Check Your WiFi Password on Your Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac

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Check Your WiFi Password on Your Android,More often than you might imagine, people forget their WiFi passwords. While attempting to join a new device or share the password with visiting friends and family, it is common for consumers to connect their smartphone and laptop to their home WiFi network and then forget the password.

There are numerous ways to determine the WiFi password, Check Your WiFi Password which is good news if you haven’t saved it anywhere that’s easy to locate. On various platforms, there are several techniques to find out the WiFi password of any saved network or router. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to check the WiFi password on the Android, iOS, Windows PC, and macOS platforms in this article.

How to Locate a WiFi Password on a Windows Computer or Laptop

A laptop or desktop running Windows can learn a WiFi password in a variety of methods. The WiFi network or router password that you are currently logged into is readily available. You can achieve it by taking the following actions:

  • Search for Network Status in the Start Menu. Or, you can use the right mouse button to click on Open Network & Internet Settings by selecting the WiFi symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings to continue. The Wi-Fi connection will be displayed in a new window that will open.
  • Wi-Fi should be double-clicked before you select Wireless Properties.

When you do that, two options—Connection and Security—will appear. Check the Display Characters option under Security. The password for the WiFi network or modem to which you are presently connected will be visible with this.

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With your Windows-powered device, there is an interesting approach to find out the passwords for the other saved networks. All you have to do is adhere to these instructions:

  • Command Prompt should be typed into the Start Menu.
  • Execute the command line: wlan show profile netsh
  • The list of all saved WiFi networks will appear. Run the following command after selecting the network whose password you want to learn: wlan show profile netsh Clear key is ****. (Replace *** with network name you find in the list).
  • When finished, go to Security Settings to find the WiFi password for that specific network or modem.

How to Verify the WiFi Password on a Mac Computer

The passwords for WiFi networks on macOS can likewise be found in this manner. Keychain Access is a programme that runs on the operating system. All of your stored passwords on your macOS are tracked by the programme. With the aid of the programme, you can quickly find out the WiFi password of any WiFi network that was associated with your MacBook or Mac. Check Your WiFi Password You may also activate Windows 10 for free by reading more. Here is a step-by-step instruction for finding the WiFi password on macOS:

  • On your Mac, launch the Keychain Access software.
  • On the top toolbar, there is a selection labelled Passwords. Just click it.
  • Enter the name of the network whose password you want to know in the search field. Double-click the network name once you’re finished.
  • You’ll see a pop-up window with the network’s specifics in it. Simply select Show Password. You’ll be prompted for your administrator user credentials by the system.
  • The WiFi network password will be seen once you have entered your system password.

What use does a Wi-Fi password serve?

Unauthorized individuals are prevented from using your WiFi and stealing any data thanks to WiFi security. By encrypting your sensitive information while it is transmitted over the airwaves, such as network requests or files you send, it builds a barrier.

Steps for changing your WiFi password

If none of the aforementioned techniques have worked for you and you have forgotten your router’s web interface login information, you need not be concerned. Resetting your WiFi password and joining the network is simple. The procedures for changing your WiFi password are listed below.

Step 1: Press the router’s Reset button. You frequently need to press a pinhole button with a bent paperclip or another small object. The settings on your router will be completely cleared away and restored to their defaults if you hold the button down for around ten seconds. Remember that if you do this, all of the data on your router will be lost. The router’s default WiFi network name and password will be reinstated.

Step 2: Locate the network name in the WiFi settings of any device currently logged in to the WiFi network. If there are no connected devices, this information ought to be printed on the router or in the router’s manual.

Step 3: – At this point, you can use the router’s default password, which is printed on the back.

How to Find WiFi Password on an Android Phone

Android provides an easy way to know saved WiFi passwords. You might be able to view the WiFi password of the saved networks on your smartphone if you are running Android 10 or later. Check Your WiFi Password You must take the following actions in order to accomplish that:

Navigate to Wireless & Network in the Settings app.

Next to the connected or saved network for which you require the password, click either the gear or lock symbol.

Press the Share Password button. To unlock this screen, you might need to use your fingerprint or pin.

On the screen, a QR code with the password printed beneath it will now be visible.

If the password is difficult, you can either opt to give it directly or request that the recipient scan a QR code with their smartphone. Check Your WiFi Password

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Without root, how can I read my Wi-Fi password?
Yes, it is possible to locate your Wi-Fi password on an Android handset without rooting it. It’s vital to remember that not all Android smartphones may support the feature. The methods listed above in the Android section can be used to view the Wi-Fi network passwords.

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