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Download Zeus 989 App Color Prediction Game

Hello Readers! By inviting friends to utilize VClub Asia, members can instantly earn free PayTM currency. The Parity Color Prediction Game I’m about to present you here, called Zeus989, will give you rapid withdrawals. On Zeus989, just correctly predicting colors will help you every day win free Paytm cash. Zeus989 App Referral Code, Zeus989 Refer & Earn, Zeus989 Parity Game, Zeus989 App, Zeus989 Color Prediction Game

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Zeus989 App

I also want to point out that Zeus989 has a fantastic refer-and-earn program. You can recommend friends, and if any of those friends recharge their phones or contribute money to their wallets, you will get INR 50 as compensation for the recommendation. You have the chance to make more money here during the Diwali season, and you can get a fifty rupee sign-up bonus. To earn free Paytm cash simply for reading the entire post, scroll down.

Get 20 to 100 Rs. Free PayTM Guaranteed By Predicting With Zeus 989:

1. First, to register on the Zeus989 website, open the following link in the browser of your choice:

Zeus989 App2. After clicking the above link to register for Zeus989, provide your mobile phone number and select a password for your account.

3. Click the aforementioned Zeus989 Registration link, enter your phone number, and choose a password.

                                    Zeus989 App Invitation Code A0U8O9

4. Next, visit the login page and log in using your mobile number and password.

5. You will instantly receive INR 50 upon signing up, which you can use to make game predictions.

Zeus989 App

6. Next, navigate to the Dashboard and select the Recharge symbol from the bottom menu.

7. To become a VIP Member, enter an amount of INR 100 and add INR 400 to your wallet using UPI Payment or any accessible method.

8. You will have the option to check in every day in the profile section to earn more rewards every day.

9. Open the Enjoy tab and start playing games to earn money every day for your bank account.

Zeus989 App

10. You can withdraw as little as INR 200 and get your money right away.

11. You can continue to play, increase your profits, and withdraw them immediately to your bank account.

Zeus989 App

Disclaimer: We are not encouraging you to recharge or add money. Add money if you’re willing to take a chance, make a prediction, and succeed at your own risk.

Payment evidence for Zeus989 App:

Zeus989 App

Offering to register as a new user on Zeus989:

Time of the event: 24/10/2022 – 24/10/2099

Content of the activity: The first signup bonus for new players is 50 INR. How to receive it: Automatically; no application is necessary.

Activity Information: Welcome to Zeus989! The website is offering a free 50 INR reward so you may try out the game. The maximum withdrawal amount is 300 INR if you don’t recharge, and any excess will be taken off!

Example: If Player A earns a free 50INR bonus and reaches 350INR, Player A is only allowed to withdraw up to 300INR before the extra 50INR is taken away!

  1. Free 50 INR is a special promotion for new users. To participate, new users must have one member account, one IP address, one name, and one bank card. They must also swipe in support of any improper action, whether by an individual or a group. All of the team’s or individual’s illicit gains will be subtracted from their winning behavior!
  2. This activity can be combined with others (sign-up bonus, first recharge 100% bonus).
  3. has the right to make the final determination and to adjourn the event.

With the Zeus989 App’s Refer & Earn Agent Program:

Collection method: To apply for the Reward, get in touch with customer support or a Zeus989 App’scertified agent. If a member chooses not to accept this reward, they can also choose to ignore the offer.

Activities: All players who sign up for and make their first recharge of more than 100 INR can locate customer service representatives or licensed agents to receive 100% of the recharge amount.

Receiving circumstance:

  1. Zeus989 App’s players who recharge for the first time with a member account, an IP, a name, and a bank card engage in any illegal activity in order to qualify for the lottery bonus, and all of the team’s or player’s illegal winnings will be taken away.

2.10 times the quantity of code necessary to submit a withdrawal application; calculation method: The quantity of code to withdraw is equal to (recharge amount + gift amount) x 10

As an illustration, Player A deposits 200 INR on for the first time. If Player A participates in the initial deposit, he will receive 100% of the deposit, giving him 200+200=400 INR. payment has the right to make the final determination and to adjourn the eventTelegram

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