How To Use Midjourney AI For Masterpiece Art Free In 4 Simple Steps

How To Use Midjourney AI For Masterpiece Art Free In 4 Simple Steps (Detailed Tutorial)

Midjourney AI stands out as an exceptional AI image generator due to its distinct results and remarkable ability to generate realistic hands. However, it has a unique limitation: it can only be accessed through Discord, unlike alternatives like Stable Diffusion and DALLยทE 2, which offer more user-friendly installation and web app options. This exclusivity may deter potential users seeking a simpler access method, despite Midjourney’s impressive output.

Midjourney AI is a platform that transforms text descriptions into unique images, including worlds and characters. It operates as a text-to-image converter, but the only way to use it is through Discord, requiring users to have a Discord account for access.


App Name Open Studio AI: Midjourney Art
Publisher Art & Design
Genre 2023
Size 46 MB
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How To Use Midjourney AI In Simple Steps? – Step By Step Process

How To Use Midjourney AI Step 1: Join the Midjourney Discord Server

Discord, a chat app similar to Slack, was originally designed for gamers coordinating tactics in games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. It has since gained popularity among various communities. Midjourney’s use of Discord may seem unconventional, but it serves a purpose. To use Midjourney AI, you must create a free Discord account. Visit Discord’s website and register if you don’t have an account. This step is crucial because Midjourney AI exclusively operates within Discord, making Discord membership a prerequisite for accessing its text-to-image conversion capabilities.

Midjourney’s AI art creation project operates solely on Discord. To begin your AI image creation journey, you’ll need to join their Discord server. It’s a simple process, and we’ve included a guide to assist you with it

How To Use Midjourney AI Step 2: Sign Up For Midjourney

Once you have Discord ready, go to the Midjourney AI website, click “Join the Beta,” or use the Discord invite link. You’ll land on the Midjourney Discord channel invitation page. Accept it, and you’re in the Midjourney server.

To begin with Midjourney AI, go to their website, click “Join the Beta,” then follow the steps to register on Discord. After registering, you can use the web-based Discord or download the desktop app.


How To Use Midjourney AI Step 3: Sign Up For Midjourney Membership

As of late March 2023, Midjourney AI temporarily suspended its free trials due to misuse. However, they occasionally reintroduce them for new version releases. The developers plan to fully reinstate free trials but haven’t provided a specific date. In the past, the free trial allowed about 25 images (within 0.4 hours of GPU time) under a non-commercial Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 4.0). When free trials return, you can skip the next step, at least until you use up your free images.

If you’re new to Midjourney AI, the basic plan is your go-to choice. It lets you explore the platform, create images, and get the hang of text prompts. If you enjoy it, you can upgrade to a higher plan by using the /subscribe prompt in your account. It’s a straightforward process to level up your membership.


How To Use Midjourney AI Step 4: Start Generating Masterpiece Art

Note 1: If you’re not ready to subscribe, you can start making prompts in the newbie channels. Further information can be found below.

Note 2: The newbie channels can become crowded with multiple requests happening at the same time, leading to a hectic environment.

Note 3: Paid users can send prompts to the Midjourney Discord bot, but these prompts are still visible in the member’s gallery. For private images, you must subscribe to the Pro Plan.


How To Use Midjourney AI For Generating First Image ?

Midjourney AI is artist-friendly and runs on Discord for a creative community experience. However, the #newbies channels can be quite chaotic with a constant stream of prompts and requests. Browsing through these channels can be a valuable learning experience, helping you understand what works and what doesn’t in generating images with Midjourney.

To initiate your prompt with Midjourney AI, use Discord commands by typing “/imagine” followed by your desired prompt. It’s a straightforward way to generate your images.

Hereโ€™s an example:

  • /imagine prompt: man looking at his laptop excitedly.

Getting started with Midjourney AI can be a bit overwhelming at first. The newcomer rooms are often crowded, making it challenging to find your generated images. To simplify things, it’s best to download and install the Discord app. With the app, you can have private conversations with Midjourney, making it much easier to view and edit your images. To get the app, click on the floating green bar at the top of your screen, and Discord will recommend the correct version for your operating system.

Using private messaging provides a less crowded and focused space for generating and viewing your images without distractions from others’ photos. However, group rooms are great for inspiration and learning from others’ prompts that lead to stunning images.


How To Use Midjourney AI For Editing and Refining Images ?

After Midjourney AI generates your image, it provides prompts for you to edit and improve your images. Here are some editing options you have:

V buttons:

Midjourney AI offers V buttons from V1 to V4, allowing you to create slight variations of your chosen grid image. These variations maintain the overall look and composition of the original image.

U buttons:

Midjourney AI provides U buttons from U1 to U4, which are used to upscale an image. This means they create a larger version of the selected image with added details.

The ๐Ÿ”„ (re-roll):

You can also choose to rerun the job, which will repeat the original prompt and generate a fresh grid of images.

How To Use Midjourney AI : Improving Prompts

Parameters, such as aspect ratios, Midjourney AI model versions, and upscale, can tweak how images are generated. These adjustments are added to the end of your prompt, and you can include multiple parameters in a single prompt.

How To Use Midjourney AI : Advanced Midjourney AI Features

You can enhance your job’s composition, design, and color scheme by incorporating images into your prompts. You have the flexibility to use both text and image prompts or choose one approach.

To initiate an image prompt, insert the image’s web address following the /imagine Discord command. Ensure the web address ends with .png, .gif, or .jpg for it to function properly. After adding the image address, you can include any extra text and parameters to fine-tune your prompt and achieve the desired results.


How To Use Midjourney AI : Rules For Using Image Prompts

  • Prompts with images should begin with the image web address.
  • For prompts to work, you need two images or one image and text.
  • To use an image URL, you need a direct link to an image on the internet.
  • Your file should have one of these extensions: .png, .gif, .webp, .jpg, or .jpeg.
  • In most browsers, right-click an image and choose ‘Copy Image Address’ to get the image URL.
  • For mobile users, there’s a simplified image prompting command called “blend”.


How To Use Midjourney AI For Uploading Images From Computer/Mobile Phone?

If you want to use an image from your computer or phone, send it to the Midjourney AI bot first to generate a link. The image link should end in .png, .gif, .webp, .jpg, or .jpeg, as mentioned earlier.

How To Use Midjourney AI : 10 Ways To Write Effective Prompts

To make the most of Midjourney AI, here are some top tips to get you started:

1. Be Concise :

To get the best results with Midjourney AI, be specific in your prompts with lots of details, but keep them brief. Prompts over 40 words may be ignored, and those over 60 words are highly likely to be ignored. Anything beyond 80 words will almost certainly be cut off.

2. Use Descriptive Language :

Enhance your prompts with adjectives and adverbs to add depth and emotion. Use them to describe color, shape, size, texture, and other qualities of the object or scene you want to create.

3. Avoid Ambiguity :

Use clear and direct language to describe the image you want. Ambiguous language can lead to unexpected results. Be precise in your prompts.

4. Experiment :

Experiment with the model to grasp how it interprets different keywords. Analyze the outputs and see how slight tweaks to your prompts and settings can produce varied results.

5. Use A Prompt Generator :

Prompt generators are designed to help you create descriptive Midjourney AI prompts. They can inspire you and provide a strong starting point for your initial prompt.

6. Use The Creative Tag :

The creative tag guides Midjourney AI to produce unconventional results, inspiring fresh ideas and breaking away from the usual Midjourney AI content style.

7. Add Weights To Your Prompts :

Use the double colon (::) to instruct Midjourney AI to treat terms separately. It’s useful when you want to emphasize or de-emphasize specific terms in your prompt.

Here’s an example from Midjourney AI documentation: the term ‘space ship.’ When combined, it generates sci-fi spaceships. Separated as ‘space::ship,’ it treats each concept individually, creating an image of a ship sailing through space.

8. Use Negative Prompts :

Negative keywords are words you don’t want in your image. Advanced users use negative prompts like “–no hands” or “–no text” to craft more refined images without those elements.

9. Consider Subscribing To Use Private Mode :

In the Midjourney AI Discord, many users send prompts, which can be overwhelming when you’re focused on your projects. To have a clearer workspace, think about subscribing for access to private mode.

10. Modify Your Settings :

Type “/settings” in Midjourney to access the settings screen. You can then choose the settings you want to include in your prompts without repeatedly typing them out.

How To Use Midjourney AI : Conclusion

Creating captivating artwork with Midjourney AI is easy. Just use descriptive keywords and/or images. Starting is simpler than you might expect. By following this guide, you’ll have the resources you need to begin exciting projects.

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