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Parineeta Mall Apk, Let’s discuss about the new Colour Prediction App, Parineeta Mall Apk, Register and Get Rs. 100 Bonus, hello there, dear gamer. An online marketplace called Parineeta Mall Apk allows users to get money by making colour predictions, both large and small. You will receive 200 if your buddy signs up using your referral link and recharges their account for the first time with 1000.

There are various ways to get money these days, some of which involve playing games like joymall, daman, casino, etc. Some people work as online content producers to monetize their work with YouTube and blog adverts. Today, I’ll demonstrate a novel approach to get money—predicting colours and numbers.

Download Parineeta Mall Apk

The Parineeta Mall is a good platform for colour prediction games. Sharing the Parineeta Mall app with your friends is another great way to make a lot of money. You will receive 150 Rupees from the Parineeta Mall app for each referral. In order to start earning unlimited money in your bank account, simply join using the Parineeta Mall apk referral link.

App Name Parineeta Mall Apk
Parineeta Mall Apk Recommendation Code wMgeO798246
App Size 4MB
Parineeta Mall Apk Download Click here


In exchange for correctly anticipating the colour code, you will receive payment. The new Trading Colour app from Parineeta Mall. A very well-liked game is the colour prediction game.

You Can Win Real Money In A Variety Of Games And Colour Predictions. Download the Parineeta Mall Colour Prediction App

In the Parineeta Mall app, investing money in colour is a really simple way to make money. On this app, many people are making money every day. By adding just 500 rupees to this app, you may also start earning money every day. In this essay, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about the Parineeta Mall app. So be sure to read this post through to the conclusion.

How to Create an Account in Parineeta Mall Apk

Install the Parineeta Mall App Download on your phone after downloading it from our page to play your preferred game whenever you want. predicted colours for Parineeta Mall.

  • First, select the Parineeta Mall register button from the list below:

  • Enter your mobile number now.

  • The Get Verification Code button should be clicked.
  • The Parineeta Mall referral code wMgeO798246 that was sent to your mobile number should be entered.
  • Now type in a strong password.
  • Finally, press the Register button.
  • Registered successfully in the Parineeta Mall app.

Offer For Parineeta Mall Referrals

Simple Ways to Make Money. Get 150 rupees when your friends recharge their phones for the first time with 500 rupees, 1,000 rupees, and 200 rupees, respectively. To earn incentives and commissions, copy the referral link as it is displayed in the image below and ask friends to sign up.

  • Log in to the Parineeta Mall app.
  • Click on the Promotions or Refer and Earn sections.
  • Give Your Friends Your Parineeta Mall Referral Link.
  • Refer quickly and withdraw; the minimum withdrawal amount in your UPI is just Rs. 100.

#Welcome new users! It’s simple to make endless money.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 211 rupees, while the minimum charge is 200 rupees. 50k from Tier 3 revenue is the maximum withdrawal amount permitted each time.24 hour withdrawalWithdrawal will happen in 3 to 10 minutes. Provide recharging bonuses; Easy and stable trend; Daily company forecasts; and 24 hour customer service assistance

12:30 PM is the official predicted time. 💵💵 💵💵 ⏰ 17:30PM💵💵 💵💵 ⏰ 20:30PM 💵💵 💵💵

Plan for Today with Parity


💵 17:30 AM 💵

Add money to your account
adequate balance

Prepare your wallet.
the investing strategy
stable revenue.

Begin your trip.
Club parineetam

Please recharge promptly if there is a low balance to prevent losses. Maintaining funding at levels 3-5

To follow the plan, everyone must employ the triple investing strategy.
for instance, starting at RS 100
1. If you lose money, buy 300 instead of 100.
2. Purchase 300; if you lose money, purchase 900.
3. Purchase 900; if you lose money, purchase 2700.
You can receive 2700-900-300-100 = 1400 if you win.
Buy 2700. If you fail, purchase 8100
If you succeed, you can earn 4100 (8100-2700-900-300-100).
There will be gains with multiples. Do not be frightened to make errors. The profit increases as the multiple rises.

Make sure you have adequate money ready. The most lucrative multiples are 9x, 27x, and 81x.
When we employ triple investment, as long as we are successful once, we may recover from the loss from the prior investment and earn a profit.

Earn money by referring friends to play on the Parineeta Mall referral programme.
You will get a 30% commission when your friends play. As a result, your commission increases the more people you invite. The commission is permanent, there is a predetermined daily revenue, but there is only one award. You can earn a 20% commission if your referrals invite their friends to join them after they start earning money.

Your team can grow more quickly if you do this. I therefore hope that everyone can profit from our platform. When your friends succeed, they’ll invite their friends to join them and you’ll receive a 20% referral bonus. This will allow your team to expand more quickly. I thus hope that everyone will utilise our platform to make money.

Level 1 commission: You receive 30% of all trades made by friends who joined through your link and fall under your level.

Level 2 commission: You receive a commission from friends who sign up using your referral link. You may receive a 20% fee from their trades.

Level 3 commission: You receive friends who join through friends of friends. You receive 10% of their trading commission. Promotional benefits: 10% bonus for the initial recharge following the first-level lower level’s enrollment. You will receive 200 if your friend accepts your offer and makes their first recharge of 1000.

How to Recharge the Parineeta Mall App

  1. Tap Add Cash after launching the Genting Mall app.
  2. Choose the augmentation amount.
  3. Make the payment for your initial deposit using one of the supported methods.
  4. Your Genting Mall wallet will automatically display the amount.

How to Withdraw Money From the Parineeta Mall App

  • Withdrawals available always, the bank is open.
  • Add your bank details or UPI details first, then choose the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Click here to send
  • Your account will be funded with the following: After 24 hours
  • The least possible withdrawal is Rs. 211.

Parineeta Mall Apk (FAQs):

What is the signup bonus in Parineeta Mall Apk?

The welcome bonus is 100 rupees.


Your pals are invited. Friends log in, fund the account, and place wagers. You receive the Parineeta Mall’s net profit as an LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 prize!

What address is the official Parineeta Mall website?

There is a dedicated webpage at

What Is Parineeta Mall Apk’s Minimum Withdrawal?


What does the Parineeta Mall apk’s referral bonus entail?


How can friends be invited?

Copy the personal link provided by the partner and send it to a friend. Share the link to your partner on social media.

Conclusion: Please feel free to leave any comments you may have in the space provided below regarding the Parineeta Mall App Download’s Colour Prediction Game. Keep checking back to our website,, for more Color-Games updates.

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