How can your pet dog be registered in Gurgaon?

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The Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994’s bylaws must be followed, according to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), which has ordered all dog owners to register all dogs kept inside the city’s municipal boundaries. Dogs that are not registered will be placed in MCG’s care.

Here is how dog owners can start the registration procedure as they race to register their pets:

For areas under its authority, MCG has released registration forms for providing licenses for pet dogs.
Owners of pet dogs must complete the form with information about the dog’s name, gender, breed, color, age, and immunization history (vaccination card). If the dog is older than 4 years old, the pet dog owner must attach a required sterilization certificate.

“Dog owners must include the following documents with the form: a dog’s health certificate from a veterinarian, a dog’s vaccination card, and a dog’s sterilization certificate, as well as two passport-size photos of the dog and one photo of the dog and owner. Owners of pets of foreign breeds must affix the pet book and any pertinent paperwork or documents in the name of the importer, according to a government official.


The applications can be obtained from the deputy municipal commissioner’s office in Sector 34 in Gurugram, according to officials, and submitted by pet owners along with the necessary paperwork and a fee. Owners will then be notified as the application is processed further.

Pet owners must pay a registration cost of Rs 500.

Additionally, pet dog owners can visit the Saral Haryana website [] and fill out a form for a new license or renewal of an existing license for dog registration, including information about the dog’s breed, gender, vaccinations, and sterilization.

Residents met with MCG representatives on Friday to discuss issues with the registration process. Residents claimed that it was impossible to establish pet lineage paperwork and importer papers for rescued dogs of foreign breeds. Additionally, they identified server bugs and faults that affected the online registration procedure.

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