Teen Patti Gold App- Download & Get ₹ 1100 ₹ Real Cash

Hello and welcome to our article about Teen Patti Gold Apk Download and How to Get an Rs. 50 Signup Bonus. The Teen Patti Gold or Teen Patti Gold apps are interchangeable with the Teen Patti Regal app. Rummy and Teen Patti are two games that you can play here to make money.

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You should frequently check myperfecttech.com to receive the most recent application updates. This program includes a number of card games, including Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and Rummy. Playing all of these games on this app will allow you to make real money with easy.

Teen Patti Gold Apk | Teen Patti Gold App

With the fantastic referral program offered by this Teen Patti Gold apk, you can invite your friends and make money by doing so. To register for an account, follow the instructions below.

Rummy is currently growing in popularity across Asia. the Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus, and VIP Bonus. You can benefit from these bonuses as well. throughout this Teen Patti Gold.

Teen Patti Gold Apk Download Now
Teen Patti Gold Sign-up Bonus Rs.50
Teen Patti Gold Refer and Earn 100 + 20% Commission


How to Sign Up for the Teen Patti Gold

  • First, download the Teen Patti Gold app from the provided link below.

  • Create an account by opening it.

  • You must first enter your mobile number and then confirm it with an OTP.
  • A total of Rs. 50 will be deposited into your Teen Patti Game Wallet.
  • Get Rs. 100 for each successful referral of friends.

Teen Patti Gold Apk has games available.


  1. Rummy
  2. Young Patti
  3. Bahar Andar
  4. Joker tp
  5. TP War
  6. Houston Cowboy
  7. Coming Soon: 7 Up Down.

Note: इस खेल में वित्तीय जोखिम शामिल है। आपको इस गेम की लत लग सकती है। अतः आप सभी से अनुरोध है कि इस गेम को अपनी जिम्मेदारी और अपने जोखिम पर खेलें। अगर आपकी उम्र 18 साल से ज्यादा है तो आप इस गेम को नहीं खेलते हैं तो आप इस गेम से दूर रहें।


Game 7 Up Down in Teen Patti Gold

Follow along as we describe how to play the 7 Up 7 Down Game.

The main objective of 7 Up 7 Down is to properly anticipate the sum of the two dice used in the game. After the dice are shaken in the glass jar, you only need to add the two numbers that are face up. Three possibilities, known as 7 Down, Lucky 7, and 7 Up, are available for betting.

Game-playing trick: 7Up Down

The next number will be in favor of Ludo Dice. As an illustration, in the game Ludo, the numbers 2 and 4 are on opposite dice, meaning that the side with those numbers will win. If you bet ten rupees, you win nineteen rupees; however, if you bet ten rupees on the numbers 8 to 12, you lose ten rupees.

You can choose from 2 to 6 or 8 to 12 sites, but not from 7 to be okay. Start placing now.

Place: 10₹
Place: 30₹
Place: 70₹

Place: 150₹
Place: 350₹
Place: 800₹
Place: 1700₹
Place: 3600₹
If one of them, once you win, keep selecting 10 to Place.

List of new Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold Apk’s “Refer & Earn” promotion

  • Open the Teen Patti Gold app and select Refer and Earn first.
  • Your friends and family should be sent your referral link.
  • To get the Teen Patti Gold Apk, ask your friends to download it.
  • There will be a 50 bonus for your buddies.
  • Daily Bonuses for Login
  • simply sign up each day to receive benefits like Rs. 10

How to Add Money to the Teen Patti Gold App

  1. On the dashboard, the Add Cash option will be shown. Just tap on them.
  2. You must now type in or choose the amount you wish to add.
  3. Complete your payment using a variety of methods.
  4. Following that, Money will instantly be added to your Teen Patti Gold Apk wallet.
  5. He gives a 33% commission while adding money.

How to Withdraw Money


  1. To withdraw, use the Teen Patti Gold Apk’s Withdraw option.
  2. Chip to UPI or Chip to Bank.
  3. There is a Rs. 100 minimum withdrawal amount.
  4. Add your bank account or UPI information now.
  5. then click “Withdraw” after entering the “Withdrawal Amount.”
  6. You will immediately receive your cash in your bank account.


Is the app purchased?

No. It’s 100% Free

How Much is the Teen Patti Gold Apk Sign-Up Bonus?

50 Rs. as a welcome bonus

What is the Teen Patti Gold Apk’s Minimum Withdrawal?

The smallest withdrawal is Rs. 100.

What Number of Games Does This Teen Patti Gold App Support?

8+ Games are offered


Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below if you have any regarding the Teen Patti Gold Apk Download. Keep checking myperfecttech.com for fresh information on Teen Patti-Games.

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There is a financial element to this game. This game might become addictive to you. You are all therefore asked to participate in this game at your own risk and responsibility. If you are over 18, you should avoid playing this game and should instead stay away from it.

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