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Color Game App, Hello everyone. Greetings from Myperfecttech, We provide FieWin App, a brand-new and excellent earning app. We will discuss the Fiewin App, Fiewin App Download, and Fiewin Apk Download in this article. To learn more about the FieWin App, read this article in its entirety. Fiewin Latest Version App, FieWin App Download, FieWin apk Download, FieWin App Referral Code.7766

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Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe!

If you’re seeking a smartphone app where you can make at least Rs. 1000 every day. The Fiewin Program is the ideal app if you want to make endless money using a mobile device, so you should be aware of it. Continue reading to learn more about downloading and logging into the Fiewin Money Earning App.

With more than 20 lakh users and three lakh investors, The FieWin is the greatest platform and experience app. By using the FieWin Invite Link, users of the FieWin App can participate in a refer-and-earn program and receive additional prizes. When registering, users receive Rs.10 in their wallet, which is entirely redeemable for gaming. You will receive Rs.10 for each referral you make to friends and family. And you will receive Rs. 1 or 2 if you check in every day. Don’t miss out on this app, download it now, and start earning by referring others.

Download the Fiewin appthe Fiewin mod apk, and the Fiewin 6.2, and 6.3 versions.

To register for the FieWin App and receive Rs.10, click here.

Download the Color Game App:

Click here to get the FieWin APK. You can obtain an Rs.10 sign-up bonus by Downloading the app from the URL provided below.

APK Download Download free
Fiewin APK Download Download App
Signup Bonus Rs.10
Fiewin Minimum Withdrawal Rs.31
Referral Bonus Rs.1 + Level 3 Earning
Fiewin Redeem/Withdraw UPI / Bank

Download the Color Game App:

Download the FieWin APK, the Fiewin app, or the Fiewin APK. Utilize the provided button to get the Fiewin app and APK. After completing activities and playing games, begin earning daily.

App Name Fiewin
App Version 6.2,6.3 version
App Size 3 MB
App Type Earning
Fiwein App Download Link Click Here


Download the Color Game App to get a free Rs.10 and to start earning up to Rs.1,000 every day.

1. First, download the Fiewin Earning App from the provided link.

                                                                    CLICK HERE- INVITE LINK 

2. Sign up for Fiewin using your mobile number and an OTP code verification.

3. Click the Lucky Rupee Button after signing up to claim your Rs. 10 sign-up

                                                           Click Here-FieWin Lucky Ruppes Link

4. Use the Rs. 10 sign-up bonus to play games,

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How To Make Money With Color Game App

Guys In Fiewin, There Are Numerous Ways To Make Money. Here, we have listed all of the ways you can make money with the Fiewin Apk download.

1. Playing Games – Playing Games Is The Most Interesting Method. There are numerous games that can be played. However, in order to play games here, you must recharge your account. There are several prediction-based games, and since they are all dangerous to play, you should learn them first before engaging in them.

2. Refer and Earn – Refer and Earn Is The Best And My Recommended Method Because It Allows You To Earn Huge Commissions From Refer and Earn Programs. FieWin offers you a three-level commission structure, so referring friends is the best way to make money.

3. Daily Check and Daily – Here, you can collect money by performing daily checks in addition to collecting daily lifafas, and then use that money to play.

Refer a Friend and Get Paid with Color Game App

Share your Fiewin referral code with your contacts to receive Rs. 1 for each person you refer as well as Level 3 earnings.

1. Launch the Fiewin app and log in.

2. Navigate to the Refer and Earn section.

3. Tell Your Friends About Your Fiewin Referral Link.

New Circle Game by Color Game App:

Fiewin recently added a brand-new, intriguing game circle where you may play this game with ease and get money.

How Is The Color Game App Circle Game Played?

Every 30 seconds, the Circle Game is played, and a different one of the 38 grids is chosen at random for each draw. Three colors (yellow, red, and green), three animals (lion, elephant, and cow), and 38 numbers are represented by the 38 squares. You will win the prize if you choose the right choice.

The Following Are The Odds:

Lion 3X, Elephant 3X, Cow 3X, Crown 18X, Yellow 2X, Green 2X, and Red 18X Number 36%

How is the sum determined?
Your contract value is 97 rupees if you invest 100 rupees in trading after deducting the 3 rupee service fee:

36X: You will receive 3492 rupees (97 x 36).

How to Add Money or Recharge in Color Game App

Welcome to utilize a quick, easy, and secure recharge. Throughout the procedure, the FieWin platform guarantees the transaction funds, so feel free to spend them. You can always contact customer care to fix any issues you may have. The customer assistance line is available

1. You must first log in to your Fiewin app.

2. Click Recharge now, and then enter the amount.

3. Next, make a payment using any available method.

4. The transaction ID will then need to be entered; just type in the 12 digits.

5. After waiting for two minutes, the message “Successfully Added” will appear. Then, go back.

6. Done !! Your money was successfully added.

Directions for Recharging (via UPI Pay)
Fast and extremely safe recharging with Fiewin. Throughout the entire procedure, the bank is guaranteeing its funds, and after recharging, the funds will arrive in just one minute. Fiewin accepts payments using Phone Pe, Paytm, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay.


Withdraw Money From Color Game App

1. Launch the Fiewin app or website.

2. Go to the section for My Account.

3. Next, select the Withdraw button.

4. Add Your UPI Id for the location of the money withdrawal.

5. Next, enter the desired amount and press the button.

6. Done! Your money will be deposited into your bank account immediately.

How To Get Color Game App Lifafa’s FREE Rs. 10 Daily

1. In order to receive Rs. 10 every day in the Fiewin app, you must claim the daily bonus with check-in.

2. Following that, you must join our Telegram channel where we regularly post the Fiewin App Lifafa 5+5 updates.

3. Easily Receive Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 Per Day From Lifafa

Color Game App Payment Proof

FAQs(Color Game App)

1. The FieWin App: What Is It?

The online game and color prediction app Fiewin allows you to get money by inviting friends and playing games.

2. What Is The Fiewin Customer Service Number Or Whatsapp Number?

Click here to contact Fiewin via Telegram. Alternatively, you can email the company at

3. Is Fiewin Legit Or A Scam?

Fiewin is a real app that has been operational for the past 1.5 years. Providing Instant Payments as well.

4. How Can My Fiewin Account Be Unblocked?

You must message Fiewin’s official Telegram id in order to unblock their account. If your account is blocked because you lack duplicate identification, provide your Fiewin registered mobile number, and they will unlock it.

5. Why Is My Fiewin Account Blocked?

Don’t create several accounts on a single device because doing so will result in the blocking of your Fiewin account.

6. How Does FieWin Pay Out?

By participating in games and color prediction, you can make money. Also, inviting people is a way to make money. You Can Earn Level 3 Income By Merely Referring Your Friends, As Well As Agent Income.

7. How Can the Fiewin App Be Beaten?

First, add money, then play color prediction games. Simply guess the following color that will be displayed. If your money is on the color red and the color red is displayed after a timeout, your money will double.

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Disclaimer: You must be older than 18 to play on Fiewin App. Account restrictions may result from violating our Terms of Service.


In this article, we will discuss the Frewin App Daily Open & Get 15 Free | Play & Earn Tricks, among other things. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the space provided. We’ll get back to you. Please share this content with your friends and on your social media accounts if you find it interesting.

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