Best Online Trading Platform in India 2023 (Fastest Platform)

Stock trading apps are scaled-down versions of full-fledged stock Trading Platform that give smartphone users access to the market and trading capabilities.

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You can place a trade, stream news, receive alerts, and quickly access the trading platform by downloading an app. The nicest aspect is that you can do a few trades while travelling to work.

Best Online Trading Platform in India 2022 (Fastest Platform).

The use of mobile apps for trading has become commonplace. In reality, mobile devices accounted for 18.51% of all cash market trading on the NSE in January 2020. 30% of 5Paisa Stock Broker’s business comes from their desktop software, and 70% comes from their mobile app.

Because the majority of the top stockbrokers charge nearly identical brokerages, technology is now one of the key factors used to compare stockbrokers.

To utilise the stockbroker’s Trading Platform app, you must first open a Demat and trading account. For instance, the Zerodha trading app requires the Zerodha demat & Trading Platform app..

I suggest Zerodha due to

  • leading cheap broker (traders first choice)
  • No delivery brokerage; flat rate of Rs. 20 per trade for intraday
  • superior to other bargain brokers in terms of client service

Best Trading App in India for Beginners 2022

1. Review of the mobile trading app Zerodha Kite


One of India’s most cutting-edge mobile trading apps is called Zerodha Kite. With all trading tools, such as advanced charts and Chart IQ, which provides real-time information on trend and price changes, you receive a clean and user-friendly interface.

The Kite mobile trading app is a scaled-down version of Kite, the best trading platform available to discount brokers from Zerodha.

You have access to console reports that can be used to inform your trading strategy and let you know the professional opinion. You could plan your transactions with the aid of this.


With more than 50 lakh customers, Zerodha is India’s largest discount broker. Zerodha is a customer-focused business, which is one quality I enjoyed most about it. To give their customers the finest service possible, they constantly work to improve their trading platforms and customer assistance.

For both intraday and F&O trading, Zerodha charges a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20. Trades for delivery are free.

I advise you to sign up for a Zerodha account to use the trading platform’s web and mobile applications.

Zerodha trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 3.9 3.2
No. of Reviews 26,013 154
App File Size Varies with devices 65.7 MB
Compatibility Android 5 & above iOS 9.3 & above
Installs 1 million+

1 Best Online Trading App Features:


The two most popular platforms for any kind of software are Android and iOS. In addition, you have the Windows platform.

Android is currently the most widely used mobile operating system. iOS is a patented operating system that powers iPhones and iPads. You must be aware of the platforms that your mobile device supports.

You might need to update the programme to the most recent version if you have an older version. In extremely rare circumstances, you might also need to upgrade your old smartphone in order for it to support the app.

The quantity of downloads

The quantity of downloads provides insight into how well-liked the stockbroker and mobile app are.

A higher number of downloads typically means that the app is the most well-liked. Any trading app’s success hinges on how simple it is to use and how well it satisfies other trading requirements, such money transfers.

User Experience,

The best trading apps should be simple to use. They must have an easy-to-use user interface with all the buttons required to examine charts with indicators and the ability to trade, ideally from a single spot.

Mobile apps should be less crowded, make trading simple, and broadcast quotes in real time.

Supports studies and technical indicators

Verify again if the app supports the precise indication you use if you trade using advanced charts or any other specialised indicators.

Verify the chart accuracy in the trading app. Along with historical and trending graphs, the stock trading apps also need to include interactive charting.

Reviews and ratings for apps

The reviews of current users can provide first-hand knowledge about any stock Trading Platform app.

However, you must ensure that the reviews are accurate and offer accurate information. One-liners or brief lines will be used in fake reviews. They will only be positive remarks about the app.


Picking one of the trading apps is directly related to the stockbroker you choose for your trading and investing needs.

I would recommend you to open account with Zerodha for better trading experience.

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