.
  • Serial Number of Department.
  • Cell phone number.
  • Number on Aadhaar Card.
  • Classification.
  • Others, PH, SC, and ST.

District-wise PDF Download for the Fourth Phase of the 2BHK Scheme


Hyderabad District Collector Office 6-2-10, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad-500004

Email Id: collector_hyd@telangana.gov.in

Official Website: Click Here

2BHK Scheme FAQs

1. What is a 2BHK scheme?

2BHK scheme refers to a residential property plan that includes two bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. It is a popular configuration for apartments and houses designed to accommodate families.

2. How is a 2BHK different from other property configurations?

The “2BHK” designation specifies the number of bedrooms (2), a hall, and a kitchen. It is different from other configurations like 1BHK (1 bedroom), 3BHK (3 bedrooms), etc., based on the number of bedrooms in the unit.

3. What is the typical size of a 2BHK apartment?

The size of a 2BHK apartment can vary, but it generally ranges from around 800 to 1,200 square feet, depending on the design, location, and the developer’s specifications.

4. Who is the target audience for 2BHK schemes?

2BHK schemes are often targeted at small to medium-sized families or individuals looking for a home with more than one bedroom but not overly spacious. They cater to a wide range of homebuyers.

5. Are 2BHK schemes suitable for investment purposes?

Yes, 2BHK schemes can be a good option for investment, as they cater to a broad segment of the market. Additionally, they often have a relatively lower price point compared to larger configurations, making them attractive for investors.

6. What amenities are typically offered in 2BHK schemes?

Amenities can vary, but common features in 2BHK schemes may include parking facilities, security services, community spaces, and, in some cases, recreational facilities like a gym or playground.

7. Do developers provide customization options for 2BHK units?

Some developers may offer limited customization options, such as choosing finishes, colors, or certain design elements. However, extensive customization may be subject to feasibility and additional costs.

8. How can I finance the purchase of a 2BHK property?

Financing options include home loans from banks and financial institutions. Potential buyers can explore various loan schemes and eligibility criteria to find the most suitable financing option for their 2BHK property.

9. What factors should I consider before buying a 2BHK property?

Consider factors such as location, amenities, developer reputation, price, and future resale value. Additionally, evaluate the neighborhood, transportation accessibility, and the overall suitability of the property for your lifestyle and family needs.


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